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Author Topic: Beware of false prophets  (Read 5704 times)


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Beware of false prophets
« on: March 20, 2013, 04:19:55 AM »
I have been working on my grammar and style of writing. I found after years of neglect, it is possible to lose the ability to communicate the Enlish language. When we let ourselves go and forget to stay sharp on every day skills, we start to fold into all sorts of decay.  Now, the human mind is conditioned by exercise but I fear it is also willingly given to things that are not wholesome.  People pursue things and fill their minds with all sorts of ideas or things that have been created by some other mind, this is vanity. Take for instance, the idea of vampires. This is something brought to you by someone's imagination. The original Vlad from Romania was a sick minded individual. It is well known in the history books. I think the human race still keeps some of those primitive instincts and also memories that are passed down from generations somehow. They like the fact they are civilized, but fascinated with history in the regard that we were once barbarian. 

This is only a fantasy. The reality of human experience is not one of free time and lots of imagination. The perceptions that we give to earlier ancestors does not really do them justice. The whole idea of civilization and man using his mind to improve and build better societies takes a lot of effort.

When we relish in the past or play some fantasy about how we perceive it took place, we should remind ourselves that is mostly our imagination.  There are such things as ignorant and barbaric humans and we mostly reserve those to the past.

The greatest gift of man has always been his compassion and perseverance.  It is not an honorable thing for a man to have a vain imagination especially if it dwells on evil things not helpful to society. 

What is fitting and helpful is the most admirable way to go and exploiting the worst  part of our natures like in the dark ages, is something I would hope we would never want to return to, and so we go forth in this world hoping that diplomacy and civility and all the lessons we have learned about our natures over history will bring us to a better understanding and more compassion. Stop.

The truth is , this hasn't happened at all. The world is on the brink.