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Author Topic: Lizard-Dragon & River  (Read 4806 times)


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Lizard-Dragon & River
« on: May 02, 2015, 06:49:05 PM »
Hi Tony,
I hope you are well! I had two dreams last night I’d like your help with. :)

The first dream began with this sense I was watching a news program only I was directly watching it rather than it being on TV. This massive black lizard-dragon creature rose from below the earth in front of me. It reminded me of Godzilla only it was much, much bigger. I was on the ground and I recall seeing its huge lizard foot beside me. I wasn't afraid...just watching in a more curious or observant way. Then my perspective shifted to high above, looking down on the landscape below, where I could see what was going on. It wasn’t aggressively attacking but just walking upright and incinerating everything in its path and leaving nothing behind but ash. There was a village of houses that it was moving through but no people visible and it looked deserted. From high above I could see that it would be moving over a hill very soon and on the other side I could see a large suburban development that it was heading toward and it looked like sunrise there even though it had been daytime before too.

In the second dream I recall this historical building with a river beside it and I was with this man who was wading his way across the river with a spear or poll he was using to check the depth as he moved. Suddenly the spear went deep and he caught something and pulled it up. It was a metal plug to a drain that looked like a giant thimble. The river began draining into a tunnel or basement area of the building. I somehow knew that the water would reveal some sort of treasure in the building in an area that was hidden before. I then looked upstream and I saw a wide and beautiful view of the river as it flowed toward us and there was a waterfall and hundreds of large rocks that were all very smooth and rounded from being in the river. The rocks were scattered all the way up the river and even in the waterfall. Some of the rocks were even moving down through the drain into the tunnel below. I then noticed how the drain plug had been blocking the flow of the river to this underground place for a long time and I knew that it had been put there by men.

Tony Crisp

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Re: Lizard-Dragon & River
« Reply #1 on: May 03, 2015, 12:31:55 PM »
Dreamtime - Two amazing dreams. Both of them about a similar theme - opening to a new you.

The first dream is about you discovering the enormous power of your inner world - the creative forces of Life that are usually latent within us. We tend to think our personality is all there is, but your dream shows you that there is something ginormous and more to you.

That you are not afraid is wonderful, and that it is incinerating things means that its power is removing the old established views you have of life and clearing for new growth. If you saw the home page http://dreamhawk.com/news/there-is-a-huge-change-happening/ it explains a little about the process you are experiencing inside you. But such dreams are about enormous changes going on deep inside you, and will take time to appear in your waking life.

The  man with the spear/pole is another expression of the powerful changes taking place. He 'pulled the plug' on your old way of life and opened an entrance to a much wider and valuable life. Please read to understand possible changes - http://dreamhawk.com/dream-encyclopedia/mountain-path/ Realise however that each person is unique and so any description can only be understood from that viewpoint.

You realised from the dream that the plug had been put there by men. This points out that our current social culture is a huge block on many people's potential, and yours in particular. That is probably why the big creature incinerated what was in its path.

The treasure you will find is the you, your potential that was blocked previously - don’t forget though it takes time to surface.

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