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Author Topic: A Bicycle Among Traffic...  (Read 2867 times)


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A Bicycle Among Traffic...
« on: November 01, 2010, 02:07:27 AM »
Dreamt I was amongst traffic, only I was on a bicycle surrounded by vehicles.  There was  a stoplight in front of me and a man in a car on my left.  A car directly in front of me however flowed ahead with the flow of traffic and I followed suit even though I was somewhat (not clearly) aware of the yellow and/or possibly red traffic light above me.  I was aware that there were traffic lights, yes, vaguely cognizent that they were in a state of  transition, but I was not aware they were (apparently) red until the guy in the car on my left started honking and expressing his dislpleasure at me for not stopping.  He was angry. But it was too late, I was already caught up in the flow to move ahead and I continued to travel on the highway.  As I pedaled I worried and questioned whether I had just sailed through a red light.  Had it been red? Was I supposed to have stopped? Did I break the rules and what might happen to me?  I'm a bit unerved by the man's agitation and my own uncertainty about what I'd just done, so I pedal faster and can't wait to get off this highway, far away, I just want to distance myself from the whole thing.  The highway stretches out before me and I feel like I'm far enough away from the incident now that I won't get into trouble.  Just as I think that I see cop sirens behind me and in front of me an officer emerges from the sidelines into the street, arms outstretched and pointing a gun at me.  Needless to say, I stop, I pull over and express to them how excessive it is for them to pull out their guns all for a girl on a bike.  I don't mention the red light I may have failed to heed, mostly because I'm not really certain what happened at that intersection and don't want to incriminate myself if I didn't really do it.  Next, the scene changes from the highway to a room.  Some memebers of my family are there with me, notable my eldest and wisest brother, as I'm interrogated by the police.  I offer up that I didn't have my wallet/id with me because I was on my bike and I assumed one wasn't required by law to carry their wallet with them when using a bicyle.  My oldest brother shakes his head at me and warns me with a look that I've said something wrong and just needlessly incriminated myself.*****Note--just before bed I'd asked to dream about the day's events, in order to better understand what happened.  That day I'd seen someone I hadn't seen in a long time, several yeasrs He used to like me, although I'm sure he's moved on long ago, in fact I'm sure he has. Our exchange that day was pleasnt enough and I was on my way but I did ask my dreaming mind to supply insight into what he thoughtof our  little encounter...and the dream above is the result (although the angry guy in teh car wasnot him at least not visually, perhaps symbolically ?  In real lifehe wasn't angry either, at least not on the surface.  I also felt the fact that I was on a bike amongst heavy traffic with othetr cars indicted I was not prepared for life in some essential way...the way I move through life is immature, not adult. 
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Re: A Bicycle Among Traffic...
« Reply #1 on: November 02, 2010, 12:12:01 PM »

Horizon – Gosh, there are so many threads here, but I cannot see any direct connections with the friend you met. What I can see are a lot of references about judgements – self judgements.

Also although you went over the lights there was no awful accident or screeching of brakes. So the dream didn’t judge that as important. But you have a great sense of right and wrong, and the feelings after you were trying to get away were creating a scene calling in the police – your judgements about whether you were bad or not.

Even your elder brother seems to be shacking his head. I wonder if he was saying, “Sister, why make trouble for yourself?” Because if you worry too much that is what you are doing. Obviously you need to keep your eyes on the way ahead, but to constantly think you are in the wrong could hamper your progress.

I haven’t got a very good grasp of the dream and your associations, but that is my best take.