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Author Topic: Message to prepare for marriage  (Read 5330 times)


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Message to prepare for marriage
« on: May 28, 2015, 07:44:17 AM »
goodday Tony. I dreamt I was in my mothers room. Then I saw an old lady from our church who has since passed. She sat on a chair, you know like a standard brown classroom chair. She told me my ex' boyfriends wife wasn't doing well n she was telling this to my mom and I. She continued to say that my mom must prepare me for marriage - to my ex boyfriend that is since his wife was not being a good wife. My mom seemed happy about it coz I saw her smile. I seemed happy too and I said to myself at least this has happened after I have finished my school and graduated. The old lady after conveying her message stood up to leave n I noticed how smart she looked. Stockings and wore a cream pleated skirt. She used to be smart looking like that. Then another lady in the church who I believe does 'works of darkness' lol....she came into the room but after everything had been said n I was glad she didn't get to hear all this coz hey who knows what she could do....lol!!

I'm currently going into my last semester of university and have been worrying if I will graduate at all. I had this dream 2 yrs ago n been wondering of its significance in my life. I understand the symbol 'bedroom' points to intimate issues like love n relationships. Am still learning to sit in silence to absorb dream symbols into me to try and understand what part of me they relate - to my being and feelings emotions etc.

With that said....my ex's wife...not sure what part of me is failing n not doing well. Wats the marriage aspect about...wat part of my ex to incorporate in my life since I'm to prepare to marry him. He's a confident and a classy person...could this be it....I have to be confident and classy to prepare myself for after I graduate ?...my life out there? ....please guide my thinking....much tks :)

Tony Crisp

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Re: Message to prepare for marriage
« Reply #1 on: May 29, 2015, 10:22:26 AM »
Ginah - A difficult one to really be sure about; the old lady could be a direct attempt to pass on information to you. You see her as being smart expressing the positive and light - and the other woman you felt was expressing the dark side of life.

It seems you are polarised to the light, but we are all a mixture of light and darkness, so do not completely shut out the dark woman, because such parts of you often have a great street insight, and know what is going on in the underworld - in other words your own unconscious.

Such wisdom is learning to be suspicious and not live in a pink cloud; to listen to your senses and ask questions as to what is going on. A relative of mine was walking up a hill in the middle of a city and had a feeling that this was not a good idea. However he walked on and was pushed to the ground and had a knife pushed to his throat and was robbed. He wasn't listening to his voice from his dark underworld self. Please see the video on http://www.streetwisdom.org/about/

But you have a wonderful voice from your light self also. So here is the message from you light self - as far as I am able to understand it - You have learned a lot from your mother - her bedroom - a lot about relationships and family love. The old dead lady is a voice from your core self. Your ex boyfriend may be about him, but it is certainly about all that you took in from your relationship with him - and remember this message is coming from all you have learned unconsciously from your mother and your core self - see core

The message is to let your mother's and your inner wisdom guide you, for you are preparing to meet a man you wish to share your life with and what you learned from your ex led to a difficult marriage - dreams tend to predict from information you hold within you.

Your education is important - but passing it should not be your aim. What is it you actually want to do with your life? Decide what it is and go out in the street and let your street wisdom show you.

I know you have it in you to do it - and remember to often LOL.