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Author Topic: My faith is being challenged  (Read 3429 times)


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My faith is being challenged
« on: January 16, 2013, 02:52:38 PM »
I was baptized catholic and my grandmother religiously took us to church every sunday. I often challenged her on the question how do we know if there is a heaven or hell knowing that the only person that seen either of them lived 2000 years ago. My grandmother said one day that when she died she would come back and tell me if there was a heaven or hell. Prior to entering the military about 15 years ago I had a premonition in my dream that my grandmother was going to pass away. The only person I told was my mother and insisted on visiting her before I left to boot camp. I never told my grandmother why I went to visit her but I had a best two week visit with my grandparents ever. I set off to boot camp and approximately 3 months later she passed due to a stroke. The strangest thing happened three months after she passed I had another dream of my grandmother. This time I was walking in a dark, cold cavern alone. In this cavern were numerous caves leading into this cavern. I of course in a dark unfamiliar place alone I was scared. All of the sudden rushing out of these caves were red, blue, green , and yellow demonic creatures, running towards me as if they were going to rip me apart and devourer me. In an instant my grandmother pops up in the corner of my vision. Looked like grandma but with a grayish complexion, dark circles around her eyes and sunken in cheeks typical zombie grandma. She say to me "It's all lies!" I awaken from the dream and have a hard time deciphering what was all lies, hoping she wasn't referring to what my foundation for all my morals and ethics have stand on. Can anyone help me interept this.


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Re: My faith is being challenged
« Reply #1 on: January 18, 2013, 01:39:36 PM »
caves have always been seen symboloically and used as places of initiation into the mysteries,
journeying into the cave you are entering that place within yourself ,
in mythological stories,something usually guards the entrance,sometimes it can be someone or something telling you not to go on as its pointless,or telling you to stay you will be safe here,these are all barriers to finishing the quest,
you may have beliefs ,are they yours ,based on your own experience or are they just learned from others,
there comes a time when the foundation of our beliefs comes under threat,but i feel this is to shake us out of a rut.
therefore i would see your dream as a reflection of this aspect,
i think it was called the dark night of the soul,
go where your heart and soul want to go,and dont be afraid,doors will open where you never expected to find any,
these are the words of joseph campbell a man who new the trail well.
hope this is of help.