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Author Topic: Frog in Window  (Read 2626 times)


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Frog in Window
« on: March 20, 2011, 08:31:36 AM »
I dreamt I was resting in my bedroom when I noticed a big green frog in the window.  It was high up near the top of the window, as if it had suction cups attaching it there.  I noticed I didn't seem too concerned with it's presense.  Other than noticingthat it was unusual and unexpected to have a frog in my window.  I felt no desire to get up and remove it or freak out.  I'm not sure what the frog represents, other than an unusual sight.  I suppose I associate frogs as creatures from a swampy, creepy, slimy environment.  Yet, in the dream I didn't react to it like that.  I didn't feel much of anything actually.  Quite apathetic.  I just noticed it.  I knew it was a frog. I knew what kind of environment frogs came from, but I didn't feel it was icky enough to get up and leave, runaway, or remove it.  I just noticed it and turned my attention elsewhere.  Then when my mother entered the room I told her there was a frog in the window.  I had to repeat myself a couple of times.  When she finally got it, saw it, she freaked out.  She was very disturbed by it's presense.  She wanted to kill/remove it.  I observed her reaction to it.  I saw her behavior, frantic, freaking out.  I noticed I didn't mind the creature's presense.  Not enough to remove it or hurt it.  Then I wondered if I should be reacting like my mother afterall. If she's this upset maybe its warranted? ?  Are frogs a threat to us?  I rack my brain. Perhaps they carry disease??  I don't feel threatened by this creature at all.  I realise if I just sit there silently doing nothing but passively observing, my mother will kill/injure the frog.  She was flipping out and couldn't think or speak or focus on anything but getting rid of that frog.  My primary feeling was a lack of feeling.  At any rate, I didn't feel enough of anything to warrant removing the frog right away.  My secondary feeling was to wonder if I should be feeling as reactionary as my mother.  Then I was concerned she might kill the frog in her desparate all ocnsuming need to remove it from our environment.

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Re: Frog in Window
« Reply #1 on: March 24, 2011, 12:46:35 PM »
Horizon – It sounds as if there is a big difference between your mothers reaction than yours. And if this is true in real life it illustrates a big difference in you and your mother. But it is also about the influence she has on you.

Notice the difference between these statements from a previous dreamer: “and my father was there at the door and he was upset that I had a horse and wanted to put it in the yard.  I got very mad and told my father off. I told my father to flatten the wire and cut holes in the fence so the horse could jump through if it wanted to. Suddenly it was done and I put the horse in the field and it ran happily around and jumped through the holes but then stayed inside the area content.”

You are still wondering what to do, and are concerned your mother might kill the frog. To quote from Dream Dictionary, “Modern humans face the difficulty of developing an independent identity and yet keeping a working relationship with the primitive or fundamental parts of their nature, thus maturing and bringing the primitive into an efficiently functioning connection with the present social world. The survival urge at base might be kill or run, but it can be transformed into the ambition that helps an opera singer meet difficulties in career.”

That is true of the frog, and here I more about the frog: The deeply unconscious psychobiological life processes, that transformed us from a tadpole/sperm, into an air breathing frog/adult - therefore the process of life in general and its wisdom. The enormous information such symbols hold if we explore them gives them their power; meeting with what we find difficult or repulsive in life and ourselves, that if we can accept transforms into personal potential and power - the frog into the prince story. It is often a form of love that transforms the dark sides of oneself, the toad or beast, into something that is life enhancing; sub-personality, an aspect of ones character that is usually unconscious, but occasionally shows itself in behaviour.

So I would remain firm in keeping the frog and stopping your mother – in any way – to harm it.