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Author Topic: Other peoples houses & river bed  (Read 5028 times)


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Other peoples houses & river bed
« on: March 10, 2014, 01:23:00 AM »
Hi there,

In part of my dream I was in my home, as it is in reality, everything normal in the surrounding road etc. I looked out of my bedroom window and saw my road, and all houses as they are in reality. Then noticed immediately that all the fronts of all the other houses were blown off completely, no wreckage, debris about, just totally exposed. I could see dividing walls of the rooms and furniture within them just as if they hadn't been touched.

I could see clothing neatly piled in one house when I focused closer. I saw a lot of detail, nothing vague. My house was intact. This I think is to do with perspective of persona as Tony has on this site. House representing what we put out in appearance of persona?

Confused about it being other peoples houses I don't know so no reference to any individual I know. I have been encouraged to let people know who I really am in my waking life, people in general(being clairaudient people know about me that I know but not everything would they accept so recognize that). I am not religious but have a strong faith in God.

Also in same dream a medium in an unexpected setting told me that she was being told that there was an answer to my present issue about what is expected of me in my work which I am finding hard to accomplish, my work for God if you like....and she was receiving answers in front of me and said that there was something in the river bed that I had missed. That was my answer as to why I couldn't achieve it, or felt I couldn't. I do not feel enabled as it involves faith and not everyone has the same faith as me in God. As well as the fact I am anonymous and not known so why would people have reason to believe in what I'm supposed to be passing on from God. That's my reality right now.

I have been teaching for a couple of years, in person groups which have had to end, the right time, for the next stage to start, highly successful so the accomplishment of what I'm too do is not that. My ultimate purpose is something else and I had been told quite directly that it is time. By my guides.

Please do not take offense if you read this and do not have the same faith, just ignore me  ;) I do not intend on doing anything apart from hopefully gain some clarity with my dream and include what I do as I know our lives directly impact what we dream of.

Many thanks  :)