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Author Topic: Waters, rivers and to feel the bottom  (Read 12822 times)


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Waters, rivers and to feel the bottom
« on: March 19, 2011, 10:10:25 PM »
Hello Tony, I have had a dream about av strong vivid water river, in a wild typical Nordic forest landscape. I crossed this water half, always holding myself safe to the bottom cliffs. By the middle the other side was more vivid, like a stormy water and the stream/direction was directly before a hash waterfall. I lost for a second my contact with the bottom and felt me nearly taken by the stream towards the waterfall. But I grasped again the bottom, it ended there: I understood my dream from your book, I am still in that position, i.e before the big trouble to make a difference. But in your book there was nothing said about bottoms of lakes and rivers. I suppose my strong holding to the bottom has some meaning, am I a chicken (hm my bad English skills lost the real word..) or is this dangerous water something to consider before big life decisions?

Well the question is mostly about bottoms of waters, what do they represent?


Tony Crisp

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Re: Waters, rivers and to feel the bottom
« Reply #1 on: March 24, 2011, 01:55:14 PM »
ToBeAware – The more I look at peoples dreams, the stronger gets the feeling that every part of a dream is alive. I mean that dreams are a product of life, and therefore everything it brings forth is a part of a living process. Also every dream image is not just a ‘symbol’ but a living and intelligent process.

Therefore I feel that you can let go of your hold of the river bed. That may be frightening, but you can experiment without getting hurt. You could go over the waterfall and see what it brings. Or you could hold on and see how that feels. Dreams are a place where you can experiment, and all you face are the emotions we often try to protect ourselves with. To be afraid of going over an actual waterfall is fine, but to be afraid of your own living inner world is not good.

I know what I am saying is challenging, but what is dangerous about the fast river? Or to put it another way, what fear are you facing in the water? And what do you feel about letting go? It is all the feelings that we are dealing with, feelings that we may be trapped by in living a safe inner life. And remember that what is true about outer waking life is not the same for the inner life.