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Author Topic: Two Pathways  (Read 2762 times)


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Two Pathways
« on: March 27, 2011, 09:21:37 PM »
Dreamt I was lingering outside.  It must have been dusk or late at night, perhaps early in the morning, because it was darkish, grey.  It didn't appear to be daytime.  I could sense I was near the ocean so I meandered over to the beach.  I walked to the shore.  There were some other young people around, like there usually is at the beach, regardless of time of day, but I didn't have much to do with them, other than notice their presense. I wanted to reach the point where the water meets the sand.  To get as close to that as possible.  Yet, when a stronger than expected wave rolled in, it pushed the water forward, strongly creeping up to my feet---and I trotted away.  I wasn't truly afraid, but I had the urge to get to higher ground in case this was some kind of portend of dangerous, unexpected situations to come.  Maybe I had the tsunami in the back of my mind.  I didn't want to get overtaken by anything that would suck me out into an environment I wouldn't be able to escape.  I guess I was afraid there was the possability I might get drawn out into a situation where I'd be powerless.  So I walked quickly back up to higher ground.  I wanted to reach a place where I'd be safe in case anything did happen.  I go up the beach, up farther away.  I almost reach a man-made structure, I wouldn't quite call it a building.  There were two different structures, side by side.  Each had there own door.  I was about to rush ahead to go through one of them, as this was the only way to progress further.  Just as I was about to do this, a radio/announcer man suddenly emerged from someplace, and he too was going to go up.  The only way was through one of these structures.  He opens the one on my right and asks if I want to go up there with him.  He begins to enter the structure.  It turns out to be a narrow (very narrow) white hallway that goes up almost vertically.  I peer in and he's already half way up.  It is so cramped and narrow he has to squeeze and position himself carefully to progress through thenarrow light colored walls.  It looks claustraphobic.  It reminded me of the scene in star wars where they're just about to be crushed by the garbadge walls.  Of course, these walls aren't moving.  The radio guy asks again if I'd like to go up this way, as it is a more direct route.  It goes straight up.  Yet, the cramped narrow nature makes me decline.  I choose the other door.  When I open it and go inside it turns out to be a corridor with stables and horses on the right.  There is also another man ahead of me in this hallway, I'm not sure if it is the same man or another man.  But he too is ahead of me and sort of encouraging me to progress.  This structure didn't go vertically up to higher ground like the other.  It was wider, more spacious, and seemed to incline slightly upwards.  Not a dramatic ascent.  A gradual incline.  But to cross to the other side, to get to higher ground on the other side, I have to walk past all these giant horses.  I love horses.  But these are horses I don't know, and they're heads are HUGE.  In real life I do think horse's faces are beautiful and I admire them.  But here it was a little bit scary.  Not terribly so, just I was wary as they seems so big and they were in my face.  Yes, one of the horses, which I liked, and gave a friendly pat on the face to, began to follow me and put his face up in my face.  I liked this horse, thought he was beautiful, but I had just wanted to admire it from a safe distance and move on.  So I was a bit wary as this huge animal face got up in my face and moved along with me as I walked to get tothe other side.  I hoped the other horses wouldstay in their stables and not do the same because that would be really unerving to have serveral large strong, strange animals crowding around me.  The walk to the other side was done with this silent prayer.  "Please, please let me get to the other side safely. PEASE keep these other horses where they are. Stay back, stay where you are..."  Sure enought the only horse that followed me was the original one, and it was okay. I got to the other side, opened the door and walked out to the sun shining.

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Re: Two Pathways
« Reply #1 on: March 30, 2011, 09:49:40 AM »
Horizen – The sea, the beach, the waves – a wonderful opportunity that you retreated from through feel of being powerless. But when are we ever in power? Look around; death can come at any time. Obviously we need to dodge – but not in our dreams. No harm can occur in our dreams. All we face are our emotions, fears, and awe.

The waves coming in are the impulses of life coming from within – even a tsunami is a dream is a wonderful impulse of Life. So your life impulses, without which you would not exist, you run away from.

The beach itself is a wonderful thing of mystery – the young understand it. An what is a beach? Is it the sand or hard stones? Is it the sea and waves? Is it the sky and clouds? Is it the sun or moonlight? Is it he wind? Of course it isn’t any of those things, but it is the magical place where all of nature, of Life, combines.

So then you run for higher ground, the tower, a man made structure, which is defined as ether your attitudes that keep you separate and aloof from people, means of protecting yourself from human contact or conflict, or a way of standing above events and getting a wider view of them. Or something you have built or created in your life. As such it can be an outer achievement or erection of inner attitudes such as defensiveness, isolation, insularity, or an attempt to reach the heights of awareness or recognition.

In your case it was a means of defence against fear of life within you. And the horses are your more domesticated life within you. Even so you see them as massive and somewhat scary. No wonder when life appears undomesticated you are even more scared.

But you made it into the sunshine. The source of all earthly life, so bathe in it and gain strength.