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Author Topic: cutting throat  (Read 5256 times)


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cutting throat
« on: May 24, 2014, 08:15:13 PM »
I was on the second floor of this old house, it seemed that the second floor was another apartment. I heard my mothers voice in the downstairs apt., but also heard another voice (my sons girlfriend). I heard her coming up the stairs, and was uncertain if I should open the door. She knocked and in a short time, I opened it. She stood in the doorway.  She was angry, and said that as she was cutting her throat that she'd make sure I'd pay for it. I said thats crazy, not right. But she started to cut her throat. I knew she couldn't blame me, because I had set my video recording on my phone to record her, before I opened the door to let her in.

The very very odd thing is that my husband also had a dream last night (same night as mine).His dream started out at the verizon store, he was having trouble with his phone. The guy took his phone and pressed a button, all his contacts were gone! now it moved to: that he was in an older house on the second floor, walked in and saw my son on a couch with another girl. There were 3 dogs in the house and they messed and urinated...stains all over the place. He saw me cleaning up the mess and I was crying. He said to my son, look what you've done to your mother. This isn't right you are a worm.   He asked my son what was all this? He said, I didn't have anywhere to go, so she took me in.  He was upset and said, You both get out, I'm not having this.  So they both left. Then he looked at the dogs and realized he had to call my son to ask about the dogs.  There was NO contacts on his phone and couldn't call my son.! 

SOOOOOOOOOO....I'm wondering what everyone thinks about my dream and how the two somehow coincide.