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Author Topic: Someone PLEASE interpret this dream for me.  (Read 3273 times)


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Someone PLEASE interpret this dream for me.
« on: April 15, 2011, 04:38:28 PM »

Last night (actually must have been earlier this morning) I had such a vivid dream. The dream involves me being in my house and looking out the window. I was talking on the phone with my mother at the time. I could hear a storm coming in the background.

As I was talking I saw a massive storm move in over top of me (while I was looking out the window) and it was ferocious and moving very fast so quickly that I could actually see the clouds and storm moving from front to back. In the dream I was a little frightened. My mother told me to be careful as she could hear the storm over the phone and I told her it will pass quickly and she asked me how I knew that and I said because I can see it moving and it is moving fast that it wouldn't be here long.

Anyway as it was raining there was this what appeared to be water spiket that was coming down of the porch (I could see it out the window) it was very contained (meaning it just stayed in one spot - didn't move) but was very powerful and looked like a mini water tornado. Also, in the window appeared what look like cotton and it was forming either that of a sheep or a lamb I couldn't tell and then a few minutes later I woke up and it was 6:30 in the morning and the sun was completley shinining outside the window. The dream was so real and so vivid and I remember so much about it. I was actually surprised that when I did wake up the sun was shining so brightly.

Someone just please fill me in on this especially the thing that was forming in the window. It didn't bother me and was actually very calming but it just seemed to be out of place.

Tony Crisp

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Re: Someone PLEASE interpret this dream for me.
« Reply #1 on: April 18, 2011, 01:04:37 PM »
Ucfan35 – The first part is that you are in communication with your mother. Why that is important I do not know, but dreams are very specific.

However the storm is a very powerful influence to do with difficult times, but you felt okay about it and weathered it well. Such dreams are often about big changes that can occur, sometimes weeks or months ahead. The difficult times can be from within, like expressed emotions,  or something outside of you such as events.

As for the spigot it may be an expression of great emotional energy, or life energy, being poured out, and the lamb or sheep are you attaining a wider vision of life and its meaning. The lamb is a special symbol meaning salvation in hard times. So it seems all will be well – and the sun will shine.