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Author Topic: Unusual Tsunami Dream  (Read 6800 times)


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Unusual Tsunami Dream
« on: September 28, 2013, 03:33:46 PM »
Apologies that my first post should be a request for a possible interpretation. I have read through this wonderful site trying to get an idea, and although the tsunami element is very common, there are parts that have totally baffled me. Like many people, I have a variety of regular dreams, most of which can be simply explained away. However, this one has left quite a mark as it feels like it should be important somehow.

For information I am married and have a young son and dog.

Any feedback would be very much appreciated. Thank you.

The dream

I was either living or staying at my parents house in a coastal town high up on the cliffs. The house and town looked like nothing I had ever seen before, although in my dream it was known, and home. I can not say which country, although I live in England and the town resembled the sort you would find in Cornwall/south-west of the country where the houses are close together with small or no gardens. The house itself was old, and messy. It was dated, dark, with lots of old furniture, and cardboard boxes and paper strewn about. It looked like a house where the previous occupants had passed away and was in the process of being renovated.

It was an intensely sunny, calm day when I walked out of the back of the garden-less house and onto a concrete path that led to the top of some really high concrete steps that led to the beach. To my puzzlement I saw two penguins at the top of the steps looking dazed and confused (I knew these penguins were not native to wherever I lived). I approached them and stroked their heads. I then attempted to usher them back towards the sea when I noticed the sea had swelled in height and in the distance I could see some huge waves making their way towards the town. I turned to run back inside to warn everyone and felt a sensation of being held back. I managed to make it inside and shouted to everyone that a tidal wave was coming and that we should run upstairs. Some listened but my dad and sister were unconcerned and just kept busying themselves downstairs. Also, neighbours, who we could see through some partial demolition work they had done, were busy doing something with a fuse box and electrical wiring. They had a very young boy doing some of this wiring and I told them it was dangerous, but they did not listen and carried on regardless.

The waters rushed through the town and I remembered our dog was outside. We decided it was not safe to try and get him. All the while my dad and sister would not listen to my pleas to go upstairs. Nobody was screaming or panicking. We then saw our dog through a gap in some wooden garage type doors in the house – he was trying to stay afloat in chest high water. Oddly no water got through the gaps. Someone opened the doors to get him in. Although I wanted to save him I was worried the water would force its way in and we would all be drowned. However, we managed to pull him in and push the doors shut. I checked him for injuries and he was fine, and strangely - dry.

Everything went against the laws of physics. No windows were smashed, buildings damaged, water did not get into the house.

Upstairs, instead of bedrooms and a bathroom, there was a make-shift coffee shop, with a phone booth made from draped sheets in it, and a gap in the floor where I could see the boy doing the wiring (I warned them again about the dangers, to no avail). The phone booth was something I used apparently, to receive phone calls from MI5. I do not remember what these calls were about, and don't think I was especially well paid for whatever it was I did. I started having a conversation with a stranger, a man, about this phone booth, saying how I was thinking of doing something else, when he thought I should stick with it.

Eventually my dad and sister joined us upstairs, and then I woke up.


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Re: Unusual Tsunami Dream
« Reply #1 on: September 29, 2013, 10:30:17 AM »
Jayney - I think a clue to the whole dream is that you are an MI5 agent – a secret agent - also that you are advised to carry on with your work.

This suggests that your interest in dreams and therefore your inner life is the work you are doing. You cannot remember what the calls from MI5 were about because you haven’t yet learnt to click on your dream images. See http://dreamhawk.com/inner-life/inner-world/  and http://dreamhawk.com/inner-life/clicking-on/

The strange new home that was your parent’s home is a way of saying that you are in touch with the lessons and habits you got from your parents influence in your life. The small or no garden suggests that so far you have not done a great deal of inner work on yourself. And then the rising waters are a powerful sign that your inner world is not waiting for you to discover it, it is entering your life anyway – but not dangerously. So you do not need to shout about it – remember you are a secret agent.

Everything went against the laws of physics. No windows were smashed, buildings damaged, water did not get into the house. This is true of the inner world you are meeting. People are very confused about the difference between their waking life and their dream life. They believe that what they dream is the same as what they meet in waking life. So a dream like the following is an example of this.
I just had a dream about an older lady sitting in one of my bed rooms here and it looked like her child was smoking in my house I was livid!! I asked her to leave my home and she said no she was invited. I got so angry I escorted her and the child out. What does this mean?
The woman who dreamt it was sure the old lady was a real outer character and wanted to get her out of her house. But a house in dreams is oneself, and the old lady is a projected part of her. See http://dreamhawk.com/dream-encyclopedia/characters-or-people-in-dreams/ and http://dreamhawk.com/dream-encyclopedia/questions-2/#Summing

Most of us interiorise our morals and beliefs into our dream life. In other words we take as a truth that what is important outwardly is as important inwardly. In other words you are as upset by a dream as if it had actually happened in waking life. Such mistakes make us feel things that are ridiculous.

This happens with the morals we live with/by and may be necessary in waking life, we try to make them fit to our much bigger and freer dream/inner life and that causes conflict because the two worlds which are completely different.
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Re: Unusual Tsunami Dream
« Reply #2 on: September 29, 2013, 08:58:08 PM »

Thank you so much for your interpretation. It is very kind of you to share your time and extensive knowledge. This is all very interesting and I shall look forward to what I hope will become a new journey of discovery. My little boy is asleep now so I will read through the links you have provided.

Thank you again. x


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Re: Unusual Tsunami Dream
« Reply #3 on: October 27, 2013, 05:45:33 AM »
I too have had epic vivid dreams about tsunamis and other natural disasters: earthquakes, volcanos and also man made disasters such as plane crashes and sinking boats, falling buildings, etc
In my dreams though its very real and things are destroyed as they would be in real life, my dreams are about surviving and escaping, usually I am one of only a few survivors and we narrowly escape death but are surrounded by devastation. It is possible that I watched far too many 70's disaster movies as a child and combined with my extreme visual memory and having read and seen a lot of footage of these terrible events that happen in the world, I would put it down to me having some kind of morbid fascination with the details of what happens during these events, as well as an intense fear of violent death... but the fact that I am on a mission to survive against all the odds in these dreams, well I don't think that is difficult to figure out, I don't think there is much hidden meaning in that, more that it represents my struggles to survive things that have happened in my life.  I am enjoying reading about everyone's dreams here!