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Author Topic: A long, intricate dream I had in a three hour nap  (Read 2913 times)


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A long, intricate dream I had in a three hour nap
« on: March 24, 2014, 03:11:53 AM »

Hello forum my name is Philip and I just registered to this forum today.  Five years ago I started a dream log and after every dream I would log it into my document.  As it stands I have 226 pages worth of text.  One of my more recent dreams captivated me enough to post it onto this forum.  It started out in a Mayan temple kind of setting, brown walls with green vines, fancy designs engraved into the walls.  The temple had two levels.  The bottom level was a square room with a rectangular pool in the middle that was just inches deep.  Water filled it almost to the top.  Every side of the lower level had a small passage way that led to the upper level.  The upper level was a walkway that stretched across the walls with railing for safety.  Then gave way to empty space and a fall to the lower level.  I explored this area for a few long minutes and went upstairs and found a lever on the wall.  I threw the switch and a man approached me from behind from the darkness in the corner of the room.  He was an older man wearing red robes adorned with red and gold orbs.  He warned me of an upcoming battle and a great sword appeared in my hands.  Seconds later a troll appeared brown in color and massive, wearing a brown loin cloth and sporting a giant war hammer.  It was not alone, with it a smaller blue imp humanoid appeared with it wearing a black loin cloth and leg wrappings and sporting a short sword.  The imp lunged at me and our swords locked.  After a short period of slashes and stabs our swords locked again and the troll charged.  I threw the imp back and grabbed the railing, then leaped over and down to the bottom level.  I landed and looked up just in time to witness the troll bring down it's hammer onto the imp, killing it.  I looked to the left and went back up to the top level and saw that the trolls back was turned to me.  Taking advantage of the situation I rushed toward the creature and leaped into the air with my sword drawn over my head.  Then brought it down and cleaved the trolls skull.  It fell to the ground and my vision went black.

  When I came to I was standing at the bottom of the steps of my former home, a small trailer on the outskirts of a small town called Wendell.  There was a shallow layer of snow on the ground and the skies were clear.  Judging by where the sun was positioned it looked about eleven o'clock in the morning.  Across the street was a two story house with black vinyl siding and white windows, doors and shutters.  I began walking toward the house and saw that as I got closer to the house the time of day would progress.  It was night by the time I got to the door of the house.  The door had glass squares lining the middle of it, eight of them total.  I opened the door without knocking and inside I saw a small family of three.  A mother, which looked about fifty wearing an old fashioned maid outfit and had frizzy gray hair down to her shoulders.  The father, about fifty five or sixty had a horseshoe bald head and was wearing a brown suit, blue button up collared shirt and red tie and a daughter, a twenty something ginger girl with few freckles and dark eyes.  She was petite framed and wearing a pale blue long sleeve shirt and almost snug dark blue jeans.  From where I was standing at the front door to the left was a bathroom, straight ahead were stairs leading to bedrooms and to the right was the kitchen.  The mother and daughter were arguing intensely.  The mother stormed into the kitchen and grabbed a large knife, then stabbed the girl in the chest.  The girl gasped in agony and fell to the floor, then time seemed to move in reverse.  I started out back at the front steps of my old house across the street.  Snow on the ground, clear skies, everything was as it was before I went to the house.  I went back over a second time and opened the door.  This time the father and daughter were arguing.  The father went upstairs still bickering and entered into a bedroom.  Then came out and downstairs and in mid argument pulled from behind him a pistol, then shot the girl.  Time once again rewound and without hesitation I darted over to the house and swung the door open.  Standing in fron of me was the mother.  I lifted up the mother from under her arms and went to the left into the bathroom.  Our eyes met and time slowed to a crawl.  After seconds of slow motion her eyes turned completely black.  Time returned to normal and the woman fell limp and died in my arms.  I laid her onto the bathroom floor and searched for the father, I went into the kitchen and found the man on the floor, dead.  I turned toward the front door and the young woman was standing there.  Our eyes met and she smiled and blushed, then an unknown voice spoke to me.

  It told me that her name was Sheryl and she was a time traveler.  No words were exchanged between her and I and we left the house.  We got to the front porch and saw a giant bus outside of my old house.  Near it was a small crowd of people consisting of about ten or eleven.  Sheryl and I walked toward the people and when we got within yards a giant lion appeared from the top of my vision.  It didn't crash into the ground so I don't think it fell from the sky but it started devouring the people.  Time once again rewound and we were at the front porch of the girls house and without a moment wasted, we bolted toward the crowd.  "GET ON THE BUS GET ON THE BUS!"  I shouted as we ran.  The people scrambled onto the bus without question or objection.  I was the last one off the bus when the lion made its appearance.  As it crouched low to pounce I ran onto the bus.  Noticing that the lion had hesitated I yelled to the man in the driver seat  "GO GO GO!"  and the bus screeched into acceleration, the doors swinging shut behind me.  The man driving was an older gentleman wearing a faded blue jean outfit and grey shirt.  I walked through a small doorway and took in the sights.  The room was made of woods of all kinds and colors.  A large rectangle table sat in the middle of the room and on it was a white tablecloth that hung inches above the floor.  Dark wooden chairs lined the table and at each chair was a plate, a wine glass and silverware on top of napkins.  A thought that we were expected ran through my mind as I walked through the bus.  I got to the back and noticed one of the members of the group.  It was a man we met days prior to the dream.  A friend of mine and I went to the home depot for some things to remodel his business and we were assisted by this man.  "Hey your that guy from the home depot."  I smiled and shook his hand.  He returned the smile and we talked jibberish for what seemed like hours until real life spilled into the dream.  "I need a cigarette."  I got up and left the man and went to the front of the bus.  "Pull over I need to smoke, plus I'm gonna check and see if that lion is still chasing us."  The driver pulled over and swung the doors open.  I stepped off and noticed that we had conveniently stopped at a traffic light turning from yellow to red as I stepped off.  I sighed and lit up, I was about half way through my cig when fear crept over me and I slowly turned my head to the right.  About thirty yards behind the bus was the lion.  It was lying on it's side and slowly wagging it's tail.  Showing me that he enjoyed the sport of chasing down it's prey.  I threw the cigarette and hopped onto the bus.  "Drive!"  The door werent shut before the man peeled rubber.  Seconds after he began driving strange thought flowed through my mind.  "Maybe I can reason with the lion, maybe it won't hurt me."  I stopped the driver and he let me off the bus.  Just then two normal sized lions and a purple, lion sized chameleon appeared from behind the bus, the giant lion a short distance from the bus still.  One of the lions crouched low and approached with caution.  I stuck out my balled fist for it to smell me, and to avoid losing fingers if it were to bite down.  It smelled my hand for a second then rubbed his nose against me. 

"DO NOT WORRY, WE WONT HURT YOU."  A powerful voice tore through my head like thunder.  It was the alpha.  I approached him  "What do you want from me?!"  I exclaimed having to look up at the beast.  The lion turned its gaze from me to the bus  "THEM, ALL OF THEM!"  I fell to my knees  "NOO!"  I shouted and looked to the bus.  The doors swung open and everyone on it poured onto the street.  "OH GOD WHY!?"  I sobbed loudly and from the three areas of my vision, left, right and from above the three smaller beasts pounced and carnage broke out.  I fell onto my belly and sobbed uncontrollably and started crawling under the bus.  Out of my right peripheral I saw a pair of legs wearing khaki shorts and black shoes get dragged behind the back wheel of the bus so I couldn't see it  "I'm scared I'm scared!"  I cried aloud until I awoke.  I have been remembering dreams since I was a young boy.  In my dreams I have encountered aliens, seen the future, been chased by tornadoes and have even flown.  I am hoping to see what you all think of this and shed some light on this crazy dream.  There are many more.


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Re: A long, intricate dream I had in a three hour nap
« Reply #1 on: March 24, 2014, 07:53:10 AM »
Well Dream_Prophet - You know, or should know, that all the images and drama of your dreams are created by you. And reading your dream I wonder what you have filled your mind with and what you have read or watched to have such a dream. Dreams are a reflection of what you think, feel, fear or are inspired by. And your dream is filled with fighting mythical creatures, saving a girl, and running away from lions who in the end tear your dream to pieces. I think you should see http://dreamhawk.com/dream-encyclopedia/questions-2/#Summing and follow some of the links - especially http://dreamhawk.com/approaches-to-being/lifes-little-secrets/

A dream is like a very real computer game in which we can be killed or killed a thousand time and in the end you are unhurt, though you may have felt fear or even terror, all through the associated emotions and thoughts you connect with the images. Also the lions are simply an expression of your own instincts that in your case you are frightened of. See http://dreamhawk.com/dream-encyclopedia/brain-levels-and-dreams/