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Author Topic: A Way Was Found  (Read 8380 times)

Tony Crisp

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A Way Was Found
« on: February 13, 2013, 09:56:30 AM »
I know I keep posting other people's postings here. It is because most posting arrive outside of the Forum, and so might be missed.

"Tony – I feel deeply touched that you responded to me. I have just spent a little time exploring the posts you suggested; I was drawn to the Lifestream pages but hadn’t touched on them yet. I found so many things in there that resonate with me both from my own experiences of my body, yes in all honesty my mind too, starting to give up on me in a desperate attempt to finally get my full attention, with a balance disorder in the end…. (so funny to find you’d also highlighted the link to the article that has the glorious seesaw picture – I had stumbled on and partially read this the other day & decided I needed to give it more time to study – ), to my first ‘proper’ experiences last year with spontaneous movement with a free thinking acupuncturist and Tai Chi teacher…. the melting of physical bodies, ie hand into hand – whose hand? or, whose foot? ….. to singing a chord on one occasion. Releasing cries and moans I’d never heard come from a human before. Feeling with spontaneous movement that it’s like the key to your blueprint, an overlay of your perfect shape, health, state. Your body, your energy – as everything, as Awareness, knows exactly how it needs to be, I came across this also in one of the articles you recommended “All of that came about by allowing my being to express spontaneously without my conscious intervention” – yes yes.

I recall reading one of your dream pages mentioning being impressed by the hare you encountered, previously a rabbit I think – hope that’s correct – who told you to go back and seek the Kingdom within. That’s the word I was searching for when describing my own ‘hair’ incident – as something of me yet not of me, being fearful because of the enormous latent power i felt which ultimately I knew could only ONLY be mine – yet as an external force I felt distinctly impressed. And yes, overwhelmed. Frightened because it was new, powerful. But wow it was me, mine & now I feel even more confident that next time i can take ownership of it, integrate it.

I really have come to feel that I have been embarking on a totally different journey. It just seems to speed up and become more intense and at last I really want to fully join in. I ‘get it’ . It feels like my – our – birthright – but such a privelege. Every day, and every night, full of discovery. What a life.
PS I found a copy of Myself & I on ebay  that last line you quoted. Yep summed me up – went there. I don’t know how else so much light would have started getting in to look at all the darkness. I guess life would have found a way. It sends us such blessings.
Thank you again for taking the time and for all your thoughts it’s clear you already know how much it means.