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Author Topic: snow  (Read 5663 times)


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« on: February 12, 2011, 09:37:18 PM »
Hi Tony,
The site is great  :)!! I am keen to hear your insights on a dream I had somewhere around November ( before we had our stint of first heavy snow fall in the UK)

May be 2-3 weeks before the first snow fall in Nov I had a dream: I was looking out of the bed room window (which faces the back yard of the house) and it was full of new snow. it was a beautiful sight white smooth new snow and i could see a flat empty  land scape for miles covered with snow. ( It was like a picture postcard) I was thinking to myself in the dream that this year we are having a early snow fall' (and strange enough we experienced it in real life just a few weeks later!) In the same dream then I was looking out from the sitting room window (which faces the front yard)  and I saw all my neighbors out and looked as if they were cleaning and digging their front yards. the strange thing was there was no snow but dark red- brown soil ( the type of soil that is fertile) so i was then thinking in the same dream that ' the neighbors may have clean up all the snow'!!

( I meant to write to you earlier about this dream but somehow I never got around to it until today!!)

It was a strange dream. Looking forward to hear your insights.


Tony Crisp

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Re: snow
« Reply #1 on: February 16, 2011, 12:28:46 PM »
Adr – Your dream starts with a positive sense of beauty and well-being. And then that it was a prediction of the future suggests that what follows is also important.

But although beautiful it was a frozen world, and you could as the song says, β€œOn a clear day I can see forever.”

So overall I feel that at first the snow scene depicts your feelings of expansiveness and clear vision. This suggests you have an inner world that is not clouded with conflicts and difficulties. But it is winter, so a new season with follow. And somehow it looks as if you are in process of transformation, because behind you is the snow, and in front of you is a transformed world, a situation where the snow is cleared and the ground is getting ready for the new.

So ask yourself what do I sense from my far reaching vision that will be a transformation?