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Author Topic: My first flying dream  (Read 2283 times)


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My first flying dream
« on: February 12, 2013, 12:57:37 PM »
Last night I had my first flying dream.  I have often dreamt of falling, but never before of flying.  IN the beginning of the dream I was in my childhood home with my family.  I don't remember this part especially, but my mother was having company or a party and was rearranging furniture and redecorating.  The party would start and she would be dissatisfied so she would rearrange things and start the party again.  My siblings and I were pressed into service to do the rearranging.  During one of the parties I was standing in a glassed in breezeway that was nearly suspended over a forest. 

I don't know how it happened, but I suddenly found myself soaring away from home at a very fast speed.  I was clinging to about six bed pillows at the time and seemed to have no control over where I was going.  I climbed higher and higher into the air.  I could see for miles, but I was afraid. 

I didn't wake up then, but I felt like I was watching myself fly and watching myself afraid and clinging to these pillows.  I'm not sure how, but I switched from watching myself to joining myself or becoming myself flying.  I slowly released all but one pillow.  I gained control over how I was flying and the altitude.  I descended into treetops and maneuvered around as low as ten feet off the ground and then easily climbed into the clouds.  It was thrilling, but I felt safe and confident.


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Re: My first flying dream
« Reply #1 on: February 12, 2013, 05:47:02 PM »

This dream in particular , chronicles your maturation, or  personal development over a period of time (and more as you will see).   The news is very good! The unconscious mind tells it like it is, and in this dream,  using it's own language of  symbolism mixed with your own,  parallel to waking life, story line, I can see that you have come a long way.

The question of, how you ever have managed to become the person that you are, is addressed. Self understanding is doled out here as a result... very valuable information, if I may say so.   

In a huge way, we, (as an individuals), are  products of that which we are exposed. IN this dream you are getting a front row seat to this process, as it has influenced your life.  Your are clearly shown that there were really a combination of mentors working on your behalf, both early on, and, as you have progressed.  In your waking life there were those who helped you to find your niche or purpose (the furniture reorganization scene). This was done through, the process of life itself somewhat involuntary exposure, to different situations and experiences, AND there were unconscious influences (dreams), the part of you that allowed you  the luxury explore (without boundaries). It appears as if there were times where you lacked the skills connected to self control and without those you lacked confidence. I'll call it growing up... but now you have the tools necessary to achieve your goals and aspirations. You have a much better sense of control, which over time has led to a much greater degree of self confidence.   The point is, that you are the person that you have become, not by accident, but because you have paid attention, to both, influences in waking life, and unconscious exploration thereof (dreams).

This is a wonderful dream that lends to a degree of self understanding and invites the question of, just who should be included on the credits lines as the script of your life plays. Because of these wonderful experiences, again both waking life and unconscious influences contribute to your persona. From the architecture of the dream, it would seem to me as if you are in the early stages of employing all of the knowledge that you have amassed. Could you be standing at the threshold opportunity? I think yes!

Interesting to me is the missing link... free will, which seems to raise the bar a bit as if to say - So, you are who you have become, now what will you do with these skills and knowledge. Yes, it is up to your free will, as to how you will utilize the valuable knowledge that you have gained.  In the game of life it appears to be your move! Remember, you have the tools to follow your dreams!

all the best to you,