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Author Topic: Story Dreams  (Read 7635 times)


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Story Dreams
« on: February 20, 2011, 04:53:15 AM »
I have such dreams every now and then. The dream seems to be like a continues story. I see people I know, some times people I have never seen, places etc , it goes on like never ending and I feel to sleep more and see what finally happens. The surprising part of my dreams is, after many days(sometimes early, mostly many days) I have dreamed, while I was in my regular routine, I go through few consequences which while I was having in my real life, I feel like I have already seen this consequence or I have already lived this part of my life. Some time I say to anyone beside me about what may happen(i have/i feel already in my dream) in next moment. But most of the times it doesn't happen. But many times it happen if I don't say to other person. Do not know why??

Here is a strange dream I just got few minutes before...

One more thing to mention you before I start, I just from one to another scene without any connection between two scenes. This is because I had the same kind of dream (80%) or may be I forgot after I woke up(20%).

I am in my home, talking to my mom and sister. And i was looking at my niece, who's younger than me, then some home stuff etc etc.... I came out of home and sat down on the floor leaning to one of the walls of my home. If I could clearly remember that home is not mine, but its my grand mothers home.
Then I was travelling with my friends in a car. there are already 5 people inside the car. I am standing between the driver and front passenger. i was scolding the driver(also my friend- not soo thick friend) to drive carefully and at last we stopped atone building. Soon when we stopped the car and opened the door, I saw some  fiercefull dogs running towards us barking. I asked my friend to close the doors as there are many dogs running towards us. Though my friends didn't listen to me early, they came to know that these dogs are really fierce and closed the door partly.
I saw a lady throwing stones on dogs and trying to scare them off. I saw a dog biting an  another dog. Then in front of me, as I saw a dog biting another dog, I thought its a casual fight between them but...... But I saw that one dog which got bitten is not actually BITTEN but its EATEN. I stepped back slowly and calmly after noticing that, its not a dog which bit the another dog, but its a TIGERRRRRR.... T I G E R ......  I came inside the car asked all of them to notice clearly, the tail, the strips, the fur on its spine and the mouth... everyone inside got scaredd and this time every one closed the doors real tight.
I asked them to go slowly around the building and take the road and go away. My friend did that, but instead of taking the road(there's no road I can see) he took one round around the building. when he stopped at one side of the building we felt we can no longer stay in car and so thought of going into the building. Now still we can see the tiger which had eaten off the dog and looking for its next meal.
We went inside and informed everyone about the tiger. Its a hospital, has very small small rooms. Most of the rooms tops are not covered. Everyone are trying to close themselves with what ever they can. I was into one of the toilets, then I saw a Lady almost with tears in eyes, seemed liked drunken came before me. She was to use the toilet (peeee).... She know that there tiger coming behind me and I am trying to cover. So she said me "you don't have to do this" she peeed outside the door and came inside and helped me close the doors with the broken doors around. Though we hurried up, we know that we are already late and a part of us is almost visible. So I sat down, leaning to the corners, she is also very much close to me, em-brassed me, hugging me tight and I covered some thing over us. We got our breaths stuck cause of fear. The tiger came, its right above me. The lady saw its body above me. Its tail just went above me and I closed my eyes off fear.

When I opened my eyes I saw this lady before me hugging me tight, where we slowly kissed each other slowly, with her tongue inside me... and we for a while felt that we are in ellsium(heaven). She hugged me tight and is kissing me while I was trying to capture the situation by holding all her body so close, that nothing covers our skins. In that wonderful situation, I suddenly saw the extream  fear in the ladys eyes, and body shivering. I asked her through my eye signs "what?".. she pointed her eyebrows to show upwards. While I was trying to see up, I saw the TIGER's tail just touching my forehead.. and its above us...... Though it didn't see us, its anytime, any moment, it can see us.......... I was soo tensed, and suddenly some one opened the door............

its not the toilet room door... its my bedroom door. My friend woke me up to have breakfast... this is in real life....

I had anger, party, fear, running for life, meeting someone whom I can kiss, almost had romance, still the danger is on.... lost contact to the dream... TIGER played main part in here.....

what does this say/mean??

Tony Crisp

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Re: Story Dreams
« Reply #1 on: February 21, 2011, 11:08:24 AM »
Bigfreeze – I believe the dream is a way you deal with your powerful needs for love and kisses. But it is difficult, and you have a lot of anxiety around being free enough to allow the wonderful pleasure. It is a pleasure born of fear and tension. The angry dogs fighting are your own natural urges in conflict. Conflict because you passionately want to be held and kissed by a woman, and yet the tiger is your fear of allowing it. It could be at the risk of attack.

The business about the toilet says that you see this as a most dangerous thing, and also somewhat dirty, and yet it is wonderful.

I do not know what your circumstances are, but it would be good if you could allow yourself freedom in your dreams to do whatever you want, even though in waking life it could be awful.