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Author Topic: wedding dream  (Read 2638 times)


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wedding dream
« on: March 22, 2011, 04:40:50 AM »
I suppose I should title this dream "Feeling Unprepared for Wedding."  There was a girl in the dream (she may have been my friend? She was associated with me in some manner, and what I remembered most was her hand as she showed me her engagement ring.  It was exactly the kind of ring I found perfect; small, round, delicate.  I told her so. 
There were two weddings in this dream, and I was supposed to attend them both.  I'm not sure who's weddings they were, just that my presence was required, so I must have known them on some level.  But in the dream I'm not entirely conscious of who's wedding it was.  I just felt the pressure of being wanted there, if I didn't show I'd let people down.  One of the weddings felt like it was for a friend. The other wedding was a royal wedding, a big occasion for high society, a princess was getting married.  For both of these weddings I feel a reluctance to attend because I have NO IDEA what to get them as gifts.  I feel I have nothing to give.   I don't want to show up without a proper gift.  In my mind, it would be better not to show up at all rather than show up with a pathetic gift. 
I'm in what appears to be a convience store with a friend, desparately searching the environment for a wedding gift.  But it's a conveinence store.  Of course there is nothing proper here.  I scan the aisles and there's nothing but cheap candy.  "There's nothing here.  I'm not going."  The friend on my left grabs some tomato sauce from the shelf and mixes it with various other items from the store; raisins, goji berries, etc. She starts mixing and stirring right there in the aisle and comes up with this fantastic sauce.  I don't initially go for this and ask "What are you doing?"  Then I get a flash of someone praising this sauce as "The best sauce I've ever tasted!" So my friend did what I couldn't do, which is forge ahead with what was available, mix and match, and make it do.  In my mind I'm thinking "Homemade tomato sauce?? As a wedding gift???" 
Next thing I know a call is sent out and I'm scurried along into another room for the royal wedding.  It's to be a public wedding.  A parade with the bride/princess will arrive shortly.  In the meantime I'm waiting in a room packed with people who are awaiting and preparing for the royal arrival. 

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Re: wedding dream
« Reply #1 on: March 28, 2011, 10:24:57 AM »
Horizen - I think, when you get to the event happening, you will see that you are the one being married.

Marriage in dreams is usually about finding and merging with your soul mate – in other words the spiritual marriage between your waking self and the real you beyond all the barriers of your body. But of course it takes time because there are things needed of you. In this case a special gift, something homemade and not commercial – like most weddings and gifts.

As I said, you will realise you are the princess as, “I'm not entirely conscious of whose wedding it was”.

Such dreams usually go in a series, and if you keep a record of your dreams you will see this theme emerging again. But sometimes it takes years before you are ready for the next step.