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Author Topic: tony & i on top of a mountain.  (Read 5485 times)


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tony & i on top of a mountain.
« on: March 18, 2013, 01:08:55 PM »
hi tony,
i felt compelled to enter this dream as it contained you,& i believe it is related to your last comments on my ,dreams don't parrot what you already know post.
i feel that your comments & my meditation on them led to this dream,

i am on top of a mountain with tony crisp,i am in a sleeping bag as is tony,in the centre is a small fire,
tony says that he wants to show me a photo of something,that may help.
as he goes to get it from his rucksack,i am awe struck at the rising sun ,i fling my sleeping bag open to get out,but realise it is still a bit cold .so i snuggle bag in my bag,i am waiting for the earth to warm up.

a couple of nights before ,i watched a program on tv about the miracle of metamorphosis in nature,
the sleeping bags in the dream seemed to symbolise the chrysalis stage,

in response to your thoughts on my last post,i also came to feel that, what you may be saying is  ,not that nothing in this world matters,especially death ,but that it is all Maya,illusion,i believe the native Americans held a similar belief in that ,they saw the dream world as the real world,this world just being a reflection of it.
you have obviously had some experience or experiences throughout your life that have opened you up to this way of thinking,& yes you are right,it is difficult to explain to most ,
but i thank you for trying.
rgds mikey

Tony Crisp

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Re: tony & i on top of a mountain.
« Reply #1 on: March 25, 2013, 02:15:15 PM »
Thanks Mikey, and I think your dream shows you are on the way to it yourself. It is the pearl of great price, and is hard won, but its beauty is worth it.

I don’t suppose one can ever describe it, but it is tempting to try;
And that was when the vision
Burst splendid on me,
As all the many parts
Merged into one grand theme,
Revealing to my feelings
And to my outstretched mind –
Another kind of Beauty.
Around me it spoke
And sang its hymn –
I am the Everlasting Everything,
The All Inclusive,
The Dark and Light,
War and Peace,
Birth and Death.
Yes — I am that Beauty!