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Author Topic: releasing anger dream  (Read 3073 times)


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releasing anger dream
« on: June 10, 2014, 07:08:39 AM »

The description of compensation above is an example of something functional. To be able to survive crushing life experience is a real achievement, not an imagined one, and is therefore functional. Using an image to evoke hope and motivation doesn’t make it less of an achievement. The process of compensation also links with patterns of love and strength actually lived by others. They are then patterns remaining in the collective experience of humanity and can be accessed. When we touch these powerful racial memories we may clothe them in the image of our cultural hero or saviour.

Tony  :)

I suppose that all my dreams are compensatory dreams. That does not make them less worthwhile, for
they enable me "to link with patterns of love and strength actually lived by others".

I do believe that it is a more healthy approach to be able to release my emotional anger as well, if only in my dreams.
I needed your approach to Life too to be able to "go there" and so this was my dream last night:

I am in the dining room of my parental home and my father is sitting on a chair over there.
I lift a pair of new corduroy trousers in the air I bought for Cas, my son. They would have fit him at the age of 5 or 6. The color is somewhat "undecided" and it is washed out.
My father averts his head and shields his head with his hands, to make clear that he does not want to look at it.
I yell at him in english that he is "a fucking father".

Apart from releasing some anger, I do not see what this dream is telling me.
What is it that my inner father does not want to look at?


New trousers: A new stance or form of work or play.

- anna -
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Re: releasing anger dream
« Reply #1 on: June 10, 2014, 09:03:23 AM »
Anna - I believe that what you are seeing is a replay of much that took part in your life with your father. Every time you tried to show a loving caring part of you he refused to see it and ignored you. Not only that but he has changed you inside a bit, and so that is why you shout angrily at that part of you.

But he is as he is probably because of his own hurt need for love, which he dare not see because of its pain.

The trousers are a sign of caring love for a child - the love that you are feeling was missed.

Anna - I do not know if this helps, but many years ago was with a young man who was digging deep within himself. Suddenly he felt sure his father was dying and he got up to rush to telephone his dad. Knowing how we symbolise in such sessions I assured him that he should carry on with what he was experiencing.

He lay down again and after a while began to say that his father was now dead and he must rush to be with him. It was difficult but I managed to get him to stay with what was happening. He then told me that his father had been buried and had hadn't been there. He maintained that it was all over now, his father was dead and buried.

I assured him that if he were patient there was more to come. And then after a while he said with triumph that he had inherited the strength of his dead father and was now a man.

His father was in fact still alive and healthy, but even if he were dead, it is still the way our inner life works, that if we allow things to happen without constantly jumping to conclusions we go through this wonderful inner experience. It is a form of  digesting or integrating those who are so much a part of us.


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