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Author Topic: Flooding...Dream theme?  (Read 5498 times)


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Flooding...Dream theme?
« on: January 17, 2011, 04:24:34 PM »
 This is the third dream I have had in the past two weeks about flooding and so on. Just like the last two they are very powerful and real. In all three of them the only person I know is my little sister.  Am I missing something important? Tony gave me great insight into the first dream that I posted. I am wondering if there is still something I am missing to keep have this dream theme. I do believe that some of our dreams have meaning and important insight and warnings into our lives. Until now I have never felt the need to look to far into the meanings of my dreams, but this dream "theme" I have been having this last two weeks is on my mind all through the day. I do not feel scared or necessarily panicked in my dreams. I mainly feel calm and acceptance about the situations I am in in these dreams. I just don't know why I keep having them! If anyone has any suggestions I would appreciate any feedback. Thank you!

I am in a California suburb; there is a feeling of panic in the air. It is dark outside and I am in a parking lot where cars have been abandoned in a state of panic. I hear a newborn baby crying and I and frantically searching the empty cars for the baby. I then hear another child crying in one of the abandoned cars. I open the back car door and quickly pull out the baby whose parents abandoned him, while trying to flee. I still hear the newborn crying somewhere but I cannot find it. It is lighter outside now and Shannon (my sister) pulls up in a very expensive fast car, she is hysterical. She is saying that we have to get out of here because the city is starting to flood; she says we have to drive as fast as we can before the flood comes. I put the baby in the back seat but feel worried about the newborn that I cannot find. I try to calm Shannon down. I tell her about the baby that I need to find. I tell her that the baby will die in the flood if we do not find it, but she does not care saying that many people are going to die in the flood and that we cannot go back to save one baby. I decide to convince her that I have to gather some things from my apartment that we need for our survival instead of pressing the need to find the infant.  She does not want to go back to the city because the city has already started flooding but you could still drive on the roads. She turns around but tells me that I only have 15 min before she will leave me. We are on top of a hill on an abandoned street. All the people that lived outside of the main city had fled to safety already. She turn’s the car around to head down towards the city. Shannon is still very upset and panicky she wants to get to safety and back to our families that were all already in safety. As we enter the city there are people all over the street, having a block party. None of them are worried because they do not believe the flood is going to come even though when you look in the distance you can see a large wall of water coming from the ocean in the distance. For some reason they do not believe the warning’s from others that they needed to evacuate the city to safety, they have the general attitude that there is nothing to worry about. I feel very calm and I know I need to leave the area but I also know I have enough time to go to my apartment and look for the baby.
I live in a high rise apartment overlooking the ocean. My whole apartment consists of one room which is a bedroom with windows surrounding the entire room. As I look out to the large serge of water coming I can’t help but notice how beautiful the sun set it. The sky was covered in vivid pink, orange, and yellows. I see a dark gray cloud coming down the street that has the most amount of people on it.  As it comes closer I can now see that it is a large tornado moving down the street sweeping up people as it goes. I leave the skyscraper and get back into Shannon’s car and we start driving away from the city. As we drive past the people they are no panicking about what to do but they are still refusing to leave. There is a large crack in the street before we start driving back up the hill; all of the water is flowing into this crack in the earth. The city behind now has thick dark clouds over the sky but on the other side of this crack is sunny and dry. There are no people in front of us. All houses, cars, and stores are abandoned. The city behind us is dark and hoards of people are wondering through the streets try to figure out what to do. The baby that is in our car and the other newborn that I cannot find are the only children left and I cannot stand the thought of leaving this little baby to die. Shannon will not turn around for me to go back one last time to try to find the baby, but I convince her too. This time as we enter the city the water comes to the top of the tires. I have to calm Shannon down letting her know that everything is going to be okay, we are not going to die, and that we have time to get out of the city. I run back up to my apartment and find the newborn crying on the floor. A feeling of relief rushes through me, I do not know this child but I am overjoyed for being able to find the baby. I get back into the car and know that we can leave the city behind us and we drive away. As we reach the top of the hill that we were originally started on we watch the city and all of the people in it sink into the ocean.

Tony Crisp

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Re: Flooding...Dream theme?
« Reply #1 on: January 18, 2011, 11:23:50 AM »
Dear Terraann – Wow, now we are moving on.

This is about not recognising the signs on the one hand – and in your case acting upon them.

I believe we are in a critical situation that if handle wisely will be okay – and it is not particularly about global warming, but about the whole ‘out of harmony with Life’ that many people in the world are in.

Your dream clearly says there is a difficult time coming, but there is time to act wisely. And the babies are tremendously important. Because you do not panic you can take the time to save these infants, who are the new people, the ones who will take up tools and use them well. In a sense they are aspects of you that you do not recognise. But you can hear them calling you for help and care if you listen. And I think you are listening otherwise you would not be taking notice of your dreams.

The flood is a great surge of influence – as with Noah’s ark – that is a power to change people, to change the way we live and the way we relate to life around us and within us. If they cannot change and adapt they will be swept away by the power of that change.

Be aware of panic. It is that which causes people to leave behind the hope for the future – the babies. It is the living influence of these in your life that will guide you to act appropriately. Listen to them and they will quickly mature.

If you understand the seriousness of this and listen for further guidance your dreams will change their character.

The crack that divides is important too. It shows how it is only a step away in the right direction to find a safer way in life. But without that step there can be darkness – a human darkness full of denying and living a life refusing to see the way that Life itself is going. If you can, see http://dreamhawk.com/dream-encyclopedia/prophetic-dream-coming-years/