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Author Topic: a red dress and grandmothers.  (Read 5438 times)


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a red dress and grandmothers.
« on: March 06, 2011, 09:58:54 PM »
I recently dreamt of myself willingly being involved in a really scary graphic situation, although I cannot remember any of this part. Afterwards I was in a store and saw an old friend from highschool modeling and dancing in a long red dress. I went up to hug her and she dodged me a few times before I realized she was backing away. She told me no one was supposed to touch the dress because she was modeling it for the store. I ran into my grandma and great grandmother (who are both dead) at the same store. I am getting married in a couple weeks and my great grandmother asked if it was going to be warm at the wedding because in the dream I guess it was going to take place outside. She said she wouldn’t be able to go if it was too cold. I told her there would be a cushion and blanket on every chair and we’d play lots of fun games. This reassured her. I am very confused about this dream.
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Re: a red dress and grandmothers.
« Reply #1 on: March 11, 2011, 10:31:57 AM »
Alisoni – I would like to have known what character the friend had that was modelling the red dress. Whoever we choose to put in our dreams is very carefully chosen, because they are aspects of your own self that are acting out in the dream. So if your friend, as you remember her was a very quiet girl it would suggest one thing; but as she was in a red dress and modelling it, I would suggest that she was someone who liked the bright lights.

Therefore, even without those associations, the red dress suggests you had a dream of your wedding being a very sensuous and glamorous affair. But your dream seems to be saying, “Keep your hands of this! Do not go in that direction.”

The direction it seems to be suggesting is the realisation that marriage is a family affair, and your ancestors need to be honoured in some way. They want it to be a warm thing, with acknowledgement of their honoured place in you life. And in the dream you do this.

So blessings on your marriage. And remember that the DreamHawk is ever watching and caring.