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Author Topic: Sneaking Coat  (Read 5218 times)


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Sneaking Coat
« on: April 20, 2013, 06:26:32 AM »
Dreamt I saw a winter coat I liked.  It was a large, puffy, black coat.  Well insulated.  Knew it wasn't mine, but I sneakily, smoothly put in on as if it were.  With the goal of walking out of here with a new coat! I figured no one would notice, no one would miss it, and I could easily pass it off as my own without much effort.  The only effort would be just the slightest bit of sneakiness on my part--acting like it was mine.

Well, it turned out there was a girl there who realized her coat was missing.  We were in a classroom with lots of other students.  She stood right beside me and bemoaned the loss of her coat.  She did not, however realize that I was wearing her coat.  No, that never crossed her mind or anyone else's.  Instead, it was the sight of me in the coat that made her cry with sadness and longing since it reminded her of her missing coat.  She told me my coat reminded her of hers and that's why she was so sad.  "I had a coat like that..." she sobbed. 

Well, I had not anticipated anyone crying over a coat.  As I observed her, I realized she wanted the coat far more than I did.  I felt guilty and wanted to soothe her, yet still did not want to get "caught" for my sneakiness.  I didnt' want the coat anymore.  Just wanted to make her feel better.  I offered her my own actual coat (a red one) that I had on hand beside me.  No, she shook her head, uninterested.  She didn't want it.   She continued to cry over the loss of the coat.  It was like she was crying over a lost loved one.  Darn it, I thought...I would never have attempted to sneak away with this coat on if I'd known it would have this effect on someone.  I took off the black coat and gave it to her.  She accepted it.  She had no idea it was really her coat all along though.  I watched her as she was absorbed in reuniting with it, she was giving it attention like a long lost child or love or something.  While she was so absorbed, I wondered if I should attempt to retrieve something from inside the winter gloves that were attached to the coat.  I suddenly remembered that in my earlier attempt to gain access to the coat, I'd had a piece of paper with the owner's name and password, which I'd left evidence of my "hacking" attempt inside the gloves.  I make a motion with my hands to swiftly snatch the gloves (in order to destroy the password evidence I'd left there) but decide its too risky.  I decide to give up covering my tracks and just let the chips fall where they may.  She has her coat back.  If she finds the evidence of my sneaky actions, so be it.  I just wished I'd never gone down this path to begin with.

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Re: Sneaking Coat
« Reply #1 on: April 28, 2013, 02:14:06 PM »
Horizon – Well it seems as if your dream is telling you not to be so sneaky. You have obviously felt guilty about something, about taking something that you felt belonged to another person. It could be a love or more likely something or someone you fancied.

But the silly thing is – and this is not an attempt to justify stealing – that all the time we take things from people. We take attitudes and ideas from parent; we take all of the language from countless others and use it like we invented it. We assume likes and dislikes from others and believe it is all ours. Also we often take Life for granted as if we own it or it is all an accident of chemicals.

I quote from Eye of Dreams: “The perception that was taking place was not like my normal thinking. It comprehensively gathered memories and put them together in a way that made patterns and themes stand out. So as the process of insight was taking place I saw just how the urge to keep my head down, not stand out in the crowd, not get involved with people, had influenced my actions. For a start I had never voted in my life. This was because I could never identify with groups pushing for power. I had avoided everyday social activity, although relationships with individuals were not threatening.

Now I started seeing how this attitude had passed to me so strongly. My thought, as I witnessed the flow of memories, was that perhaps such information was genetic, because my father had never talked to me much at all. He had certainly never urged me to keep out of the limelight – to keep my head down, and until now I hadn’t been aware that he had been doing it himself, so it wasn’t simply conscious emulation. I can only say that I ‘saw’ how it had happened. What I mean is that through the still flowing memory and feelings it was as if I could actually look into the heart of things and see how they worked. The insight I achieved was that we as humans, like other mammals, in our earliest years particularly, still learn like most mammals do, and that is not verbal at all. A massive amount of information is absorbed from our parents without any effort or awareness.”