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Dream Interpretation / Little man
« Last post by Mernel on January 10, 2023, 11:33:22 PM »
Hey Tony! Happy new year hope that you are well. I was falling asleep last night and was going over a memory. The memory started to merge into a dream. I was walking in to the apartment where I'm currently staying and as I'm remembering I see a blonde haired very small man wearing a red shirt and blue jeans. He was hiding in my memory or he was trying to hide, against the window panelling in the hallway. In real life there is no window panelling just a low wall that looks down on to a swimming pool. Somehow and for some reason he was in the memory of myself walking along the hallway and a out to enter my apartment. And he was trying to hide against the glass. so I did not see he was there. I was so alarmed I immediately woke up. Any ideas??
Dream Interpretation / Water Tank Leak
« Last post by Romanov on January 01, 2023, 11:12:39 AM »
Happy New Year Tony,

I know you are busy these days, but would appreciate, if you could reflect your wisdom on it, whenever you have time.

I am standing in my green bathroom door, waiting for the cobalt blue "overhead" water tank to fill. The water tank has been repaired, and I am watching to find out if it would leak.  To my dismay, it starts leaking water profusely from three different directions. The leak in the center is worse. The splash is so bad, it affects the top of the bathroom walls. I am distressed, and think, what a waste it was to spend Rps. 24,000 on its repair.

Best regards

Please see Read This First

General Discussion / Re: Bizarre Dream at the Beach
« Last post by Tony Crisp on November 24, 2022, 11:06:35 AM »
Aristocrat - Please see what was said in your dream about great spirit. The sea is a symbol of your core self awareness entering your eveyday awareness and going - coming and going.
from the 'Great Spirit' it tries to answer you. Remember i said that dreams are created by our Core Self which did you know that you are capable of receiving enough information to make you a genius? For the human brain can process up to 11 million bits of information per second. This is the natural processing capacity of the brain, including the conscious, subconscious, and unconscious mind. However, the conscious mind has an extremely limited capacity, and it can only handle anything from 40 to 120 bits of information in a second.

This highlights how marvellous the brain is, and how extraordinary capabilities it has beyond our imagination and everyday awareness and self. Estimates of our conscious mind, our personal awareness, shows that it is only able to process 50 bits of information per second. So, what happens to the other millions of bits of information gathered? But there is an even greater way we are limited, because almost all our thinking and even our understanding of what we perceive is via concepts. Strange that most humans cannot even understand that everything they see as a human being is a concept. Concepts can be based on real phenomena and are a generalised idea of something of meaning. So, when we see or experience something we build or remember a concept or idea. A person or dog we see or meet we then build a concept or internal series of ideas about it. We say look that is a dog, but we have no real idea of what a dog is, only ideas and memories of seeing a dog.

As humans we live in this self-made mental world of conceptual life. For concepts are Mental Representations, where concepts are entities that exist only in the mind (as mental objects). It all started with our learning speech for words are concepts. Animals don’t seem to have that filter between them and awareness of reality.

So your core self sees Reality and tries to present it to you in dreams, but as we only have experience of our conceptual ideas and exoeriences it has to use images fro our everyday self.
Late again - Got caught up creating new insights. See

Somehow I feel sure I commented on your crocodile dream but can't find it. But again you are mixing up your conscious fears about being hurt with the dream world where nothing can hurt you and everything in dreams are symbols meaning something else. Here is an example:

Example: Now a huge unknown creature began to enter into my awareness. I felt the presence of an enormous creature rising to the surface of something like a swamp or a body of water. At first I thought it might be a whale, but as I paid attention to what was happening it defined into a huge crocodile. This huge creature looked at me and said, “Mathew, join me.”

I laughed at this because it was so huge, and with so many associations of swallowing things, that I said something like, “What do you mean join you? Don’t you mean that you want to eat me?”

The creature replied to me, “No. No, it’s not like that, I’m just like a submarine. I have all these lives in me. I have many, many lives in me. I am life. I contain the many. You can swim this ocean alone Mathew, if you wish. Or you can join me, you can join the many. You can always, if you choose to live your independent life again and  leave us.”

I laughed here because I had the image of me being independent, stripping off, diving over the side of the boat into the ocean and swimming off. It is something I have often done in the sea, swimming long distances alone, or off to an island out to sea, by myself.

I began to give myself to that great creature which I now understood as the collective unconscious, the unity of lives. It felt as if it was absolving me, much as I had experienced earlier on. (One of those strange and beautiful, and also moving coincidences just happened. I am reading this in using voice recognition, and it is proving to be very accurate. But in the sentence where I said that I felt it was - and the word was supposed to be absorbing me - the software used the word absolving. And here I am again, back in the ocean, weeping as I know there is no judgment on the life I have led so alone and cut off.)

I am not sure of this, but your waking at 2.30 is something that happens to people who ask for help from
General Discussion / Re: Bizarre Dream at the Beach
« Last post by Aristocrates on November 23, 2022, 12:40:37 AM »
So I'm kind of kicking myself right now.  The same morning I had this dream I hit a deer while driving.  It just hit me that this could've been a prophetic dream.
General Discussion / Bizarre Dream at the Beach
« Last post by Aristocrates on November 02, 2022, 02:50:31 PM »
Well, I wish I would've written this down sooner where I could remember more people.  I remember being in a compact car with 3 other people.  We were at a beach just after dark.  Someone pointed out that our maternal grandparent's cottage wasn't there anymore.  There was a row of these little cottages but there's was just gone. They've deceased from waking life the past couple years.  Then the sea swells to the point it is coming through the car windows.  Again it swells and a killer whale beaches itself.  At this point I'm almost to the point of laughing because I know I'm in a dream and how absurd it is.  We enter a dinner establishment and they have boxes and boxes of pizza stacked in various places but for the most part the floor is clear.  My sister-n-law is there and she seems to be hiding an English accent.  I think to myself this whole time she's really been from England and she is no longer successfull at hiding her accent. 

I've had several dreams over the years at the beachfront.  Many times I'm in the waters tide Ebbing to and fro from ocean to shore. 
I also wanted to add that for weeks now I've been consistently waking up at 2:30am each day.  The regularity is what baffles me.  It doesn't seem to matter when I fall asleep. 
I was able to recall a dream after praying to the Great Spirit for my family's protection.  In the dream I am roaming through a neighborhood and my sister-n-law calls asking where her kids are that they're not in the usual place for after-school pickup. I say maybe they're playing by the water since it's a warm sunny day. I come upon  clear body of water with a steep, rocky bank and can see crocodiles under the deep, clear water floating with their noses pointed toward the surface. Then I notice my children up behind me where the bank gives way to level ground.  A crocodile approaches my children from their right and I urge them to flee.  The crocodile doesn't attack them ultimately but they are finally convinced to leave.  m
Maybe the crocodiles represent the unseen dangers of the world.  The ones an adult sees that young children may be totally unaware of. My sister-n-law's children are a few years older than mine.  Maybe she demonstrates how there are dangers that our children will face that we won't foresee or know to prepare for and that they'll have to face many on their own.  The children weren't alarmed by the crocodile because they don't know a crocodile's nature.  I'm also reminded of Captain Hook and Peter Pan and how the crocodile seems to be a representation of time or death. 
Dream Interpretation / Re: The Rat Became a Dog
« Last post by Tony Crisp on October 10, 2022, 10:32:59 PM »
Hi Charlene – This At one time I helped a young woman explore a dream she had experienced eighteen years previously. The dream taught me so much because what we realised was that we are like trees – I mean inwardly we have similarities with every living thing because we all grow and change all our life. So if something bent a young tree the bend would show in later life even though the tree is more mature now.
So, something that was deeply felt years ago are still in you, but your years of experience has altered what you were at that time.

So, your dream shows you remembering your past life and your self image of the past. But your life experience has changed you, so that what was felt as awful is now is seen as something you can relate to – the rat/dog. I feel it is a part of our growing up that our early life which was distasteful to us is now seen in a different way. 🧙🙃❤

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