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Author Topic: i need an interpretation of this dream i had of my exbf  (Read 3087 times)


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i need an interpretation of this dream i had of my exbf
« on: March 07, 2011, 06:31:00 PM »
ok so he broke up with me 2 days before valentines day this year. im assuming he left me for someone else, but anyways we haven't spoken to each other ever since then. this coming saturday it will be exactly one month since the break up. anyways, last week i had a dream about him for the first time.

in the dream it looked like we were at a show/concert or something. i dont know if we even came together. anyways, he was sitting next to me and wasnt saying anything. he could barely even look at me. i couldnt tell if there was something he wanted to get off his chest, but couldnt. therefore he just sat there. then me on the other hand...i felt so awkward being in his presence i think i just got up and left him there. i dont remember if he got up to follow me or anything. i dont remember where i went. this is all can remember.

how can you interpret this dream?

Tony Crisp

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Re: i need an interpretation of this dream i had of my exbf
« Reply #1 on: March 09, 2011, 12:36:04 PM »
Carameldelites – I believe this is a clear example of you not facing up to the effects of the breakup.

Of course it wasn’t him in your dream. It would be very unusual even if you took your feelings and thoughts about him while awake as being him. They are only representations of what you feel about him and what you think about him – they are NEVER him.

I know that is a big one for many people to take in, but if you find it difficult to believe get a book about the brain and our feelings and thoughts.

So, what you dreamt about was your feelings about the breakup, and he was the incarnation of that, the image you used to meet those feelings. That is clear in the dream isn’t it? So you couldn't even feel comfortable about being near to those feelings.

If you cannot meet those feelings they will live on in you and completely mess up future relationships – like ghosts that will haunt you. So please imagine yourself back in the dream and do whatever will release you from those feelings. Shout, rave, kick him, whatever it is you need to do to be free.