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Author Topic: The bathroom, the gas man & the bus  (Read 2462 times)


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The bathroom, the gas man & the bus
« on: October 17, 2013, 03:45:06 PM »
I woke from having a lie in and went into the bathroom only to find lots of electrical wires hanging down from the ceiling some of which were from a smoke alarm.  Assuming that my boyfriend had for some unknown reason done this before he went to work, I started writing him a text to ask him what on earth he'd done but was interrupted by a man in a fluorescent yellow jacket.  He was the one who had pulled the wiring out, he had been sent by the gas company to service the boiler and hadn't realised that anyone was home.  I thought his claim a little odd since my boyfriend had left the television in the bedroom on when he left for work so surely the gas man would have heard it?  Realising that I was naked from the waist up I grabbed a pillow to cover myself whilst we continued talking.  He talked about the specifications of the boiler which all sounded legitimate but I still felt uneasy that he had entered my home without my knowledge.  I asked how he got into my house without my letting him in and he said that when the houses in our street were built, the property developer had consulted with them to allow them access to carry out maintenance on the properties.  Feeling a little suspicious I pointed out that shortly after moving into the house I had had the locks changed.  He brushed the issue aside saying that changing the locks didn't really achieve anything but I disagreed with him telling him of one of my neighbours hadn't changed the locks after moving in and shortly after was burgled by the previous owner.  Despite being uncomfortable with his presence in my house I decided to catch the bus into the city centre.  Whilst walking to the bus stop I felt more and more nervous about the gas man, chastising myself for having not asked for ID to prove he was from the gas company.  In an attempt to alleviate my concerns I sent him a text asking that he let me know once he had completed servicing the boiler.  By this time I was over the road from the bus stop and saw that two buses were approaching.  I was a little confused by one of them as it was a different number to the buses that normally service that route.  One of the buses pulled in and I hurried across the road thinking the girl who was waiting for the other one would hold it for me until I got there.  As I approached the bus stop I rummaged around in my pockets and realised that I didn't have my bus pass with me and would have to go home to get it.  In the meantime the second bus, rather than pulling up behind the other bus at the stop to pick up the girl, carried on past leaving her behind.

I can't really put my finger on why but I've felt very uneasy about this dream all day.  It could be something as simple as the residual feeling of uneasiness from the dream itself, that being said, I only usually remember dreams in this much detail if they are trying to tell me something.  Normally I can figure out what the gist of the message is but this one is a little more elusive.  Any thoughts or suggestions would be greatly received.

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Re: The bathroom, the gas man & the bus
« Reply #1 on: October 20, 2013, 10:32:58 AM »
FebruaryGirl – Two things are wrong here. The fire alarm has been tampered with, and then you miss the bus.

The first is that an alarm within you is not working, and the second is a missed opportunity. So it could be that someone, the strange guy, is getting into you in some way to mess you up. So it is worth seeing if you can define what the guy represents. See http://dreamhawk.com/dream-encyclopedia/characters-or-people-in-dreams/

The thing is you leave yourself open for more actions to take place in you - your house. So guard against wrong thinking or a smooth talker.