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Dream Interpretation / Re: Illness and dreams
« Last post by Tony Crisp on December 27, 2023, 02:30:45 PM »
Thank you, Anna, you as wise as ever. I too have been on a long journey through various illnesses, and are recovering from an  operation, but am perky as ever though lacking work energy.

You talk as though the indigenous spiritual practices are the only way, but the west has been there through the ages, much of it hidden by our cultural biases. I have explored the Western path, which now has also explored all the Eastern paths. I feel that each culture has a particular way that it has to face, and they are often very different to what a westerner understands or needs to meet.

I have trodden the path of psychedelics many times with great benefit. But as Carl Jung says {A great man who trod the Western path} Liberation is achieved by the practice of non-activity, say the Masters of the Secret Teachings.

What is, according to them, non-activity? Let us first of all notice that it has nothing in common with the quietism of certain Christian or oriental mystics. Ought one to believe that it consists in inertia and that the disciples of the Masters who honour it are exhorted to abstain from doing anything whatever? Certainly not. In the first place it is impossible for a living being to do nothing. To exist is, in itself, a kind of activity. The doctrine of non—action does not in any way aim at those actions which are habitual in life such as eating, sleeping, walking, speaking, reading, studying, etc. In contradistinction to the Taoist mystics who, in general, consider that the practice of non—activity requires complete isolation in a hermitage, the Masters of the Secret Teachings, although prone to appreciate the ‘joys of solitude’, do not consider them in any way indispensable. As for the practice of non-activity itself, they judge it as absolutely necessary for the production of the state of deliverance.

What then is this activity from which one ought to abstain? It is the disordered activity of the mind which, unceasingly, devotes itself to the work of a builder erecting ideas, creating an imaginary world in which it shuts itself like a chrysalis in its cocoon.

In the Buddhist meditation called Vipassana, the process of self regulation is allowed to let the flow of consciousness present one's innate images, fears, hopes and imaginings about life and death, and to recognise them for what they are — images, fears, hopes and ideas. In this way the attachment and even pain we experienced in connection with them falls away in some degree. That is liberation.

My summary is, "LEARNING TO ALLOW THINGS TO HAPPEN." Especially the unknown or unexpected.
Dream Interpretation / Re: Black Monkey creature dream
« Last post by Tony Crisp on December 27, 2023, 01:47:32 PM »
Your dream is definitely about your animal self which most of us have lost awareness or contact with. We are obviously animals but have been taught to think of ourselves as humans. That is fine except that we lose awareness of the amazing senses with have as an animal.

I'm sorry I can't say more at the moment. But you can look up other features about animals and half human.
Dream Interpretation / Black Monkey creature dream
« Last post by Mernel on September 26, 2023, 01:30:44 AM »
Hello Tony, I hope that you are well. Last night I dreamt I was somehow in a group of people and we all were in this place. It was a tropical place. At first it was weird but then we all became accustomed to it. A friend of mine was there and there was a black monkey-like creature it was the same height as a normal human, it had black curly hair, in the dream it was a monkey. But upon waking it's clear that it was not a real monkey, something else. As we became accustomed to living in this place or being in this place we all started to go our own way. I didn't really know any of the people except my friend. My friend and I went our own separate ways. I looked down and there was a large metal square man hole and there was a tunnel system or lower under ground floor under it. My friend who is of Indian decent was calling someone I didn't know who she was calling and then I realized it was the monkey.  In waking Life she has very recently had some trouble with her neighbors she lives on the island of Tenerife she believes that they are targeting her because she is of Indian origin and therefore they are being racist towards her. She was calling the monkey by a name I did not know it had a name suddenly everybody seemed familiar with this monkey and its name I think she named it. She wanted it to go with her in a certain direction, she wanted it to be her companion and live live with her.But it would not, it would not move with her. It had previously been interacting with everyone. It was there in this place when we arrived and it was a novelty it was very friendly and like I said very large like a human. But now it was different. Then I woke up.
Dream Interpretation / Re: Illness and dreams
« Last post by - anna - on September 18, 2023, 05:12:37 PM »

Mikey  :)

It is always best to reply "whenever it happens".

I am happy to sense and read about your certainty in understanding your own dream and situation.
No one can do this for you the way you can do it yourself!

And what a loving support you have received from your daughter! I trust her presence was vital for you while moving through and out of the state you were in.

I only know you as a person who is open to learning Mikey and I wish you once again all the best wherever your path takes you!
Thanks for the hug  :)


Dream Interpretation / Re: Illness and dreams
« Last post by mikey on September 18, 2023, 10:22:59 AM »
Sorry for taking a while to reply,
Anna,thank you so much for the loving thoughts,must have worked as I am now better,
In England we have a nickname of sorts for nurses,it is Angel's,my daughter is a nurse and did look after me while I was on another planet with the horrible state i found myself in,as for the way of the lord,the interpretation being,to remove all obstacles,clear the way for the coming of something,
Interestingly enough,the visions i experienced were so vivid and clear i feel this had something to do with,the way being cleared.
It's currently a trend now for people to go on an ayahuasca trip,on reading and watching a few documentary's on this subject,
I realised the images I experienced in the visions were exactly the same as those experienced by those psychonauts,I actually considered having a go myself to see if I could clear the blocks I seem to have.
I now feel,I have an answer of sorts in that I dont need to participate in that activity,
I also realised that when you study indigenous spiritual practices,there does seem to be some sort of suffering or discomfort,
I think of the native American vow to the sun dance,shamanic sickness aswell,the sweatlodge,out of this suffering or more rightly discomfort, come visions etc..
I am open to learning.
Thank you once again for your thoughts and concern.ifvi could hug you I would.
Kind regards mikey.

Dream Interpretation / Re: Illness and dreams
« Last post by - anna - on September 14, 2023, 10:14:24 AM »

Dear Mikey 😊

I am so sorry to hear that you were so critically ill and grateful to learn that you have made it through!
It must have been a traumatic experience for you and I send you lots of loving, healing energy thoughts!

What I see in your dream is a way of processing your severe illness;
In the distance I see a storm gathering ,black clouds lightning etc,
A voice issues from somewhere,there is a storm coming, the likes of which has never been seen before on earth.
and perhaps trying to come to terms with fear of the sepsis recurring.

It may be helpful to explore for yourself what your associations are with "the way of the lord" and "seeing an angel".

What I see in these symbols is the Help you can receive on your journey of recovery;
"The way of the lord" is a way still unknown to you and yet you are able to see the potential force within and beyond you;

Wishing you All that it takes Mikey to master the path ahead of you and do keep us posted on how you are moving along.

Anna  😊

Dream Interpretation / Illness and dreams
« Last post by mikey on September 13, 2023, 02:48:18 PM »
Hi Tony and Anna,
About 2 weeks ago I was struck down with sepsis and became very I'll,
While in this state,I can categorically state I was not here or there,wherever that is,a sort of inbetween world.
I had many hallucinations,strange Aztec looking multi coloured images of arches intertwined with writhing snake like figures,
On one occasion,I was greeted by so insectoid looking beings who seemed to be confused as to what I was doing there,
On recovering beginning thi week,my dreams were very vivid and meaningful,one of which stood out ,which I hope someone can help me with.
First of all I feel the need to stress I am not a religious person,but for some reason I do get that symbology in dreams.
The dream.
In the distance I see a storm gathering ,black clouds lightning etc,
A voice issues from somewhere,there is a storm coming, the likes of which h has never been seen before on earth,
So prepare ye the way of the lord.
But first you will see an angel.
I look forward as always to your wisdom,
Regards mikey.
Dream Interpretation / Re: Water Tank Leak
« Last post by Tony Crisp on June 03, 2023, 12:49:35 PM »
Have you had trouble with peeing? It is likely that is what the dream is about.

If so, you might try - Finasteride 5mg tablets x 56
-   Tamsulosin 400microgram modified-release capsules x 60

Dream Interpretation / Re: Water Tank Leak
« Last post by Tony Crisp on May 12, 2023, 10:01:07 AM »
Recently I had a very painful difficulty in peeing. The doctor sent me for an internal examination that found my prostate gland was very enlarged, making it almost impossible to pee. I guess that is not what is happening to you. But the doctor told me that medications now can shrink the gland - they are Finasteride and Tamsulosin.

Any, they certainly work - thank the creator and its minions.

Please see Read This First - https://dreamhawk.com/forums/index.php?topic=529.0
Dream Interpretation / Re: Please read this first - Please!
« Last post by Tony Crisp on May 11, 2023, 12:30:04 PM »
Hi just to say that I am now 86 and do not have the energy to carry on answering, nor even the incredible intuition that has dropped away as age claimed me.

But amazing Anna has answered your post. But something equally amazing may be taking over answering you queries, for it is an Artificial Intelligence that has read and absorbed some of my writings and can answer your queries.

Here is an example of it in action using DreamHawk.com -

"I was swimming in the open sea, going on a very long journey, maybe of thousands of miles of swimming. I saw huge whales swimming nearby and sometimes leaping out of the water slightly. They were magnificent. I was scared, but at the same time it didn't feel like they intended any harm to me, only that they might accidentally harm me because I am so small and weak compared to them. "

 Interpretation: Given by the AI

In this dream, the open sea could represent the vastness of the dreamer's unconscious mind or the unknown aspects of their life. The long journey may symbolize a personal quest for self-discovery, growth, or change.

The presence of whales, often associated with wisdom and emotional depth, might suggest that the dreamer is becoming aware of their inner strength and potential. The whales' size and power, as well as their magnificence, could indicate that the dreamer is beginning to recognize the enormity of their own untapped abilities and resources.

The dreamer's fear of being accidentally harmed by the whales may symbolize feelings of vulnerability and uncertainty when facing new challenges or personal growth. It could also represent the dreamer's awareness that growth often comes with risks, and that stepping out of their comfort zone may require courage.

Relationship with the unconscious mind: The dreamer's perception that the whales do not intend to harm them could signify a developing understanding and acceptance of the contents of their unconscious mind. The dream might be encouraging the dreamer to embrace their emotions and untapped potential, even if it feels overwhelming or intimidating.

In summary, this dream might be interpreted as a message to the dreamer that they are on a journey of personal growth and self-discovery, with access to immense inner wisdom and potential. While the dreamer may feel vulnerable, the journey could lead to profound personal transformation if they embrace the challenges and take the necessary risks for growth.


My response to that is it is amazing, except it misses some subtlety, maybe because it hasn't absorbed all my writing. - Obviously we are trying to make iy work even better - meanwhile -

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Sun, 23 Apr at 21:15


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