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Author Topic: Nightmare; Need Help Figuring Out What It Means  (Read 6822 times)


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Nightmare; Need Help Figuring Out What It Means
« on: July 17, 2011, 05:56:49 PM »
So I had a dream awhile ago that still gets to me even now.

My boyfriend and I were walking down the street to a park I go to often, as we entered the park we heard a distant howling in the woods that are located in the park. We looked at each other as we heard them running towards us and as we stood there in horror eight wolves that were just huge came running at us.

We ran to the play structure and ran up the slide while one of the wolves followed us up it. When we got to the top Nate [my boyfriend] kicked it in the head sending it sliding back down as a wolf came at me from behind so I hit it with a stick.

We were fighting them off as best as we could together but then the Alpha of the pack howls and says "I want your mate boy, she will be mine." and Nate says "Over my dead body!" the wolf says "That can be arranged, we will fight. If you win my pack will leave, if I win I get the girl." and then my boyfriend agrees to go fight even though I beg him through tears for him not to.

So he gets down and pulls his knife out as the rest of the pack circles around him and the Alpha and they fight. After about ten minutes of them fighting and them both being cut up pretty good the rest of the pack closes in on him and pounce killing him and ripping him to shreds.

Then I woke up screaming and tears running down my face.

Any ideas on what it means?

Tony Crisp

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Re: Nightmare; Need Help Figuring Out What It Means
« Reply #1 on: July 21, 2011, 08:34:41 AM »
Leigh – This is obviously about fear you have, but may hide, of your boyfriend being involved in a fight with a gang. The wolves in the dream can be seen as the vicious element of people around you. Your boyfriend produces a knife, suggesting that see him in a role of someone willing and ready to defend you and himself.

You feel you are a woman worth fighting for, and sexual attraction is a part of competition.

The end of the dream is an ending you feel would happen if attacked by a gang.

However, did you know that it has been tested many times in the USA that when a large number of people meditate in a city such as Chicago the crime rate of that city dropped enormously. It was done many times in various cities with the same astonishing results. So if you meditate you will be a part of avoiding the awful number of crimes. We are each beacons spreading either violence or peace.

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Re: Nightmare; Need Help Figuring Out What It Means
« Reply #2 on: July 26, 2011, 08:44:18 AM »
Are there any other possible meanings?
If so I would really be interested in hearing them.

Thank you for the interpretation you've given me already.
It gave me some things to think about C:


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Re: Nightmare; Need Help Figuring Out What It Means
« Reply #3 on: July 26, 2011, 09:33:55 AM »
although in the dream he was prepared to fight,he still got ripped to shreds,which may suggest him being out of his depth in some area,this may be work related or as tony suggested any kind of gang/collective group and your fears for him.
my own take on this is this,
not until the bond is broken,is the bond truly felt !
sometimes dreams show us horrible things happening to those close to us,to break us out of some sort of lethargy within that relationship,
the question to ask which may help you understand is ,
what did you feel about him after he was ripped to shreds,
did you feel great love and sense of loss at this,which would suggest that you are taking the relationship for granted somehow,and not sharing your true feelings,
losing him ,in the dream would make your true feelings come to the surface,so that you can put them into the relationship,before its to late,
i agree with tony's thoughts aswell,and this is just my small input,as the best person to interprate the dream is you,.
hope this is of use to you,
rgds mikey.