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Author Topic: Could anyone help me decipher these two dreams please?  (Read 4759 times)


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Could anyone help me decipher these two dreams please?
« on: July 06, 2014, 12:16:29 PM »
I've been having a few problems with my 15 year old daughter E. She is quite down/depressed at the moment (has been for quite some time) because of various problems ~ lack of friends, being a teen, problems with her Dad but also some bullying from a teacher in school. I have had a lot of problems with the school in dealing with what I consider to be a very serious matter and was all set to take it all the way and try and get the teacher sacked but am now questioning that and wondering if I should just let go and allow the Universe to do what it knows best!
I asked myself on Friday night before I went to sleep, what I should do. Carry on and try and get this woman out or let it all go and just concentrate on helping E to get well again.

I also have a lot of money worries at the moment and concern about starting my own business (both of which are on my mind constantly) and so I wonder if this is relevant to my dream too.

Friday night's dream:
I am walking through my local town on the road that leads to the bus stop (entrance). There are nettles growing wildly covering the pavement completely in one area. People are having to walk right round the nettles by going on the road. I walk round the nettles too.

I am with a man by a skip. He has a bed base or 2 that he is getting rid of. He thinks they are too heavy to do anything about right now but I think if we do it together, we can get them in the skip. We move one of the bases and it comes out of where he's pulling it from much easier than he thought it would. I say we may as well put it in the skip. We do so and he tells me to lay it so it's on an angle, against the side of the skip. I do but it slips so I go round to the skip and adjust it so it's laying almost flat but still on a bit of an angle. Really it's a little too big for anything else much to fit in although once it's in I can see there should be enough room for the second bed base.

My friend Shella's Dad (really lovely man, kind, always smiling and laughing) comes over, says, "Hello, where did those nettles come from?" Either I or the man tells him that they've been there since December (Dec 2012 was when all the problems with E started) when a man from North of the county came down and dumped them, since then they've been growing. We wonder if the man moved down here or was just here for the day dumping them off.

Next I dreamt about something to do with walking my dog and something in a pet shop but this part is vague.

Saturday night's dream:
I am at a school, there is a group of older lads from a different area that the school think are there to cause trouble. I have spoke to them before and I found them to be ok if you know how to speak to them so they can relate. I have no fear of these boys. Everyone else seems to be scared of these boys and what they're going to do but I'm not.

I approach the gate to enter the school field, which looks like the back of my house. The lads are behind me in cars, mostly blue cars. There is a metal fence which has been heightened and there are four prefects stood the other side. The prefects are really tall, as tall as the fence which is easily 6.5-7 feet tall. They let me in and I talk to them a little before walking up the field towards the house/school.

I am walking around an area, through different roads, seeing different people. I feel carefree and happy. I see a couple of the mums from school with their children (in the dream the mums I saw are the muslim mum's from my youngest daughter's school (not my daughter E) they are really lovely, friendly women, always greet people with a smile and a hello but in the dream they didn't). I work my way through all the maze of roads until I find myself at a junction. I am at the junction at the bottom of the road I lived as a child. I have to choose the right lane to be able to go where I want to go. I know which lane I need but it's a bit of a challenge to get to it. It's slippery looking.
My daughter E is with me now, we have got to the right lane and where we want to be and are looking at a photo. E said she always found the lanes difficult as she felt she didn't know if she was a part of our family or a part of another. We look at the photo. It shows E when she was younger laughing as she slips down a slope. With her is her older sister and brother, my Dad and some other family members. E is a part of our family.

I have a bracelet on that my Auntie made for me. (My auntie was Down Syndrome and not at all independent like down's children today. She wouldn't have been able to make a bracelet this complicated). It is plastic and it connects in many different places. One of the connections has come undone and I am worried it will break the whole thing. I very carefully hold it until I can get someone to look at it. I go out into a garden which is mine. It's beautiful, well cared for and very inviting. I put the bracelet down on the short grass and I try to fix the link. I manage it but I'm not sure it's done the way it was done in the first place, I'm not sure it'll be secure. My sister S comes over (My sister is a person that I would currently describe as someone who has changed and not for the better. She is selfish and just out for herself. Whenever family members try to help her, which is a lot, she doesn't listen and just wants everything her own way) and asks to see the bracelet. I start laying it out, opening it up more without unravelling it. It creates shapes of squares that all interlink, in various colours that shine in the light. The bracelet is no longer plastic but is almost crystal like. Some of the squares are linked on most sides but end on their own too, however, as a whole they're all still linked. I marvel at how beautiful it is.
As I look the squares each now hold flowers and the bracelet is basket like, as in, it can sit on the ground, have depth and hold something. I look in each compartment of the bracelet/basket and see various flowers. I point them all out to S. I am looking up close and it's only when I move back a little that I notice that I missed some at the bottom right. I see miniature daffodils that haven't opened yet. I say to S (who now feels like a different person) that I love daffodils, she says she didn't think I did.   I explain that I love them most when they have yet to open, not when they've opened and are starting to die. I pick the basket up and look at the other flowers closely. Some are dead, some starting to wilt. I pick out and discard all the dead ones, leaving the ones that still have some life and beauty left in them and leaving all the ones that have still to open. I then notice a paddle shaped item in amongst the flowers. I take it out, there is a picture on it which gives instructions to dip the paddle in honey to attract bees. I think it will be so beautiful to have my garden full of flowers and bees. Steph thinks it might not be a good idea but I know it will be good. I know it will just make it more beautiful. I feel light and happy. So happy.

If anyone can advise I'd really appreciate it. Thanks

Tony Crisp

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Re: Could anyone help me decipher these two dreams please?
« Reply #1 on: July 10, 2014, 09:39:32 AM »
Mokey - The first dream is more complicated but I will try to make sense of it.

The nettles are an area that can cause a lot of irritation or pain if you re not careful. It seems it has to do with your daughter and it was ‘dumped’ on her through a man who just came and left; he comes from a cold and dark attitude. Could that relate to her dad?

The bed bases are old attitudes that have arisen from past experiences and it is wise to put them both in the skip/dumpster. Imagine yourself doing that.

Shellah’s dad seems to be the answer to problems that face you - a smiling happy attitude. So with that attitude watch and wait.

Saturdays dream: Your ability to talk to people in a friendly way enables you to get through things other people see as barriers or are scared of. So you are on the right track and “I feel carefree and happy”. Probably because you are in the company of parts of you that do not put attitudes of suspicion and enmity between you and others - the Muslim women.

The slippery thing is that you/your daughter needs to realise you are a loved and appreciated member of your family - as shown by the end of your dream.

The bracelet is a wondrous thing that you have within you. I have to guess about this, but I think it is a part of your nature that developed as you dealt with your auntie. I think you treated her as a person. I believe that we are all, no matter our physical situation, someone who matters, even though they are learning different things than you and I. So in that way you created something with so much promise. You thought it was plastic, but as you look closely you see how beautiful and full of life it is.

You begin to see that this is crystal, a thing of eternity, and links with all.

Dear Mokey, please value what you are and what you have, for it builds links that you may not appreciate at the moment, but it links you with the highest good.

Use the honey - your essence gathered from your whole life experience, gathered through hard work and sacrifice. Take out the dead parts of what you are growing in the wonderful garden of yourself. Marvel at how beautiful you are, and know that your daughter and your life are still like the daffodil bud, still opening. And know that the fading daffodil is actually a thing of beauty, for it is secretly forming the seeds of new life.