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Author Topic: Mokey's Dreams  (Read 30210 times)


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Mokey's Dreams
« on: February 05, 2015, 04:56:31 PM »
I hope this is ok but I've copied and pasted all previous dreams to here so I can keep them all in one place and will add any future dreams to this thread. I like to keep track of my dreams and look back on them and thought this way may be easier.

January 7th 2011

Dream 1 occured 2 nights ago:I am walking through the local shopping centre, there are men dancing towards me swathed in fabric, glittery and pink. There is a lot of fun going on but for me an undercurrant of slight fear as they come towards me.

 I am walking in the bedroom to come downstairs, the floorboads are creaking under foot. As I get down the stairs I can see my ex B (who is a mix of B and my previous ex A) putting his pants in the wash basket. I realise he was masturbating and the sound of the floor boards alerted him to my arrival. I feel quite aroused. I joke with him about it and about the fact he didn't finish.

B/A goes upstairs to have a bath and finish what he started. I go into the downstairs toilet with my youngest daughter and want to masturbate. (At this point I had a orgasm in my sleep) I think about B/A masturbating and realise I don't care at all about it, before it used to bother me.

Dream 2 happened last night:B and I have had a lovely time together and are very much in love. We've decided, as it's Saturday to spend the day together. Our daughter  isn't around and it seems this is based in the past.

We are at B's house, I am getting some stuff for him to come to mine, he has gone to a local place  to drop something off or pick up, possibly at my mum's house. I feel very happy, content and at peace. I get what I need and decide to wait in the car for him. I can't go anywhere until he comes back as he is driving. I close the front door, open the passenger side door and place the stuff on the seat then decide to go to the shop to get a puzzle book to do while I wait for him.


I go into the shop and look around, I have a sense that my daughter  is with me now. Towards the back of the shop I see my other daughter's 3 friends, Belinda, Yasmin and another girl I don't recognise, she is very small compared to the other girls. As I stand next to Belinda I realise I am taller than her, this is because I have on my daughter'swhite wedge sandals. I pick Belinda up to demonstrate what I can do now that I'm bigger. I then pat the unfamiliar girl on the head and talk down to her in a patronising way. I realise I am doing it and apologise to her immediately. I stand next to Yasmin and notice she's actually taller than I realised but not as tall as me. I go to the back of the shop, which looks similar to my local New Age shop and a post office and take something off a stand.


I have paid and am heading out of the shop. I have 2 large wrapped pillows in my hands, as I walk they are slipping from my grasp. My youngest daughter P is leaving the shop ahead of me, there is a large fluffy Alsation dog outside which barks at P. I can see P is scared and trying to get away. I can't make up my mind whether to go to P's aid or whether to get a better hold of the pillows. I choose the pillows. I see a dark haired man get hold of the dog's lead. By the time I get outside I see the man sat cradling the dog, stroking it. The dog is calm and content. As I approach I see the lead is really long and realise that is how he was able to get to P so easily. The dog comes towards me. I see it is off the leash, the man undoes something which frees the dog more but he makes no attempt to run or attack. The dog is loving and affectionate.


Auntie Julie (in real life was down syndrome and had a lot of needs) is with me but represents P. She is using a child's plastic spade to dig up three balls. We go over and talk to a female that is on the right, possibly my friend Debbie. She is very accepting of Julie and talks to her quite normally. Julie talks back normally.

In the first dream I felt apprenhensive while the men were appraoching me, but the masturbatiuon part I felt quite relaxed, it was all very familiar to me.
In the second dream I felt relaxed and happy throughout, even when my daughter was scared and feeling threatened, which I find strange in my waking state as it would be the opposite.

Reply from Tony

Mokey – The impressions I get are that in the first part of the first dream you are uncertain because the men are approaching you and you have a sort of sexual tension. I mean the sort of normal tension one feels in meeting the opposite sex – and there are several of them, so you do not know their intentions.

Then you understand your partner's intentions and you grow to a point where you realise your sexual pleasure is your own – the orgasm. You can share it with another person, but it is important to know you do not actually need anyone else.

Then you are in a more passive and child feeling; passive because you are waiting to be driven, and childlike because of your play with the girls. And that is a happy state of being for you.

I feel that you are mixing up your inner world and the qualities you have within you and the outer world and the anxieties you feel there. If you can realise the difference, and feel your way into the confidence you feel within you, it gradually becomes real in the world. Even you instinctive self  - the dog – is easy and loving.

As a woman you have an inbuilt higher level of anxiety than men – in general. This is because a woman is constantly concerned about the welfare of her child or children. And it is worth remembering that.


Mokey ~ The sexual tension would be correct. I have recently split with my partner and have been on a couple of dates but have stopped dating now due to not feeling ready, although the thought of having a sexual relationship does appeal to me greatly! One man I quite liked but it seemed to be all hinting at a sexual relationship and I was feeling a little used, even before the event. I am beginning to learn I am ok on my own, sexually and otherwise.

You are absolutely right about the 2nd dream, I am quite childlike much of the time but have been letting life's stresses get to me a lot lately.

January 9th 2011

The same theme of dream seems to be continuing, but getting more heightened. They have my attention, but I want to make sure I'm understanding their message. I think I do.

Dream 3
It is a hot summer's day, I have slept in till 12 but it feels good. Lyn, from next door, is hanging out her washing to dry in what appears to be a shared garden. Tony/Richard is in and out of the house, its all very relaxed. Lyn wants the wash basket, but is being smutty about it. I didn't realise she was like this but it makes me more relaxed. I ask my daughter to pass her the vibrator, then realise my mistake and correct myself, saying basket.  I sit out in the garden at a table with my sister and my best friend from school, I am using my laptop, looking at purple trousers and joking to my sister that I should get them to go with my red shoes. My sister uses the laptop after me.


I hang my washing out, then go upstairs and realise it's 5pm already and a bit late in the day for putting it out. I worry what Lyn will think.  I go into my daughter's room at the back of the house, the house is mine but is unfamiliar.


I go back into the garden, there is a parcel for me from Next. I open the box, I wasn't expecting anything. It is the purple pvc trousers and top that I was looking at earlier. I say loudly, 'Fucking hell' aware that the neighbours can hear but I know they will understand and not be bothered as its justified with the clothing. My sister  ordered it for me on my account. I am annoyed that she used my account and my password. I go up to my bedroom to look at my laptop but have my vibrator infront of me too.

Dream 4
It is morning, I have just woken. A (my ex from 8 years ago) is in bed next to me. His penis is erect and he wants sex. I want to have sex too but am feeling a bit reserved about it as it's A and as there is a black woman and her daughter entering the room. They sit on a sofa ahead of us and watch telly. I hold A's penis, which looks like  B's penis.(B is my ex fropm 6 months ago) I am very aroused but then become aware that I haven't shaved and am stubbly down there! I say to A, in an erotic voice, 'Do you want to shave my pussy?'  (I would never talk like this in real life!)I expect him to be aroused by this but he isn't at all. I feel a little silly. I suggest having a sneaky one but I think the woman would know what we're doing. We wouldn't be able to fool her.


I look into a dark corridor and see a black man hiding in there. I am scared of him, because I don't know why he's there or what he's doing. I hope he hasn't seen me. He is somehow connected to the house next door, which seems to be linked to the one I am in (unfamiliar) and there is something suspicious going on next door. A black family live there.


I am outside on grass. I am with two black women, they are my best friends. I help to throw a very large banner over a tall board, once it's up an iron comes down to iron the creases out, but only from one section which I find odd. I don't see the point in only doing one small area of it. The two women have won medals for running. The one on my right is tall, strong, big built and faster. The one on my left, gentle, soft, shorter and smaller. I have a bottle of water in my hand and congratulate the girl on my left by throwing water on her. She tries to run away from it but is laughing and enjoying it. I go to do the same for the bigger girl on my right, she tells me not to and runs to avoid me getting her. I chase after her, quite playfully, she warns me again. She is very serious. I throw the water anyway. I have that feeling of fear and excitement that a child has during a game of chase. I run out of a gate on the left and into an alley. I am running faster than she is, she's nowhere to be seen. I feel tired but know if I keep going a bit more I will loose her so she can't get me or I can hide in some bushes that are on the left.  I choose the bush, as I sit in the bushes I see the black man from earlier with a woman, I find them quite suspicious. I hear a noise and realise my friend is coming. I decide not to run or hide anymore. I am standing back in the alley, either side of me are tall brick walls, I have my arms open and a hand on each wall, my legs stretched out too. I am ready to confront my friend and take whatever she hands out to me. She comes to me, puts her arms around me and tells me she loves me. I feel very loved at that moment, I embrace her back.

We walk down the road, me and my two friends and approach a house. The bigger girl goes to knock but I notice it is unlocked. We let ourselves in. The black couple I saw from the alley are upstairs, I feel worried and a bit scared. We go into the front room, there is a white baby sat in a baby chair. We talk about whether to take the baby or not, we know it doesn't belong to the couple and think they have took it from someone. We know we won't be heard as they have music on upstairs and are having sex.

(For your info, I am a white woman. I guess the amount of black people in my dream is about unknown aspects of myself, would that be right?)

Reply from Tony

Hi Mokey – There is a lot in your dreams about sexual relationships. But as I read through I sense a lot of reservation or withholding.

The first hint is in the Freudian Slip where you say ‘pass her the vibrator’. I take it you harbour a feeing that your neighbour is frustrated and therefore irritable – if not in real life then in your dream. And that neighbour is a projection of you I guess.

The bit about the trousers may be an expression of the irritability mentioned.

So here you are getting to it and you suggest something sexy, but it never happens - frustration!! Hey, this is your dream, and all this stuff about other people about may be relevant in real life, but not in your dreams. Such things do not matter in dreams, so I wonder why you are frustrating yourself. And that is an important question, because if you face it you can find greater release. And the black man is, I feel, a symbol of what you are holding back, and there is some fear there.

So I am asking you Mokey, what is the fear you have about being sexual?

Now you move into a different dimension where you can be young and playful and have a teasing and loving relationship with a black woman. But when you return the black couple are still there and again you are feeling scared.

I am sure that if you can meet this one, and it might take a while, you will feel so much surer of yourself and easier in your dreams. So come out and play and taste the freedom.


Mokey ~ I don't really know what it is Tony, I split up with a long term partner, and father of my youngest child six months ago, we didn't have a sexual relationship for the last year we were together and for the 3 years before that it was only once every few months, his choice not mine.
My self esteem has took a really big battering because of his rejection. I recently had the chance to have a sexual relationship with a man but turned it down as I feel too fat, too shy, too unconfident. First time I've ever felt like this in my life so I suppose the dreams could be about that, but also, I don't want to just have a casual sexual relationship.

Your guess is as good as mine right now!!

Thanks, once again, for your insight

Tony ~ Well Dear Lovely Fat Lady - I have had the good fortune to have been loved and to love some really big women. So I wouldn't bother about your size. But it was their confidence and lovingness that attracted and held me. So I feel you need some more confidence and sureness of the quality you have.

I honestly believe that everyone has a shining Light inside them, but mostly it gets covered up with feelings of despair, thoughts about themselves, and the culture we live in. In Africa and other cultures men love fat women. All the evidence we can see around us is that nobody is too fat to be loved and lovable. What happens is that women after rejection reject themselves.

But I am not being flowery or idealistic when I talk about the Light in you. Just think about it. Where has everything come from as far as we know? The Big Bang. Without the universe none of us would exist. And the universe arose out of a mystery that we are still trying to understand. In its unfoldment it created time and space. Before that there was no time and no space. And today in quantum physics we are told that our fundamental particles are not little atoms, not little bits of matter, they are much smaller and subtle than that. and science as shown that these particle that are us at our base, are beyond time and space, and can be in touch with all things. So it is not a fanciful thing to say you are a fantastic creature, and have links with the creation of the universe, and have fantastic creative power. So do not forget that as you look at your child.

What many scientist are on the verge of saying, but are so bloody cautious, is that we are the children of that creative explosion. My experience is that the creative burst before the big bang, died in forming the universe. So we are it!!



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Re: Mokey's Dreams
« Reply #1 on: February 05, 2015, 05:00:33 PM »
September 10th 2011

I am on my way to the Isle of Wight, I'm in the water which is a beqautiful shade of blue. It is a warm summer's day, there is a good feeling everywhere and people are laughing and having fun. I have a young child relying on me to help him/her. I take him/her in my arms and start swimming easily. I am a good strong swimmer and can very easily cope with holding a child. Ahead of us are lots of inflatable slides and  people using them, it's kind of like a water park but with a nice friendly atmosphere, not commercial. Everyone seems to be friends with everyone else.
I arrive at a fairly tall but wide wooden gate/door and go inside. The building I am in is kind of a lighthouse but is also a proper home. My friend Jodie is there, it is her home. She gets down on her knees, produces a box with a ring in it and asks me to marry her. I am aware that I am thinking that I really don't want to, that I don't love her, that I'm not into her type at all (women) but I find myself saying yes but tell myself that I will end it in a few months. My inability to say no to something that just isn't right for me is profound.
I head to go outside to the water again, there is a woman there who asks for my ticket. I realise I have to show my ticket every time I want to come out and think I'll be showing it a lot as I expect to be in and out a great deal. I can't find my ticket in my purse and am concerned that I've lost it but then remember it's in my pocket. She laughs and says she remembers me putting it there last time.  I go out feeling a little odd that I'm now engaged to Jodie.


I am in a car with another friend, Joanne , she is driving me to the lighthouse. We are in London and somehow she knows exactly how to get to where we're going and yet I had needed to use my satnav. I think she must have been here before. We are driving along and can see the lighthouse in the middle of the water, but it looks more like a water fort now, shorter. We also see that there's an entire village around the lighthouse. I know my friend Katie  lives in some part of the lighthouse and I want to get there.
I am in the lighthouse, it has six bedrooms. An estate agent is showing me. the bedroom at the top has two single beds in and is pink. Katie mainly lives in the bottom section of the lighthouse. I think it must get pretty lonely living here and quite boring. The room at the back of the lighthouse is the one Katie uses the most, it's calm and relaxing and you can hear the sea lapping against the walls. I think to myself that when it's stormy outside, it must be really lovely and cosy to be sat in this room. I wonder if I would get really bored living here with nowhere to go but then see Katie step out a large beautiful garden. She is being interview for the television, she is pregnant and I can see that having a garden would make life so much more pleasurable and it would be lovely to live here. Katie is much more beautiful in real life than how I've seen her online and how I imagine her to be.


I am walking along a cobbled street, a man comes up behind me (this man sort of looks like my ex but has the feel of deep respectful kind love more than he has a look) and places his hand on the top of my breast. I know he loves me. We walk along and there is a silent agreement that we are together in love, no words are really needed. We love each other deeply.
We go into a building which has wooden floors and three glass boxes like you would see at a fair. The one of the left has a man eating chips in it, the one in the middle was empty and the one on the right, Paddy from Big Brother got inside of and is saying something I can't understand. My ex talks too and I can hear that he sounds the same as Paddy, their accents similar. I can't understand either of them.

Reply from Tony

Mokey – You start the dream with a great ease with your inner and outer life – the beautiful blue sea. Also you are helping to raise your own inner child. Most of us have this task as we try to grow, because we cannot do so without undoing the wrong experiences we met. See http://dreamhawk.com/inner-life/your-inner-child/ and http://dreamhawk.com/health-and-healing/inner-baby-and-child/

But your are doing well in supporting and enjoying this. But then you are ready to face some issues – the business of whether to live alone, with a woman or with a man. The lighthouse is the scene for this and you wonder if you could cope with it but see it has a garden – a place in which you can relax, grow and experience the beauty of nature – as in the first part of your dream.

Being dream the friend Jodie is also an aspect of you. Like the song, I am a girl who can’t say no. But what are you, in the end not in agreement with – homosexual feelings? But maybe you are saying, “No I do not want to live alone”.

The ticket is an important thing – unless you’ve got the ticket, the price we pay to achieve something or get somewhere; or the sense of right to something, therefore confidence or validity. The uncertainty about Jodie was probably the feelings that were causing you to be uncertain of you right to be able to get into that wonderful awareness of sharing with others in the water.

I feel the return to the lighthouse is another look at living by yourself. It offers a lot of space and the garden. Then your friend Katie is another fresh aspect of you that has a different experience.

That shift then puts you in touch with your male self, a very positive move, one that can lead to wholes and not worrying about being alone.

But it is a whole new way of relating to yourself, so at the moment you cannot understand it. The love you felt makes you look at things like a TV show and that doesn't make sense, while the love you felt does.


Mokey ~ Thank you for taking the time to reply Tony.
I do understand some of your interpretation. I believe the lighthouse to be representative of where I am living now. I am living alone following the break up of my marriage (alone apart from with my children!) and often it feels as though it may as well be in the middle of the sea. I feel very alone and rarely have visitors. I've become quite isolated since moving here, however, this has given me the time and space I have needed to work on my personal growth, to try and figure out what went wrong in the marriage, etc.
The issue I'm currently facing is not homosexuality but I suppose it does involve a man or a woman. All of my life so far has been about men, boyfriends, husbands and children. Now, for the first time in my life I really want to form close friendships with women, but only as friends, but I am really struggling with this, possibly because it's not something I'm used to.

I'm assuming it's relevant what Jodie, Katie and Jo mean to me in real life, as those aspects are what the dream is showing me?
Jodie I describe as a friend of a friend, she's lovely and I'd really like someone like her as a best friend. She's warm, relaxed, funny, easygoing - all my feelings about Jodie are positive. She's a good person.

Jo is someone that I would have to describe as incredibly naive and a bit thick. She seems to focus only on what is right under her nose and never looks at the bigger picture. She has a good job but I don't understand how as I fail to see a decent level of intelligence within her.

Katie is a woman that I find quite ugly. She has elements that are pretty but overall she doesn't have a very attractive look about her. I feel quite uncomfortable looking at her sometimes as her face isn't at all symmetrical.
I found it interesting in the dream that she became prettier than I know her now.

I think my ex in the dream represents the love that I felt for him.
Paddy is someone I would describe as having strong beliefs and  good family values, which is very very much like my ex, and yet part of the reason for our breakup was that there was a lot about my ex I didn't understand, and the dream shows this too.

Tony ~ That makes a  lot more sense - it is a pity we cannot always throw things around in conversation to get at a better understanding.

I wonder if your ex in the dream doesn't simply express the love you felt but also the things you learned from your being together. Life experience is the big teacher and it  is good to list what we have learned and use it. The positive and the negative are useful, but soemtimes we haven't taken time to clarify them, and when we do they are big steps toward growth.


Mokey ~ Maybe we (the royal we!) can. I know a teeny tiny smidge of an amount about dream interpretation, mainly from reading your books. I always try and interpret my dreams, some completely throw me though! I have a friend that I chat to online that is interested in dreams so we often share ours with each other.
By way of helping each other, we pick apart the dreams and ask each other questions about them. So if I'd posted the dream above to her, she'd have likely said, 'Tell me about Katie, who is she?' I'd have described her giving us both an idea about what it's about.
Then she may have said, 'What does the Isle of Wight mean to you?' etc and we'd go back and forth understanding each symbol together to come up with an overall understanding of the dream.

I no longer believe that one person can accurately interpret dreams, I believe that one person can work with the other person to help them view the dream objectively and work together with questions and answers to solve it together.
That isn't to say that your responses haven't helped me. They have always helped me to question further a line of enquiry that I had going, or look at a whole new avenue that I hadn't explored yet.
Thanks once again for your input, it does always help


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Re: Mokey's Dreams
« Reply #2 on: February 05, 2015, 05:04:31 PM »
December 13th 2013

I thought I'd share because it's left me feeling so good! I'm pretty sure I know what this dream means for me ~ I've been avoiding change for a long time but finally feel ready to embrace it. That change comes with some fear because it could turn my world upside down but I feel the dream is telling me that it will work out great in the end.

My dream......

I am in a show with four black men (I am a white female). Above us is a pole and my part in the show is to hang upside down from the pole. It is an amazing feat and the crowd are impressed!

I am in a room and I'm thinking about doing the trick again, this time there is no audience. I go over to the bar, it is pale in colour and wooden. I don't think it looks strong. I pull on it to test the weight and the middle bows and looks as though it will break so I decide against it.
I go into another room where there is another pole. This pole looks strong, it is dark wood and I sense it is strong. I want to do the trick again but there are people all around me telling me not to do it, telling me it's not safe but I really want to turn upside down and feel excited at the thought of it.
I go to the pole, put my hands on it and flip so that my feet are above the pole and I let go with my hands and begin to turn upside down but I don't manage to go all the way, I don't know why.
The next thing I know there are  kind of like shop shelves above the bar. There are children by the shelves and the shelves are full of tins, wide tins full of meat. Everyone is warning me that if I turn upside down all the tins will fly towards me and hit me but I still really want to do it. The excitement is outweighing the danger.
I turn upside down and this time I manage to turn all the way (because of the tins weight)  just as all the tins come flying off the shelf but instead of hitting me, they all fly past me and land on the ground. I feel really good and exhilarated.

Reply from Tony

Mokey – I think the dream is about more than just the big changes you are going through. It is also about something you can do that you can show to others - a gift maybe. The people who do not believe are most likely your own thoughts and feelings that do not believe in you own wonderful potential – that you are still exploring as there is a lot more to come.

Hanging upside down is about turning your world topsy-turvey. It is something that happens as you grow fast within yourself. See - http://dreamhawk.com/dream-dictionary/what-we-need-to-remember-about-us-3/#Reaction

The black men are your tremendous largely unconscious natural strength. The crowd is impressed has a suggestion that you will share your gift with others.


Mokey ~ Thank you for taking the time to reply Tony, apologies for me taking so long to reply in return.

Yes, your interpretation makes sense, actually more so now than when you wrote it a few weeks ago. Thank you.

Tony ~ Mokey - This is just a quote from something already on this site, but thought I would share it.

 A Dream is like a seed, it is something that comes from a deep part of you; it is something that is working upwards toward being conscious. As such it often, like a seed, takes time to break through to the surface, and then it has to grow. So often dreams are not recognised for their full meaning until later – sometimes months or even longer. The dream images are attempts to communicate something that has probably never been thought about or even been consciously realised, so has never been put into common conscious thinking before. It is a communication from the depths, from beyond thought, and so any interpretations that are given by thinking may completely miss the point.

But the source of the dream, which is a process of Life, is intelligent in its own way, and will take part in any attempt to communicate. So exploring your dreams by entering into their imagery and attempting to understand them will be a two way process.


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Re: Mokey's Dreams
« Reply #3 on: February 05, 2015, 05:06:11 PM »
February 26th 2014

I wonder if anyone can advise?

I've always wanted to connect with my higher self (I know we all are connected but I wanted to hear/feel the messages) so I've always tried but failed. Two years ago I was having a bad day, was going to get back in bed and give up for the day when I heard a voice say very clearly, "You need to eat." This voice wasn't mine but wasn't distinguishable as anyone else's either. It wasn't exactly in my head but it wasn't outside of it either! It just was. I had the distinct feeling it was my higher self. I went home, grabbed some food, got in bed, ate it and within two hours I felt completely fine and back to normal.

Since then I've had nothing.

Last week I was in bed awake, it was morning, I'd been awake maybe 30 minutes thinking about various things. I know I had been thinking about my sister as she's going through a bit of a wild phase which is having a detrimental effect on those around her, but then my mind went blank and I distinctly heard a voice again that again wasn't mine and was neither in or out of my head. This time the voice said, very clearly, "Less than a year to live."

I really snapped out of my thinking and became very aware of my surroundings, so I would say I was either in a slight meditative state or it's possible I was dozing off, but once I heard it I was very alert. I didn't feel any major fear about the words but it has played on my mind ever since.

Could this have been my higher self?

Is this notice that I have less than a year to live or that my sister has less than a year to live or could it mean something else?

Do I need to be thinking realistically about the possibility of dying?

I'm 40, fit and healthy and haven't had any concerns and strangely I don't feel panicked or scared by what I heard but it is on my mind.

Two days after I heard this I was doing some writing (this is mostly how I meditate/learn/grow spiritually) when I started writing what could possibly be an idea for a book and it kind of ties in with having less than a year to live so I'm also wondering if my higher self is guiding me through my thoughts to writing a book. I have noted since then that other thoughts/ideas keep popping into my head regarding how the 'story' could go. Am I clutching at straws because I don't want to face what could possibly be my impending death?!!

Any thoughts?

I have been carefully noting any dreams since to see if they shed any light but I don't think they do. On Saturday I dreamt this:

I am on the Isle of Wight (I had been there on Monday/Tuesday) in a house that feels quite grand. I am stood in a large room which feels like an entrance way as well as a room. There is someone with me and to my left, in another room is Eddie. (Eddie is a man I went on a date with, who lives on the iow, about a year ago. We met again briefly on Monday. There is no attraction/relation possible)  Eddie and I are going to go on a date.

I am back on the mainland and am at a train station to catch a train up to London to go on a date with Eddie. (I live 2 hours away from London so it would be a bit odd to go there for a date in real life!) Eddie is still on the island, I am going up slightly before him (getting a head start?) but I don't know why. I stand and wait for the train which I sense should come in on my right. Nothing comes for a long time and then I realise that the train has been replaced by a bus so I walk over to a circular area where I am to catch the bus. I realise it will take a long time to get up to London on the bus.

I suddenly realise I don't have any money, I know I did have. I remember I have left it on the train, even though I never got on one. I get on a train that is in the station and see my wallet (not a purse) where I left it. It is open and there is no money in it. There are two boys aged about 10 stood nearby, they say something which makes me realise that they took the money. I confront them but they deny it. I know they did though.
I have to contact Eddie to tell him that I won't be able to meet him in London after all as I have no way of getting there. I don't know why we didn't just have a date where we were.

On Monday night I dreamt this:
Ruby (my 16 yr old daughter) had had a baby and Elisha (my 14 yr old daughter) is babysitting for her.I am unsure of the sex of the baby but it feels more female than male. Elisha is sat in the bath with the baby, I am sat on the outside of the bath half watching. Elisha gets distracted using her phone for what seems like ages. I think that she needs to watch the baby. Some time, minutes, go by. I look into the water and see the baby at the bottom, I don't know how long it's been down. Elisha is still on her phone. I take the baby out of the water, the skin around its eyes are dark and slightly sunken and I think it must be dead. I go to breath into its mouth when I remember that it would be dangerous to do that if it doesn't need it so I put my ear to its chest and can hear a slow but very loud and strong heartbeat. I then put my ear to its mouth and can hear gentle breathing, I feel relieved.

Last night I dreamt but can only remember a snippet of it. I dreamt that I was in the house that I grew up in. I went into the kitchen which was massive when I lived there but in the dream the current owners had changed it and it was now really small and narrow. It didn't make a great deal of sense to me why they would make it so small and difficult to use. The bigger kitchen was much better.

I don't know if any of these dreams are relevant at all.

Reply from Tony ~ Mokey - I know this path well, because I trod it some 40 odd years ago. The voice is that of your central Self which creates dreams, and it has broken through the usually barriers that most people have and spoken to you. In 1972 I heard such a voice. One night I had woken because I needed to go to the toilet. Just as I was approaching my bed again I heard a voice speaking to me. It was very clear and seemed to come from everywhere in the room. It said, ‘You have asked how God touches a human life. Now watch closely.’ 
This was an extraordinary experience and nothing like it had happened to me before, so I was naturally fascinated to see what happened. I couldn’t sleep that night, expecting something else as dramatic to occur. Nothing did, but shortly afterwards I began to experience the release of painful emotions and memories from years back. It was like being cleansed. This went on for years and led to a full meeting with God. It was my first experience of LifeStream. See Life’s Little Secrets

Your voice said for you to eat, and my comments need to be held but not grasped in case they do no apply to you, but often in inner experiences that were about eating what was indicated was taking in all life experiences, pleasure, pain, passion, quietness, food, love, everything life puts before you - eat it.

The voice that told you that you only have a year to live - take my comments as above - is the story of the inner path. You must die before you can be born a new being. I know it sounds sometime preposterous, but it can really happen to you, that you will go through and - inner - death experience.

The following is a quote from Individuation. “Dreams, when they are the great creations of high awareness, suggest the cosmos arose out of a huge death – the big bang – a death planned out of love so that we might exist. Meeting death while alive – relinquishing all we have considered to be the reason for our personal existence – dropping the urge to grasp what has been the goals of ones life, such as sex, money, power, self expression – brings a new life in which we realise our intimate oneness with life. And although this seems like an end as we enter it, as we die to it, the vastness of it promises new and wondrous life. This is an end to the life we have led up to that point. But ends are beginnings in the wider life. For at our very centre is the ever shifting mystery that is life itself.”

I cannot comment on your dreams at the moment. But take heart and it will be okay with you - you are not about to leave your body for you have a lot more that life wants you to do.


Mokey ~ Thank you very much for your wisdom, as always.

I've not had any real fear about my life ending, of me dying, which I thought I probably would and so your words make sense, coupled with the dream I had a few months ago which you interpreted for me where I was turning upside down.

I do feel as though I've been in limbo for the last 3-4 years, I still feel in that state now so for my life as it is to end and a new one to begin would make sense and be very welcome.

I write a diary each day and I have noted that a lot of my entries over the recent months have been about letting go of people and situations that no longer serve me.

I'm including my most recent dream here just for your interest. Don't feel you need to interpret as I feel I understand its meaning anyway. I think you'll agree it ties in with letting go and moving  on.

Barney (ex-husband that I still have a lot of ties with) is leaving to go and live in Cornwall. We have to drive down with him in his car, it will take 5 hours. Just as we're about to set off I see my cousin Linda. I'm supposed to be going round her house tonight but realise I won't be back in time. She is outside Asda having bought some cheese slices. She tells me that she's going to be making something with the cheese for tonight, possibly meatballs. I tell her that I have to go to Cornwall with Barney and that I'm not sure if I'll be back in time to make it. She understands even though the night was important to us. As I say it I realise that I won't have any way of getting home from Cornwall as we're in Barney's car so ask him how. He says that I will be getting the train back.

Barney, Poppy (mine and Barney's daughter) and I are on a train on the way to Cornwall. We are sat in a modern carriage with no windows. I wonder why we're sat in the first place we come to rather than looking for someone nicer to sit. As I look around I see how old fashioned everything is. In place of the modern carriage, it now appears to be set in the olden days. Everything is in a sepia tone (whereas before it was colour) and there are people in old fashioned dress sat at round tables. I feel a sense of sadness and fear about Barney going to Cornwall and my Dad being in Weymouth (my Dad recently moved there)  and realise that I will be all alone. I wonder how I will cope when something goes wrong or needs fixing and I feel scared at the thought of how alone and empty my life will be.

Someone comes to the table that I am sat at, they are giving out presents. I see Harry (my nephew)  in front of me before he returns to his seat. I have been handed a tall wicker basket, when I look inside, the bottom is missing but I know that somehow, when I put stuff in it, it will manage to hold it. I know I need to fill the basket with tiny dried petals. I think I know where the petals are so I get up and go to a room just behind me, it is dark and dingy but this is where the petals are kept, in a container on a bar,  (I feel like I'm in a saloon) except when I look, I seem to be unable to get the petals. I walk along the carriage/saloon and spot all of Tay's kids (my nieces and nephews) sat around a big round table, Harry is the dominant one. Someone says something to me about presents, I reply in a desperate voice, "I don't want presents, I just want the flowers." They seem to be so out of my reach.

I woke with the song, "My Bonnie lies over the ocean" in my head.

Thank you again. I really appreciate the time you've taken to reply.


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Re: Mokey's Dreams
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March 12th 2014

I just had to share this dream which seems to be a follow on from events over the past couple of weeks which I wrote about here ~ http://dreamhawk.com/forums/index.php?topic=3266.0

This is the dream........
I am stood alone in the middle of nowhere, but I am aware of people somewhere around me. All around me is dusty earth and nothing else in sight. I know that it is the end of the world. I think about packing my things but realise I don't need to as I won't exist after this and neither will anyone else, although I also have a sense that I have luggage in my hands already. I also know that although it's the end, there is a small glimmer of something new and I sense that although it is the end of the world, there is something after it. Something new. It looks like a ball of light and I sense it to be near or in my right hand.

Reply from Tony

Mokey - Fascinating.

I suggest opening to the new and the light - but do it gently. To quote -

I do not appear to be guiding the power with my mind, as it seems to be strongest if I try to fix my mind on something else. Eileen Garratt echoes the same opinion. She writes: ‘I have heard it said that in “supernatural” sensing, concentration and meditation are necessary. But this seems contrary to anything which I have learned from my own experience in clairvoyance telepathy and projection. I would say that an ease, a nonchalance about the process, are prerequisites to the production of such states.’ She says later that complete relaxation and surrender of the conscious self, allows the superconscious self to become dynamic and active at a conscious level. This exactly matches what the other woman does in ‘surrendering to God’.


Mokey ~ That's very interesting reading, thanks Tony.

I'm not quite sure of the direction my life is heading at the moment but I'm loving all the dreams and synchronicities that are occuring at the moment.

Tony ~ Mokey - Some quotes from my journal some dating back to 1974.

I understood that we had wanted power to direct our life from the ego built up in one lifetime. This cut us off from the direction of the higher self. The higher self was the first part of us to be created - born - and was God’s chosen instrument in directing our life. We had killed it by turning from its direction and resisting higher guidance. This was the story of Cain and Able. 

That nobody notices, despite the fact I think perhaps this will be a national memory, means that in choosing this course, few will notice my life. I will not become a national figure, or lead thousands. My life and directions will be virtually unknown. It will not even have any real national heritage in the sense the great mystics and writers have. I will be one of the immense army of souls to find the highest, but whose work is to remain almost unknown in a major way. May 1974

The leader is my power within you which directs your life. The decision to change the things back means the dropping of conscious intervention, and letting my life bring the changes.

The street represents the life journey you make. When you try to lift yourself, you lift the world too. The street represents this connection between your own spiritual journey and the world. The life force is represented by the living within the street, moving along the street. When you realise you are going to have a match with the boxer, this means you are directly facing the life force, facing resistance. The boxing match represents the difficulties you face trying to lift the life force, in your direct assault upon it.  Great love lifts the life force, but your method is to learn to bring these forces under conscious control. 

This was given when asking what a dream mean, as was the comment above.
When you cannot find your way, and the sand deceives you; when the light from the sand comes upon you, this means the great thoughts from the one and come to your consciousness. The life of the one will think within you. But there will be many “great thoughts” living within your consciousness, asking you great things. This will confuse you as to your direction in life. The great thoughts do not bring direction. My life has no direction. The way to meet the one life is to make your life one that is lived in love for others. This gives the direction that brings the one life into materialisation. The way it was trod. Let your life be led like the great ones. 



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Re: Mokey's Dreams
« Reply #5 on: February 05, 2015, 05:10:53 PM »
March 25th 2014

I am in Martin and Juliette's (old neighbours) house outside in an alley way, it is day time. Juliette has come outside to look at something. We go back inside as I am going to be at their house when Juliette goes out.
I am sat on a chair on my laptop. It is night time, it is dark. I feel a little nervous. I hear a noise and look over to the door on my right. It opens and a man is stood there. I am really scared and  I try and shout at him to get out but no real sound comes out. I get up, try to turn on the lights but they don't come on so make my way over to the door and lock it. I sit back in the chair. My laptop is really hot and is over heating and shutting itself down. I realise it's because I've kept the lid closed. (Kept a lid on things?)

Caroline (current fairly close friend) comes back (changed from Juliette), it is still dark. I tell her about the man trying to get in. We go over to the door, it's not locked. I hadn't actually managed to lock it. I try again but can't do it. Caroline turns it a different way and it starts to lock. We both work together to make sure it's fully locked. Caroline says I would have been ok as Ian (her husband) was upstairs. I tell her he wouldn't have heard me as I couldn't make a sound. We are driving somewhere, along a street. We talk about what he would have done if he'd got in. I realise as it's summer it's more the season to do this kind of thing, I suggest he would have stolen money and anything little but valuable he saw. I realise he probably would have took my laptop. I say to Caroline that he was an opportunist, and that I probably scared him off.

I go out of a back door into a school playground (It looks like my first school a little but feels a bit like my secondary school). I walk to the far end of the playground and through a metal gate. I then return, as I walk back it strikes me that it is dark and I wonder why I didn't put the lights on. I can hear a noise and feel scared. I just want to get back into the safety of the building and lock the doors. I head towards the door but see another one further right and am confused about which door I came out of. I go to the door on the right, as I do so I hear a noise. There is a gate even further right, it is opening. I am struggling to get in the door quickly. I want to get in and lock the door but then there is a man right there in front of me. I am really scared. He has on a black hat and he shouts at me to 'Get Out' I shout out 'No'. I am petrified.

Reply from Tony

Mokey - You gathered two of your female friends as some sort of support but you didn’t manage to get male support (thinking in terms of your inner male - http://dreamhawk.com/dream-encyclopedia/archetype-of-the-animus-jungs-view-of-the-male-in-the-female/)
Somehow the real fear women have of a strange man entering their house has been transferred into your dream, where you have the upper hand - except if you feel awful fear in the dream. This is shown by the lights not coming on, a real film technique as herald of something awful happening. Then your laptop overheats, another sign of rising fear.

I feel it is natural at first for people to be very confused about the difference between their waking life and their dream life. They believe that what they dream is the same as what they meet in waking life. In other words we take as a truth that what is important outwardly is as important inwardly. In other words you are as upset by a dream as if it had actually happened in waking life. Such mistakes make us feel things that are ridiculous. See http://dreamhawk.com/dream-encyclopedia/questions-2/#Summing

The appearance of the man twice in the same dream is important. Also what can a dream man do to you in a dream? Of course you can fantasy frightening things and wake silly with fear - as I have done many times in the past, and had to get up ands switch all the lights on, until over the years I realised that it was my fear causing my fear!?? And nothing had actually harmed me.

So your dream inner friend showed you something, maybe just a thought, that in daylight was okay, but when darkness came it grew into a great fear. That fear grew into a power that petrified you. The man shouting ‘get out’ might actually mean in dream language, “Get out of this woman. Get out of her for I can see the awful power it has on her.”

Maybe using http://dreamhawk.com/dream-encyclopedia/questions-2/#FaceFear - http://dreamhawk.com/approaches-to-being/martial-art-of-the-mind/ or even http://dreamhawk.com/news/avoiding-being-my-own-victim/ might help.

They are not a drug that takes away the symptoms, but are work that can be done over time.



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Re: Mokey's Dreams
« Reply #6 on: February 05, 2015, 05:12:03 PM »
July 6th 2014

I've been having a few problems with my 15 year old daughter E. She is quite down/depressed at the moment (has been for quite some time) because of various problems ~ lack of friends, being a teen, problems with her Dad but also some bullying from a teacher in school. I have had a lot of problems with the school in dealing with what I consider to be a very serious matter and was all set to take it all the way and try and get the teacher sacked but am now questioning that and wondering if I should just let go and allow the Universe to do what it knows best!
I asked myself on Friday night before I went to sleep, what I should do. Carry on and try and get this woman out or let it all go and just concentrate on helping E to get well again.

I also have a lot of money worries at the moment and concern about starting my own business (both of which are on my mind constantly) and so I wonder if this is relevant to my dream too.

Friday night's dream:
I am walking through my local town on the road that leads to the bus stop (entrance). There are nettles growing wildly covering the pavement completely in one area. People are having to walk right round the nettles by going on the road. I walk round the nettles too.

I am with a man by a skip. He has a bed base or 2 that he is getting rid of. He thinks they are too heavy to do anything about right now but I think if we do it together, we can get them in the skip. We move one of the bases and it comes out of where he's pulling it from much easier than he thought it would. I say we may as well put it in the skip. We do so and he tells me to lay it so it's on an angle, against the side of the skip. I do but it slips so I go round to the skip and adjust it so it's laying almost flat but still on a bit of an angle. Really it's a little too big for anything else much to fit in although once it's in I can see there should be enough room for the second bed base.

My friend Shella's Dad (really lovely man, kind, always smiling and laughing) comes over, says, "Hello, where did those nettles come from?" Either I or the man tells him that they've been there since December (Dec 2012 was when all the problems with E started) when a man from North of the county came down and dumped them, since then they've been growing. We wonder if the man moved down here or was just here for the day dumping them off.

Next I dreamt about something to do with walking my dog and something in a pet shop but this part is vague.

Saturday night's dream:
I am at a school, there is a group of older lads from a different area that the school think are there to cause trouble. I have spoke to them before and I found them to be ok if you know how to speak to them so they can relate. I have no fear of these boys. Everyone else seems to be scared of these boys and what they're going to do but I'm not.

I approach the gate to enter the school field, which looks like the back of my house. The lads are behind me in cars, mostly blue cars. There is a metal fence which has been heightened and there are four prefects stood the other side. The prefects are really tall, as tall as the fence which is easily 6.5-7 feet tall. They let me in and I talk to them a little before walking up the field towards the house/school.

I am walking around an area, through different roads, seeing different people. I feel carefree and happy. I see a couple of the mums from school with their children (in the dream the mums I saw are the muslim mum's from my youngest daughter's school (not my daughter E) they are really lovely, friendly women, always greet people with a smile and a hello but in the dream they didn't). I work my way through all the maze of roads until I find myself at a junction. I am at the junction at the bottom of the road I lived as a child. I have to choose the right lane to be able to go where I want to go. I know which lane I need but it's a bit of a challenge to get to it. It's slippery looking.
My daughter E is with me now, we have got to the right lane and where we want to be and are looking at a photo. E said she always found the lanes difficult as she felt she didn't know if she was a part of our family or a part of another. We look at the photo. It shows E when she was younger laughing as she slips down a slope. With her is her older sister and brother, my Dad and some other family members. E is a part of our family.

I have a bracelet on that my Auntie made for me. (My auntie was Down Syndrome and not at all independent like down's children today. She wouldn't have been able to make a bracelet this complicated). It is plastic and it connects in many different places. One of the connections has come undone and I am worried it will break the whole thing. I very carefully hold it until I can get someone to look at it. I go out into a garden which is mine. It's beautiful, well cared for and very inviting. I put the bracelet down on the short grass and I try to fix the link. I manage it but I'm not sure it's done the way it was done in the first place, I'm not sure it'll be secure. My sister S comes over (My sister is a person that I would currently describe as someone who has changed and not for the better. She is selfish and just out for herself. Whenever family members try to help her, which is a lot, she doesn't listen and just wants everything her own way) and asks to see the bracelet. I start laying it out, opening it up more without unravelling it. It creates shapes of squares that all interlink, in various colours that shine in the light. The bracelet is no longer plastic but is almost crystal like. Some of the squares are linked on most sides but end on their own too, however, as a whole they're all still linked. I marvel at how beautiful it is.
As I look the squares each now hold flowers and the bracelet is basket like, as in, it can sit on the ground, have depth and hold something. I look in each compartment of the bracelet/basket and see various flowers. I point them all out to S. I am looking up close and it's only when I move back a little that I notice that I missed some at the bottom right. I see miniature daffodils that haven't opened yet. I say to S (who now feels like a different person) that I love daffodils, she says she didn't think I did.   I explain that I love them most when they have yet to open, not when they've opened and are starting to die. I pick the basket up and look at the other flowers closely. Some are dead, some starting to wilt. I pick out and discard all the dead ones, leaving the ones that still have some life and beauty left in them and leaving all the ones that have still to open. I then notice a paddle shaped item in amongst the flowers. I take it out, there is a picture on it which gives instructions to dip the paddle in honey to attract bees. I think it will be so beautiful to have my garden full of flowers and bees. Steph thinks it might not be a good idea but I know it will be good. I know it will just make it more beautiful. I feel light and happy. So happy.

If anyone can advise I'd really appreciate it. Thanks

Reply to Tony

Mokey - The first dream is more complicated but I will try to make sense of it.

The nettles are an area that can cause a lot of irritation or pain if you re not careful. It seems it has to do with your daughter and it was ‘dumped’ on her through a man who just came and left; he comes from a cold and dark attitude. Could that relate to her dad?

The bed bases are old attitudes that have arisen from past experiences and it is wise to put them both in the skip/dumpster. Imagine yourself doing that.

Shellah’s dad seems to be the answer to problems that face you - a smiling happy attitude. So with that attitude watch and wait.

Saturdays dream: Your ability to talk to people in a friendly way enables you to get through things other people see as barriers or are scared of. So you are on the right track and “I feel carefree and happy”. Probably because you are in the company of parts of you that do not put attitudes of suspicion and enmity between you and others - the Muslim women.

The slippery thing is that you/your daughter needs to realise you are a loved and appreciated member of your family - as shown by the end of your dream.

The bracelet is a wondrous thing that you have within you. I have to guess about this, but I think it is a part of your nature that developed as you dealt with your auntie. I think you treated her as a person. I believe that we are all, no matter our physical situation, someone who matters, even though they are learning different things than you and I. So in that way you created something with so much promise. You thought it was plastic, but as you look closely you see how beautiful and full of life it is.

You begin to see that this is crystal, a thing of eternity, and links with all.

Dear Mokey, please value what you are and what you have, for it builds links that you may not appreciate at the moment, but it links you with the highest good.

Use the honey - your essence gathered from your whole life experience, gathered through hard work and sacrifice. Take out the dead parts of what you are growing in the wonderful garden of yourself. Marvel at how beautiful you are, and know that your daughter and your life are still like the daffodil bud, still opening. And know that the fading daffodil is actually a thing of beauty, for it is secretly forming the seeds of new life.



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Re: Mokey's Dreams
« Reply #7 on: February 05, 2015, 05:13:36 PM »
February 1st 2015

I am at an outdoor weight loss meeting (I recently started eating healthier and have lost a few pounds) but am also very heavily pregnant, due any day. I am talking to someone and I say that I was pregnant 3 years ago, (3 years ago exactly I began a relationship with M even though the time wasn't right for me to start a relationship, which became very on and off and has been off for the last year although we've remained friends. I never felt madly in love with him though) confirmed by doctors, with scans to prove it and yet I never really grew and I never gave birth to the baby but I feel certain that this time I will as I am definitely showing and have definitely grown this time. (I've spent the last year single and working really hard on some old issues to help me heal). I have a tampon in my vagina and it feels as though it is really wet. I wonder if my waters have broken.
The weight loss meeting has ended and they are packing away but I'm hoping they haven't packed the toilets away yet. I tell them I need to use the toilet and they point them out to me. I stand outside, waiting in the queue. There are soldiers in the queue, they seem quite friendly and nice. One is ahead of me and goes in to a fairly large room with a toilet in the middle, facing the door. He sits down and I can see all that he is doing but neither of us are bothered by it. I can feel the tampon is saturated and swollen with the water and I'm certain my waters have gone but I need to check so once he's out of the toilet I go in. This time the toilet is off to the side slightly with more privacy but I feel a little self conscious about using it full view of everyone.

I am walking through North End ( a place I lived many years ago and have a lot of happy memories from) and am on the phone to B (an ex who I was madly in love with but he was abusive and destroyed me on so many levels, hence the last year of healing) telling him that my waters have gone. He is excited and really looking forward to the baby being born.

On February 21st last year I heard a voice say to me, "Less than a year to live." Tony, if you read this and if you recall, you emailed me and said that it was my higher self telling me that I would be having almost a spiritual death. This is exactly what has happened over the last 12 months, in fact when I summarised 2014 I called it the year of letting go as so many relationships in my life ended. I did a massive amount of healing work on myself after an abusive relationship which was still traumatising me and I also healed my childhood issues that were still lingering. Towards the end of the year I felt a huge void, an emptiness that left me feeling quite down but I embraced it as the pause before the birth of the new me.
I believe this dream is showing me that now is the time of labour, that I have grown this time and that any conflicts I had before are now easier to get along with (soldiers). I think it's showing me the release of these conflicts with the soldier going to toilet but I am confused about why I would phone B to tell him of the labour and why B would be the father (I'm assuming he is in the dream!) as he was the one that abused me and that I spent the year healing from.
Also, my relationship with M was at a time in my life when I really wasn't in a place for love. I was too damaged by the abuse but in the last few months it has emerged that I am now ready to start embarking in love again which I think the dream is showing me, I'm just quite confused about B ~ could he represent love, as he's the last person I really felt a strong love for?

Can you shed any light?

Reply from Tony ~

Mokey - The father of your dream child is probably all the positive things you have gathered from the men you have been with, though B figurers strongly.

I am quoting to save time so read between the lines. “Remember that because you were together for a while there is no way you can ‘have nothing to do’ with someone you have been intimately involved with. It doesn’t work like that. Most people are often totally unaware of the massive experience they take in during a relationship and how it interacts with them when we love someone. In other words the memories and experience we gather unconsciously change us and are not lost. It is part of you and is symbolised in dreams as a person or event.”

So the father of the baby is not the actual person, but all that has become a part of you and is an enormous factor in creating the new birth. Yes, it is that love that you felt and took in - I really felt a strong love for?

2015 is an 8 year, a good time for death and rebirth - and of course childbirth. I think you have got the understanding of the soldiers.


Mokey ~ Thanks Tony  :)
That makes sense, I associate B with love. A positive dream :)

Thanks again


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Re: Mokey's Dreams
« Reply #8 on: February 05, 2015, 10:51:50 PM »

February 1st 2015

I would like to add that the Soldier in a dream may also be a sign of discipline and organization that you should follow.And you need to have more privacy in your life.


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Re: Mokey's Dreams
« Reply #9 on: February 06, 2015, 02:00:22 AM »

I haven't any suggestions about other dreams for two reason 1) they were so well interpreted 2) is the past and it's very far .Today is February 2015 and you are here and now ,be present this is important . Don't look behind ,always look  Ahead  ." NOW" is the most exciting moment of your life because you can decide and start to creat the things you wish .And your recent dream  confirmed that is a 2015 is an 8 year, a good time for death and rebirth, new begins for you .Please take this opportunity and make your wishes  come true. I'm sure you can do it .You wrote that you would like to meet your Higher Self  I believe you will meet  him , but you need to be ready for this meeting , your feeling about life must be as high as possible this why it is called Higher Self .
Life is Beautiful  :)

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Re: Mokey's Dreams
« Reply #10 on: February 06, 2015, 09:11:29 PM »

I would like to add that the Soldier in a dream may also be a sign of discipline and organization that you should follow.And you need to have more privacy in your life.

Thanks for your input Irina but on this occasion I would say that interpretation is probably not right for me. I am a very private person and actually, if anything, I need to let people in more, a lot more.  I think the friendliness of the soldiers in the dream was showing me that I'd overcome and made my peace with some inner conflict I had going on but thanks for your time, it's much appreciated.  :)


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Re: Mokey's Dreams
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Today is February 2015 and you are here and now ,be present this is important . Don't look behind ,always look  Ahead  .

I disagree. I find looking back very helpful in being able to move forward. I have just spent the last year healing very old wounds that I have refused to look at before. I committed to looking and healing and had to do a lot of looking back to do this. I have used old dreams to aid me in this and have been able to see that all along, my dreams were guiding me. What this has done now has enabled me to see what my current dreams are meaning for my present and my future. Without referring to the past, I wouldn't have such a clear picture of the now.

Once again though, I appreciate your input, thanks  :)


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Re: Mokey's Dreams
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You are  always welcome   :)

It's Ok.
In your Life the choice is always yours. :)

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Re: Mokey's Dreams
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Life often has surprises for us. Like my stroke that had no warning signs and I hadn't even suspected and didn't choose. I asked a specialist why I had a stroke when I had eaten only the best, was a vegetarian for 20 years, didn't eat fats, and the answer was it was in your genes and couldn't be avoided.

I have learnt a lot from it though.



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Re: Mokey's Dreams
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I am in a secure box type carrier, on top of a horse with one other person with me and a man on top of the box who is in charge of the horse. This man's energy feels not at all serious, almost like a jester but not quite. We are on a stony beach, maybe Southsea (near where I live), and from my box I can see Poppy (my 7 year old daughter) sat at the base of the horse's neck. I then watch as the horse starts to walk down towards the sea ~  as it goes in deeper and deeper I start to get really scared that the horse either won't be able to swim or that Poppy will fall off. I know there's no way for me to get out of the box and I pray that if Poppy lets go, the man on top will save her but I'm worried he won't as he doesn't take anything seriously. I watch the horse swim with confidence, strongly across the water. Poppy holds tight but at one point stands up confidently, waves her arm around and then sit back down.

Poppy and I are in a shop. She has run off and I think it will be a good lesson for her to feel scared at losing me so I don't go in search but then I change my mind and look for her. I spot her ahead, she isn't scared at all but I feel really scared especially when I realise that she doesn't even care. I am at the top of some steps, Poppy at the bottom and a woman in between us. I tell Poppy to come to me, the woman questions who I am and if I am safe. I tell her I am Poppy's mum. Poppy has really changed from a sweet loving girl to someone who doesn't seem to care about our relationship any more.

I am back on the beach looking out across the water to a secret island. The horse and Poppy will be coming back soon and I'm worried that the horse won't cope in the water that is now choppier than before. Above me is clear sky but immediately ahead is grey storm clouds but beyond that, where the island is, is piercing blue skies almost like a tropical sea. I am able to somehow see something on the island, as if I am watching it on telly, and I see a sandy beach and an area that has been fenced off, inside the fenced off area is a castle. I wonder if it's been done for a tv program and that the island is actually the Isle of Wight and that I'm being made to believe it's a secret island. The horse returns with no problems. I don't recall if Poppy was with the horse or not.