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Author Topic: Hi Tony l need your help with a few dreams  (Read 8519 times)


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Hi Tony l need your help with a few dreams
« on: May 31, 2013, 08:45:29 AM »
Hi Tony

Reocurring dreams
As an adult l once had a dream that l knew l had dreamed lots of times as a child. l was crawling through a tunnel as a baby / child and came to an entrance of a barren room just plastered no decor other than a bed in the right hand corner of the room with a window (no glass) above it and a mother looking down into the cot on a baby. l stayed at the entrance and am not sure if l did not want to be seen by the woman. l am not sure if l was the baby or the mother or either? It was almost like climbing up a pyramid shaft then entering a room but pyramids don't have a window (whole in the wall).

Another l have dreamt of a few times is that I have my arms around a man and he me. I am just resting my cheek against his another time our foreheads are touching.  Another time we are just lying next to each other.  We are very still but the feeling is beautiful, peaceful and fulfilling.  At times l do not know who this man is though once it was of a man I used to work with and that l was attracted to.

Unforgettable dream
Years later l dream l am following a nun in the old habit a long black dress and veil down a corridor in my old school (some of our teachers were nuns at the school) though she does not look behind at me she keeps the door open so that l can walk through yet l never seem to catch her up and l want to? Finally l come into the auditorium it is dark and no one else is there the screen is on but nothing showing it is hazy grey like an TV with no signal. l continue walking as before 'straight on' down an aisle.  I can then see on the screen a hand, side on vertical, so l see the side of the little finger going from one end of the screen to the other just going left to right all the time. l continue and go onto the stage / platform and don't stop walking so am going to knock / bump into the screen.

l literally wake up from my dream as l am scared of the hand swiping me. This part l do not dream but l do see a vision of our lady as on the front of the Miraculous Medal.

Mary stands on a globe, representing the earth, with a crushed snake under her feet. This image represents Mary's role as "Queen of Heaven and Earth". The snake represents Satan, who was defeated by Mary's obedience to God. The rays coming from her hands symbolize the graces Mary gives to those who ask her.

She is transparent but l see the outline of her robe her veil, her folds in her veil and robe and her face. The outlines are all in the colours of the rainbow. She does not speak she is above my bed in mid air she is there for a few minutes. l close my eyes and open them again she is still there. It is only years later that l find out colours of the rainbow are always mentioned when others have seen visions of our lady. l don't know what the message was for me and worry that l am missing such an important message.

A few weeks ago l had reiki healing and thought of the vision above the woman who was giving me healing said she felt someone take over her arms and hands her body and was healing me. She said it was our lady and she even felt her veil fall over her [the reiki healer] shoulder and arm as she was healing me. l then told her about the dream l woke up from above years ago and that l was actually thinking about this when she was healing me.

This is obviously a powerful message. Is it asking me to have more faith and ask for support / guidance. l do not ask and l am going through a difficult time in my life.

Dream last night
Last night l woke up from a dream at 3am (I only remember dreams about 1-3 a year if that!  I was with my parents I ha parked the car and we were walking down quite a few steps to the path we were near the sea as whilst walking down the steps we could see peoples feet and people waiting for the others to pass by as the water was coming right up to the path so the path was very narrow.  We walked past a Chinese restaurant it had closed down.  We l think had gone somewhere to eat as the impression l got was that the next bit of the walk was walking back to the car or at least the next bit of the walk was quite a while later.  It was dark l see a young man walking towards us as he passes l look behind me as he appears ‘shift’ he has stopped and is looking back at us,  I ask if we can help him then l just get the sensation that my spine has gone numb.  I wake up from my dream and am scared it felt like l must have been attached / stabbed?  Though l see no knife by the man and think l my be paralysed.  I am taking my parents away for a short break by the sea in a few weeks.

Thanking yo for your time  :)
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Tony Crisp

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Re: Hi Tony l need your help with a few dreams
« Reply #1 on: July 03, 2013, 09:11:29 AM »
Well Mary - The first dream has a lot of signs of being about your birth and its difficulties.

The dream of the Miraculous Medal is remarkable, and as you say, you should worry that I am missing such an important message. There is no way I can give you the full message, except that you should ask fervently for all the graces offered. But you can receive the message for yourself if you work at it. Try http://dreamhawk.com/dream-dictionary/practical-techniques-for-understanding-your-dreams/ and http://dreamhawk.com/inner-life/clicking-on/

If you are a Catholic you must have done spiritual exercises and there ready you to receive the message of your dreams. The things given help in this.

Reiki – and great contact you make with a spiritual being can have this effect. Try the Virgins Prayer - With this in mind, God, Christ, the Holy Ghost and the Virgin Mary become definable forces with which we can consciously relate, in and through discipleship. The birth of Mary symbolises this change of heart, and the life of Mary shows what can come of it. Mary as an image of your own human situation represents the possibility of a virginal mind and feelings.  Put simply this means that we drop preconceptions, we melt away fixed opinions, rigid attitudes, perhaps through prayer, meditation or perseverance.

So many had gone up the mountain to that one desired encounter; only to be thwarted by the cloud that broods upon the summit, and hides from human eyes the Shining Light within. The great prophets, poets, and philosophers of the antique world - all these had gone up, all had marked classic moments in the ascent of the race. Then came a little girl, pure, meek, and receptive: and ran easily to her destiny and the destiny of the universe because she was ‘full of grace.’ She held out her heart to the Invisible and in this act flung a bridge across the chasm that separates Illusion from Reality. Mary becomes by this circumstance the type and pattern of each human soul. Consciously or unconsciously, all are candidates for her high office. All, truly can become the mothers of God. (Published by Watkins – See http://www.evelynunderhill.org).

So the virgin posture of the soul is an attempt to bring about an inner state, an inner feeling of fertility and love towards your invisible and unknown potential - purity from preconceived ideas - the offering of your whole being as material for your potential to use in creating a new self - the act of supplication in which you let go of your thoughts, emotions and body, so they can be played upon as a piano or organ by Life. There should arise a feeling of warmth toward and desire for the unseen Life, openness to any possibility Life may have in store for you, good or bad, allied with trust. If you have a temperament capable of this, then make it an act of love, a real devotion, approaching ones darling.

When you manage to let go of what you think God or Life is, what you believe yourself to be, or what you are convinced is so about yourself and the world, then you are ready to receive something new.  Then, that divine conception can take place in you that enables the spiritual (that which exists beyond the barriers and boundaries of your own ego) to gain a foothold in you.  Then you become pregnant with new life and eventually give birth to the More of yourself in the way you live and act. This conception and the following birth will become known to you in some way.  It will be felt, or maybe shown to you in a dream. 

The last dream shows how you are walking the narrow path to realisation. The man who walks by you is probably the Master who literally takes your strength away. Very often when we meet in this way we fall over or feel struck down as tremendous changes tale place deep within you. It is not an easy path you have chosen, but it is a way we must all tread eventually.