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Questions about dreams / Re: Why do I dream my or a baby or child is dying or dead?
« Last post by ElizVanZee on October 18, 2020, 06:41:49 PM »
The problem with dreams about our child dying or dead is that most people see the dream as being about that physical child. Dreams work on a symbolical level of ideas. Try seeing the baby as representing a new or recent idea you have, one that may relate to a project you would love to work on. Some projects are seen as "good ideas" and terminating them could be a terrible idea. While we may not see the horror in scraping a "good" new idea, when the new idea is presented in the image of our real child, the horror is greatly emphasized.

A baby also represents a new concept we have about "somebody" - somebody we could feel a need to look after. A husband or a family member might be implied. We could ask ourself whether somebody under our care is being emotionally ignored - as a new baby usually preoccupies a new mother's attention.
Dream Interpretation / Re: I Killed My Baby
« Last post by ElizVanZee on October 18, 2020, 06:21:02 PM »
A baby in a dream usually represents a new idea you have, one that can relate to a pet project you could really love. Killing the baby would imply terminating or eliminating this new idea or project. The horror of doing this is greatly emphasized when the new idea or project is seen in the form of your own baby. As you love your baby very much, the dream can also be suggesting that you are not thinking realistically when terminating a  pet project - because you would never kill your baby in real life.

A baby can also represent a new idea or concept you have about someone - someone you could feel a need to look after. Many women think of their husband as their baby. Could you be unknowingly "killing" your husband, that is, giving him emotional devastation - because all your attention has gone towards the real baby?

Dream Interpretation / I Killed My Baby
« Last post by Tony Crisp on October 18, 2020, 10:07:59 AM »
I had a dream last night, it was the most horrific thing! I killed my baby in my dream! I am so terrified of the
Dream, I love my baby sooo much, and there is nothing I won’t do for him.
The day he was born was the beginning of my life, and I can’t understand why I
Would dream such a thing!!!! Please help me understand?!?!

General Discussion / Re: Workshop - Peer Dreaming
« Last post by Tony Crisp on October 18, 2020, 09:38:25 AM »
Dear Meimoo - I became distracted by many things and so missed your post.

But at the moment I am living in Wales, far from Sydney, and am not in a position to run workshops. But learning Peer Dream Work is a wonderful skill and I have taught others the skill over the phone.

Maybe you read the response to using Peer Dreaming (I wanted to write and let you know how well the peer dream group went tonight, especially as the feelings we experienced were and are so positive and so powerful. The kind that keeps you up for hours.

There were three women total tonight. Although I had expected a larger group and was disappointed when two people didn’t show, I knew that we could process a dream with the three of us. Writing this is like writing a dream right now – it’s hard to capture the fluidity of the evening, the flow of the feelings, the surfacing of the feelings and the recognition of the life circumstance(s) of the dreamer because she was allowed “to rest” in those feelings.) Well, it was done over the phone with a dreamer in the USA.

So if you let me know your email address we can work together - my email is tonycrisp@yahoo.com.

Dream Interpretation / Re: Terrified of spiders
« Last post by ElizVanZee on October 16, 2020, 06:13:25 PM »
The dream shows a situation in which you can rest very at ease (in bed) but also one in which you are unaware of something. Here what you may be unaware of is that something has befallen you, come to happen by chance. (spider falls on me)

As the spider is an animal, it represents an aspect of your own emotional nature - one that associates with a feeling of self delusion. Most women especially fear spiders because as emotional beings, we need to feel we can trust our feelings. The thought that we might be fooling or kidding ourselves is horrible.

As the spider crawls under the sheets. it strongly suggest that the subject area in which you may feel that you are deluding yourself  pertains to sex. [Could you be thinking you are fooling yourself when thinking your husband is faithful to you?] Because the spider does "fall" on you, it would indicate that there is a failing in the feeling that you might be deluding yourself.

Your mind (represented by your husband) tries to calm your fear of fooling yourself but your fear is so strong that you even fight against reason. Almost breaking your husband's nose implies almost "breaking with" - getting away from - what your mind knows. (the nose - knows) There is a warning in this dream to the effect that your very strong fear of deluding yourself can eventually do damage to what your husband now "knows" to be in his nature. A feeling strongly held becomes a belief and a belief does manisfest itself; it becomes a physical reality.
Dream Interpretation / Re: Mass extinction
« Last post by - anna - on October 07, 2020, 05:16:57 PM »
:)    ;)
Dream Interpretation / Re: Terrified of spiders
« Last post by Tony Crisp on October 07, 2020, 08:31:31 AM »
Mary - Dreams are sometimes the place tensions and emotions are released that we do not allow  expression during the day. This is healthy, but obviously not for your husband! The quickest way to deal with your spider is to imagine yourself daily getting closer to it until you can touch it. It is important not to repress any feelings or emotions that this produces. In this way you transform the emotions that create the dreams.


See Getting at Your Dreams Meaning - https://dreamhawk.com/dream-dictionary/dreams-practical-techniques-for-understanding-them/#Getting
Dream Interpretation / Terrified of spiders
« Last post by Tony Crisp on October 07, 2020, 08:29:46 AM »
Dear Tony,

I am twenty, married, and terrified of spiders. I dream I am in bed and a spider falls on me and crawls under the sheets. I see it clearly and leap out of bed screaming. My husband tries to calm me, but sometimes I punch him. I nearly broke his nose one night. I am only seven stone, but in my sleep I am a fighter. Can you help me? - Mary G. Essex
Dream Interpretation / Re: Mass extinction
« Last post by Tony Crisp on October 07, 2020, 08:28:47 AM »
Thanks Both - I have been trying to do several things at once, so missed seeing your post Mikey, and your excellent reply Anna.

Knowing you keep an eye on Mikey's post I was not surprised to see you again. :-)

Dream Interpretation / Re: Water Floor
« Last post by Tony Crisp on October 07, 2020, 08:25:01 AM »
Thanks Eliz - I have been locked into work and things, so didn't even see these post. So again, thanks.

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