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Author Topic: Large purple snake... I had this same dream last night.  (Read 16743 times)


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Large purple snake... I had this same dream last night.
« on: January 09, 2011, 11:15:39 PM »
Hello, I am new here. I found this sight due to a very powerful dream I had the other night. I have been trying to search for the meaning of this very powerful dream for days now. I will post it here and i hope it is the right spot to do so. Also I hope that someone will have some insight for me on this dream. I have had many powerful dreams before but non this intense. This dream had so many odd details like north, south, east, west and so on. This dream has been powerful enough that I have been thinking about it constantly for days now racking my brain trying to find the meaning. Any help would be appreciated!

   I am in California, there is a war between scientists and there is a panic chaotic feeling. I am standing in a long white hallway with scientist moving frantically through the hallways and rooms. Two men bump into me, I know them both. The one man had a syringe full of a solution held to the other man’s throat. The man started taking him into a room at the end of the hallway. Right as the door was starting to shut the man being held hostage made eye contact with me. At that moment a memory ran through my mind that I had been in the same situation as the man being held hostage only it was the man who was holding him hostage that saved me, I felt betrayed and I knew I had to help him. As soon as the door shut I knew I had to run to the allies to let them know what has happened and that we had been betrayed.

   As I exited the building I was on top of a large hill, it was mid-day and looking out I saw a lot of greenery all around, the ocean off in the distance, and a city below. As I looked down I noticed that I was wearing an all-black police officer outfit. I started to run past enemy men standing guard outside of the science center. The men looked like barbarians dressed in a loin cloth and holding clubs. None of them paid any attention to me, I felt as if we were on mutual ground. I started running down the center of a windy street; the street curved and started heading north toward the center of the valley.

   I see an intersection up ahead, as I drew closer the street started filling up with people riding bikes. I thought it was odd that there were no cars anywhere. I ran right into a woman on a bike wearing a helmet. I continued running by this time I was in the center of the intersection. The amount of people turned into a large crowd going every direction and a feeling of panic was in the air. I started pushing my way through the intersection; I knew I was in a hurry to get to where I was going so I yelled, “police, out of my way!” As I yelled this I knew it was a lie because although I looked like an officer I knew that I wasn’t really.

    While in the center of this intersection I looked to my left and somehow I knew I was looking west. I saw a strait street lined with houses all the way to the ocean.  I looked to my right and saw a gradual downward sloping straight street lined with houses with mountains off in the distance. Both of these streets were crowed with people going every which way. There were no people on the street I had just come from and no people on the one I was going on. I knew I needed to continue heading north, I could see the apartment building I was trying to get to on the left side of the street. As I ran through the intersection the street instantly went up an incredibly steep hill, I did not want to go but I knew I had to. As soon as I started running up this street I was aware that I was being chased by something. When I was half way to the building I was out of breath, I put my hand on my chest trying to catch my breath, my legs were burning, but I knew if I stopped I would die. I looked behind me and on the street heading west to east was flooding with very fast moving water. People were panicking and being swiped away in this very fast current of water that was rising.

   I arrived at the building and quickly entered as I looked back I realized that it was a HUGE purple snake chasing me. I took to the stairs and ran up many floors until I reach to top. I entered into a very small bright white room with a bathroom sink to my left and a few steps away there was a small bed with a window wrapping around it, with one small window opened to the side. All of the furniture in this room was white. There was a mirror mounted on the wall above the sink and above the mirror was a row of very bright round light bulbs. As I looked out the window I saw the ocean had risen up so high that the street was gone, all I could see was the top of houses and tall buildings. It was evening time and the sun was starting to set, causing the sky to become a bright orange and yellows.

      I turned towards the doorway and saw the snake’s enormous head. I feel back and landed on my back and started kicking the snakes head as he was snapping at me. I keep kicking until his head was in the entryway but there was no door. I grabbed a large purple cloth and put it in the doorway in hopes it would stop the snake. But he broke through. Sitting on the bathroom counter was Ciera’s (my daughter) 2,000 degree curling iron and it was turned on. I grabbed it and as soon as the snake opened its mouth to snap at me I plunged it into its mouth. It recoiled for a min shaking its head. Then a door appeared and I slammed it shut. I was still on the floor on my back and the snakes head and upper body came through the crack at the bottom of the door, I could not understand how its head could have fit. I continued ramming the curling iron into the snake’s head burning him every time and kicking.

    I climbed up onto the bed and looked out the open window the water had risen to just a few feet below the apartment. I could no longer see any land, houses, trees, or buildings. There were thousands of people in the water panicking splashing water everywhere trying not to drown. The thought came to me that I could jump out and land in the water. But I envisioned the snake coming after me, I knew that if I jumped the snake would pull me down in the water and I would die. I knew I had no choice but to fight him off. I turned around to see the snake lifting up its upper body looking out the window as well. I then heard Shannon (my younger sister) call my name. I looked out the window to my right and Shannon was holding onto the side of the building clutching her baby and a black little boy I had never seen before. I turned to look at the snake and made eye contact. At that moment I felt an understanding with the snake and knew that we both had a greater mission to complete than trying to kill each other.  Telepathically the snake told me to save my sister and that he will go and try to stop what is happening. The snake turned and left.

         I pulled Shannon through the window and as soon as I did the apartment broke away. Where the door had been now had not wall so we could see everything in front of us. We were moving so fast threw the water towards the east, behind us was the beautiful colors of the sun setting in front of us looked gloomy and Grey. I was standing at the front of this room/vessel and I looked back to make sure Shannon and the kids were okay, I saw two more children, a baby boy and a little girl. I knew they were my children but they did not look like my children. I also sensed the presents of my two other daughters but saw no one.

      I did not know where the water was taking us. After traveling for some time there were only a few people in the water and the water started becoming calmer, shallower, and slower. It became shallow enough to see buildings again and continued to recede until we were traveling down a street.  As I looked around I saw other people floating on barges as well. We were all being funneled into a tunnel. I realized that very soon we were going to start crashing into things; I found that by pushing on one wall or the other I could slightly control the room enough not to crash into things.

    Before we entered this tunnel I looked up and we were passing under a bridge that had scaffolding allover it with people in rag clothing looking out at us. We entered a tunnel and on the sides of this tunnel were people who had set up tables and were selling things, by this time we were going slow enough that we could have gotten off but we continued on. It was dark but I could still see, as the river became narrower there was a man on my right side selling pencils to the barges passing by. Mystique (my daughter) was then there; she reached out and grabbed a pencil. The man grabbed Mystique’s ear ripping out her earring. I turned back at told her that no matter what happens we do not steal.

     There was a slight bend to the left and I could see bright light and green fields and trees at the end of this tunnel. The last table we passed was a woman selling jeweled bracelets. All three of my girls appeared and asked for one. I told them we had no money. I asked the lady if she had sold any today. She then said she had sold a few. I replied, I didn’t think anyone had any money left after the economy crash. She said that the girls could have one so they all exited the room to her shop. I stayed and continued on. I had a feeling that my children were safe and that I did not need to worry.

     The river dumped out into a large grassy green field where my room came to a stop. The water was pouring out of the tunnel but was dissolving into the grass. The grass was all pushed down and looked like a huge flood had already passed this area.  I jumped out and ran to the first person I saw. It was a man and I asked him, “what state are we in”, he did not answer, I shook his shoulders and said, “California has sunk into the ocean are we in Montana”? He said, “Didn’t you know, we don’t call them that anymore, we are in district three”. I then turned towards the room that had now turned into a tent. I started setting up the tent in this camp. I felt peace because I knew everything was going to be okay, this was a beautiful place with the sun shining over my head, causing everything to have a bright white huge. Surrounding the field were green lush trees. All around me were other families setting up camps. I started to feel a little worried about my husband because I had not seen him for a long time or know where he was, but I still knew everything was going to be okay.

Then I woke up
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Re: Large purple snake... I had this same dream last night.
« Reply #1 on: January 12, 2011, 01:13:08 PM »
Terraann – That is quite a dream, and I see from what happened in the dream you have already made quite a journey of growth in your life. Because there are so many aspects to your dream I might only gloss over some sequences.

The whole dream is about what you sense are the possibilities you may face in the future. The conflict with the scientists and the man with the syringe seems to represent a feeling you have about the present, and what has happened to you.  You had been injected with something that would make you passively accept the way things were. Injection usually points to something that has been put into you, such as ideas, viewpoints, education and propaganda. But something has woken you up to this – the economic crash – that you mention later.

Your rushing off and wanting to tell the ‘authorities’ is you period of waking up to what is happening around you in you waking life. It isn’t easy for you because there are so many opinions – people – pushing every which way. Nevertheless you feel it as am imperative to carry on. You are heading north – you are a creature of the northern hemisphere – so north is about difficult times. In Native American symbolism the North is said to be “The Black Road, The Rough Track of Trials.” So again it is suggesting that you are, or will, face trials. Therefore the suggestion is that you do not pull back from opposition or trials, but carry on the direction you feel you are impelled to go.

You are going up hill, a hard climb, and then you climb higher into the building. This shows you pushing against the odds, the growth that I mentioned in the beginning. You have covered a lot of ground – or will do – as you meet the events of that are coming.

Now the Purple Snake comes and you try all you can to avoid it. Now the snake is a much misunderstood image in dreams, and is usually one causing a lot of fear. Reptiles and Snakes in dreams are not some psychological symbol, but are an image, like on the computer screen that is just a link with an active and live principle. It is one of the three levels of your brain, the medulla, and is called the lizard brain. Neuroscientist Paul MacLean says we actually have three brains, the most primitive being the medulla. This part of our brain still deals with the same things it did in the lizard. Namely, flight and fight, reproduction, territory and ritual behaviour. I believe the lizard or snake in your dreams shows what is happening at this very basic, but very important level of your consciousness. This is why snakes and lizards are so often linked with sex. But they represent much more than that. They are also the wonder of the instinctive life in you trying forever to move toward survival, even if blindly. The snake and lizard represent the sexual, emotional and mental energy within. This energy, like electricity, can accomplish almost anything. In the home it can light a light, produce music or TV images, heat us or kill us. Your ‘snake’ energy can produce illness through being expressed as fear or terrible depression, or it can become amazing mental creativity and emotional pleasure, depending how you relate to it. So what is happening to the snake/lizard in your dreams shows what you are doing with your creative/destructive energy. Therefore being bitten by a snake depicts the emotional energy turned against yourself or someone else. 
The snake in your dream links with the rising ocean; and the rising ocean denotes a cosmic event, an event that threatens ordinary human awareness, and awareness that if it isn’t centred in the Life principle within us could be downed – as with Noah’s. That you came to terms with the snake shows your measure of growth and achievement, even though you were originally terrified. The snake is the personal meeting with the forces of Life and the Cosmos as it underlies our personal life. See Levels of the Mind. See also Prophetic Dream.

The snake communicates with you telepathically because it IS you, a powerful and amazing part of you. From the dream it seems as if your mission or destiny in the future it to care for children, and see them all as yours.

The sunset and other cosmic events are about the ending of a period in your life, and probably the ending of a period of human development. When you pass through a tunnel you are facing the darkest period, but passing through it okay – after all you have the power of the snake with you now. But you need to keep honest and act with care with other humans. And that brings you through to a very new experience of life. It is a new world after the old one was devastated – not necessarily by floods, but by a massive shift in human understanding that many would be ‘drowned’ by.

The end is that you will have to build your lives in a new way.

Keep the faith.