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Dream Interpretation / Re: Red and White AND Black and Brown
« Last post by Tony Crisp on April 02, 2022, 11:27:01 AM »
Romanov - Polar opposites are a feature of dreams because dream are the creation of a very different level of our awareness. Our everyday awareness is very influenced by being locked in three dimensional world and sensations. But dreams started in mammals at least 20 millions years ago, before language, intellectual thinking and normal human awareness. At the other end of our waking awareness is an ocean of consciousness that does not have a focussed sense of self. This ocean of consciousness that is at the core of your being is what has been called many names. At this level we are no longer limited to focussing on what we see, think and feel, but strange as it may seem, sees all thing have an opposite that is equally true.

So you first dream has in it the theme of undecidedness - your getting up and sitting. But you are swayed by your boss's ability to handle your swings.

The last one has the theme of passion shown by your red shirt, also shown by your awareness of the age difference. So I wonder if you are unaware of your interest in him as more than a boss, and of his movement to physically touch you.
Dream Interpretation / Blue Light
« Last post by Aristocrates on March 31, 2022, 04:01:08 PM »
I had this dream early in the month and it's stuck with me.  It's a distant bang followed by this overwhelming flash of blue light..... Everything immersed in this blue light.
Dream Interpretation / Aspect of dream I don't understand
« Last post by Dawn71 on March 20, 2022, 12:18:21 PM »
Hello there, I understand part of my dream meaning but one part is confusing me. I dreamed of being in bed reading a newspaper but I found it difficult and irritating. It was a struggle. Then woke up in dream to see every page of the newspaper scrunched up in separate balls on floor beside my bed piled up to height of bed.
I just can't quite fathom it out? Any ideas anyone please?
Many thanks  :)
Questions about dreams / Re: Am I Healing or Lost?
« Last post by Tony Crisp on March 04, 2022, 11:59:26 AM »
3high3aim3 – I wonder if readers realise how much I constantly learn and even feel when reading dreams sent to the Forum. I often want to rush back to what I have previously written and add to and upgrade it. In fact I often feel I want to go through everything I have written and add the insights your dreams have given me - as if that were possible.

What I have learnt and your dream strengthens me in the learning is, dear wounded woman, that it is only the body that can be wounded, and if we accept or believe we are wounded, then our personality – we – are wounded too.

A revelation came to me when I experienced a real, not dreamt, out of the body experience, and realised that in my inner world I was beyond hurt. Also in many women’s dreams I see them claiming their inner wholeness as you are doing in your dream.

It is the business of recognising our dual nature, and usually we all get stuck in the recognition and belief that we are only a body. We forget our inner world. See http://dreamhawk.com/news/there-is-a-huge-change-happening/  - http://www.ted.com/talks/jill_bolte_taylor_s_powerful_stroke_of_insight.html - http://dreamhawk.com/body-and-mind/the-next-step-criticisms/ - https://dreamhawk.com/dream-dictionary/what-we-need-to-remember-about-us-3/#DualBeing

Questions about dreams / Am I Healing or Lost?
« Last post by Tony Crisp on March 01, 2022, 12:29:46 PM »
I am a woman, early 40's, who breastfed all 3 of my children, the youngest being almost 19 years old now. The infant boy in the dream was not one of my sons- he was a baby I was breastfeeding for someone else- not known to me. More than 10 years ago I was diagnosed with breast cancer and lost both of my breasts surgically, and then shortly after my uterus and ovaries to cancer, which put me in very early menopause.
In the dream I recognized the physical sensations as familiar- the same as those I experienced when I breastfed my children. But I had a sense of 'oh, how much I missed them' in regards to my breasts, so although I perceived I was physically feeling the sensations, I also knew these weren't my breasts, and the fullness I was feeling in my pelvis wasn't my uterus. But I wasn't disturbed by this - just aware and enjoying the sensations.

Also, recently I've been exploring and gaining a deeper awareness regarding my own schizoid wounding and childhood traumas, and have been working through relationship entanglements with my mother too. My energy healer has been focusing me on loving myself and 'grounding' into my body, and my therapist has been putting that same concept in more psychological terms- re-parenting myself. Although I initially, upon waking, had the impression the dream was about that- me nurturing myself, and letting go of some pent-up emotional energy around that, what Tony stated in the dream dictionary about breasts really resonated deeply with me: "Only in the fusion of infancy, or of sexual orgasm, or in religious ecstasy do we escape the psychic wound of division."

I'm open to what anyone might add to the insights of this peculiar dream. It's the first time I've consciously been aware of dreaming about breastfeeding, and the first time I had an orgasm in dream that wasn't prompted by a sexual encounter in the dream. I'm not sure if this dream was about me sorting out the issues with my mother, my own self-love and the intention I have regarding healing that part of me, the schizoid wounding stuff, or if it's all inter-related? Well, I know it's all related....I think what I'm trying to ask is, is there something more specific/precise this dream is speaking to me?

And Tony, if you're reading, I just want to say thank you for hosting this forum and for sharing, free of any monetary cost, your wisdom. I plan to spend some time reading through the material you have shared in the pages of your site.....

Dream Interpretation / Star Gazing
« Last post by Romanov on February 16, 2022, 10:40:04 AM »
Hi Tony,

Hope you are hail and hearty.  While waiting for your wisdom on my other dream, I decided to post another one for you. It's brief and simple.

I am gazing at the night sky full of stars, big and small. Right in the middle of the sky, a star explodes and gives birth to seven (7) discs, which kind of dance around, then form a line and go back into the exploded mass of the star.   The star then disappears leaving a blankness in the center of the sky.  While the rest of the sky shimmers with other stars. While this is happening, I am awestruck. I think really I have been chosen to watch this scene!! Like its really unbelievable!

Saw Kaaba in my dream. Kaaba, the holy cube structure in Islam, also known as House of Allah, inside Masjid-e-Nabvi, the mosque in whose center its located. That's it. Just that.

Looking forward to your wisdom.

Best regards

Dream Interpretation / Red and White AND Black and Brown
« Last post by Romanov on February 13, 2022, 04:18:18 PM »
Hi Tony,

Hope all good with you.

I have had a couple of dreams that I can't get to the bottom of. And the common theme is my new boss. These are couple of months apart.

I am sitting inside a Cafe around a small round table, facing the road. The Cafe seems empty and there is no food or drink on my table. Neither are there any customers. And no staff to serve either. A beige Fortuner comes and stops outside this cafe and my new boss alights it. He silently stands outside it, looking in, thought the glass wall. I reluctantly get up once, and then sit down again. I do it once more and on the third attempt, I get up and go sit in the passenger seat of his car.  I am wearing black trousers, earthy-brown shirt and a black scarf.  As he has barely driven a couple of minutes, I realized that I have forgotten my laptop and handbag in the cafe. He reverses the car, and I get off, thinking he is going to scream and get angry. But as I come back bringing my shiny silver laptop and a black handbag, I feel pleasantly surprised about his patience.

I am wearing a pleasant red shirt (I still own it but haven't worn it for a long time), have short hair (I am looking younger and smarter than I am in real life) sitting at a boardroom table. The new boss is sitting at the head of the table. He moves his arm as though to graze my chest, but before he could, I move my right arm in front of my chest, as a barrier, making his attempt unsuccessful. His upper half seemed to be half lying on the table in this attempt. He is wearing dirty-earthy brown clothes. Then I am standing somewhere in the open wearing this red shirt and white trousers and I just look over my shoulder.

There is a large age difference between me and my boss. I thought I had understood the first dream, but this second one has me confused, because they both seem to be polar opposites of each other.

Please help.

Dream Interpretation / Re: Mother To My Children
« Last post by jacquiemayotte on February 03, 2022, 04:00:14 PM »
I am not Tony but I 've worked with him on dreams for many years. So I am just  adding to your writing ...my experience.
My ex companion died on the 22nd of September 2021.  We were me and my 2 children not expecting it at all. We were shocked. He was an artist, but as well as a musician and wrote. So he communicates now with me through visuals, thoughts and sometimes music. I've written a diary since he died, named "Conversation with you". I felt I received  a lot of messages at first from him. I feel still  he is looking after us from where he is. He appeared after he died in a dream to my granddaughter who lives in England, she is 3. (I am French and I live in France). My grand daughter saw him in a dream, he was tickling her. It gave a lot of comfort to my daughter when her young child reported that to her.
With all my compassion
Dream Interpretation / Mother To My Children
« Last post by Tony Crisp on January 29, 2022, 11:42:53 AM »
Hello Tony....my name is Noelle. I am Corah Simone's mother. I was very close to my father, he was my best friend in life. When he passed I was sitting with him and then...and for the next 10 years my whole world/ worlds broke open. I am the parent to three children but youngest Lewin saw my dad's spirit and communicated with him on a few occasions...it's as if the sky split in my world but not the people in it.....Corah and I have had similar dreams (sleep dreams) since she was around 3 years old. I always knew my dad was speaking through us....to us. He was a very very good astrological teacher and also a writer and musician...he is no doubt giving gift of his teachings right through Corah now....it's pretty amazing. I am married for 21 years to a Catholic man, with a Catholic family who does not see or enjoy these things....my husband is kind but is not aware of another side...he isn't threatened but his family is and it's been very painful for me n confusing for my kids...mostly my boys.

I now KNOW IT WS A LIFE LESSON that I see and learn in experiencing this family....however how I deal with it is very very different then 10 years ago. it's causing conflict. .....raising and being my children's mother has been a life path and joy for me ...but now I'm being catapulted elsewhere....so many downloads....so many nightmares. I am sorry to bother you.... I am reaching out to you as a friend and I would appreciate and enjoy some dialogue at a certain point in time...if you may. Thank you for listening.
Dream Interpretation / Re: I was dead yet still alive
« Last post by Tony Crisp on January 29, 2022, 11:15:07 AM »
A very interesting example of the images dreams create to explain themselves. To perhaps understand what is occurring you must understand the creation of dreams.

You might ask why do dreams need to explain themselves? Well. dreams have been experienced for millions of years in animals, so as dreamers we are not the first to dream. Dreams started in animals that had no self awareness and not a language such as the one we try to communicate with. So dreams have their beginning in a level of awareness we have almost lost. I call that level of awareness the Core. See https://dreamhawk.com/dream-encyclopedia/summing-up/#Core

This core self is simply bodiless consciousness and to make itself understandable to our conscious word and image oriented self it uses images and scenes from our everyday life as an attempt to have us understand its Life created messages. Yes, LIFE, the very important thing that gives us life and awareness. See https://dreamhawk.com/body-and-mind/the-end-user/#Bodiless

So your dream is possibly saying that although there is death of the body there is no death for our consciousness. Of course because we have the enormous belief we are the body it is shown that your body is still alive, and you are conscious within it. See https://dreamhawk.com/interesting-people/i-died-but-im-alive-superminds/

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