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Author Topic: The White Temple  (Read 5638 times)


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The White Temple
« on: January 29, 2013, 10:54:46 PM »
I had this dream recently. I will be glad to hear any insights on what it could mean.

I am in my home town, where I sleep in my room. I wake up and go to the living room. Looking around I see my dad sitting on the couch and reading something, my mom going around half-dressed and my sister completely dressed and ready to go. She says that as we all agreed, we will shortly go to my grandmother. I decide that I will not be ready that soon and deeply offended that they did not wake me up, I go out alone. I am heading the city where my grandmother lives. I reach a place that I know, but the area looks completely different. It looks abandoned and dangerous. In front of me there are some kids running and I think that they can attack me. I walk towards them where I can see the level crossing. When I am approaching, I realize that I will have to wait until the train passes. Behind my back I can hear a car coming, where some youngsters listen to a loud music and they behave loudly. Not wanting to wait in their company I walk right into a field. There is a mysterious white building. Something like a tall tower, or a temple. I climb up the stairs and sit at the threshold. Then the door opens a bit and I see an Asian woman, that is dressed in white robes and seems to be a priestess. She invites me in with a gesture and I enter the building. The inside is gloomy with the torches on the walls. As we walk, we are passing other priestesses, some standing near the walls. I look at two of them passionately kissing when I hear a voice of the Main Priestess/ Queen of this place – “What is so surprising?”. I look at her. She is in the recumbent posture at the top of a monument.
I am back at the entrance to the temple. This time, male priest leads me into the building. Inside the other priests are flirting and kissing. We arrive at the place where the Queen was before. There are men having sex with each other and in the middle there is a big foam (shaped like Jabba from Star Wars) and it says something about me being surprised.
Then I started to dream about something completely different.


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Re: The White Temple
« Reply #1 on: February 17, 2013, 01:41:39 PM »
Ruby – Waking up is a sure sign that something new is happening. What occurs is that you are becoming aware of the family influences out of which you have grown. You have felt some annoyance  that you felt you have not been treated equally.

So you are trying to become independent of their influences. You are faced by choices – what do I want of my life? What do I want to become? Certainly not like noisy teenagers. So you follow your natural influences – the field – where in the quiet you can listen to your own urges.

Then you become aware of something unusual that is created by women and men and it attracts you – the attraction is probably that it seems to offer a different viewpoint or awareness. So again you sit in quietness and a door opens – an opportunity to enter a different way of life that has something of Asia in it. You have been led into an initiation in which you are facing yourself, but a much bigger awareness of what you hold within. This is a test to see if you can face and not run from what you see/feel. It is also showing you your dual nature, female/male.

What do you make of it? Becoming whole may take strength, surrender and trust. In the Chinese philosophy it is illustrated by the yin-yang symbol. The symbol shows the black and the white in a circle. The good and bad, the negative and the positive are shown as equal and necessary parts of a whole, not as something that has to be represses conquered or got rid of.

Remember that Life is a Whole as well as a Part - the old and wonderful opposites that many people can never accept.