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Author Topic: Stroke Healed  (Read 8287 times)

Tony Crisp

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Stroke Healed
« on: December 04, 2012, 01:24:52 PM »
Hello Tony, 

Anyways the reason I am responding is when I was 7 years old my father died and I had only ever seen him paralyzed on his right side. He always dragged that side around when he tried to walk. He went to see Oral Roberts in one of his tent meetings to be healed. Maybe he didn't have enough faith or it just wasn't meant to be at that time.I was there to witness this great healing that was to happen and didn't.

At any rate the day he was dying my sister screamed for everyone and we all ran in and the strangest thing I have ever seen and will never forget...He had that arm and that leg that hadn't moved for years up in the air shaking them and then his life force was reclaimed. To me it had always been a signal that although he had always been a mean man God or his higher self, power or whatever had released him from that bondage and had welcomed him home. I haven't actually been afraid of dying since that happened. Just felt like sharing. Thanks for reading. I think it odd that I have your link on my site and I had been trying to figure out my inner being and I clicked to your site. Anyways thanks again for reading.