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Author Topic: restaurant, sallad buffee, eating directly, african  (Read 6159 times)


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restaurant, sallad buffee, eating directly, african
« on: February 15, 2011, 09:44:46 PM »
I am at a quite big restaurant serving perhaps lunch buffet, it's on the second level of a big building. I'm taking food directly from the pots into only a spoon (like I do with a spoon when I'm eating from a plate), and finish by going to the sauce which is served far away from all the other food, there I have trouble getting the full dripping spoon into my mouth, but it comes there anyway with some effort. I go once again and make another spoon of the same kind, like it is the way I eat my meal there.

suddenly i stand by a fantastic salad buffet, i have a quite small plate, the table is round and in the opposite of me is two or three African women behind the salads, it is all lovely green, I have the feeling the salad ingredients origin from African vegetables. I'm not really tall enough for the table, I reach just to see all the nice salads in height of my head and I stretch to reach the things I want. Beside me is a tall man, and also like me a small woman, all three of us see a huge lovely bowl with beans, green and shaped with three corners, the bowl is overfilled. The man put his head down the bowl and eat directly, I start to laugh loudly and reach for some beans and put inside his shirt by his neck, and I'm very amused by the situation.