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Author Topic: Homosexual Erotic Dream  (Read 3583 times)


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Homosexual Erotic Dream
« on: May 15, 2011, 07:00:06 AM »
I have another one that has been on my mind as well.

I had a dream where I was at the beach and around the water.
I remember it being a sunny day. My black friend and this white
older man (Man #1)were flirting with each other. He laid on his back on
the warm sand and he appeared to be naked.

My friend began give him oral sex. He pushed her back
and she dissapeared and this other white male came along.
The first white male was crouched over
 began giving this other male(Male #2 while lying on his
back) oral sex.

I remember feeling an intense feeling within my "uterus area"
signifying a type of pleasure/orgasmic/wet dream feeling.

I am a heterosexual female (maybe bi-curious here and there)
but why would I dream about my friend giving oral sex, and
two men participating in oral sex and be turned on by that?

Were evil spirits messing with me? Or what is the real reason?

Tony Crisp

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Re: Homosexual Erotic Dream
« Reply #1 on: May 16, 2011, 12:01:33 PM »
Babinksy – The words evil spirits came about at a time when illness and madness was seen as caused by evil spirits. In other word something caused by an unseen and not defined influence – such as we now call germs, viruses, or stress.

As for evil spirits in dreams I can only say that having met them I find them as objectifications of fears we have within us. An unseen influence because we are not admitting fears, or because we are not seeing into ourselves enough to understand where our actions arise from. If we confronted such spirits they melt away.

There is nothing evil about sexual desire – except if it be twisted by trauma or pain, as we see in children who were sexually abused and who become, because of the trauma, themselves abusers.

Dreams are a way we can explore, experiment without any harm to another. Also sometimes our sexual urge is so strong that it can express in all sort of ways. Your sexual dream is only something that occurs once in a while, and is normal. Our unconscious, out of which our dreams arise, is so vast, ancient and full of past experience that it is not surprising that once in a while we have bizarre dreams. So lie back and enjoy it.

While dreaming you can safely allow any form of sexual pleasure you desire. Don’t let the useful morals of waking life intrude into your dreams. There is no danger of getting pregnant, catching a disease, or being judged, except by yourself. If your sexual dreams are frustrating, or do not lead to deep pleasure, drop the fears and limiting attitudes that are blocking the full flow of your excitement.

Your longing for sexual partners that isn’t openly expressed, will attempt to become real in your dreams. It doesn’t mean that you are dissatisfied with your present partner if you have sex with other people in your dreams. All of us have such secret longings, and it is healthy for them to be allowed as we sleep.