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Author Topic: Soldier  (Read 1862 times)


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« on: June 15, 2015, 08:12:00 AM »
In a dark room, I see a dark wall and a flat magazine rack hanging on it. I pull the one magazine out, it has a dark cover.  I open it and see white pages and black horizontal lines. but cannot see any letters, words or writing.  In the back of the magazine are colored photographs or pictures...I see indigo blue shapes and dark mustard brown colored shapes.  It almost looks like my shoulders or other parts...the blue and brown the fabric from two shirts in particular I have.

Next I am in some sort of classroom maybe with carrel desks.  Someone says "Here" and put on one of the desks a book or booklet.  I sit down in the carrel and open the book.  Inside are different colored pages with fill in the blank spaces for handwriting.  No black lines.  I close the book and look at the cover.  It is a white book with a coloring picture on the front (black outline of a design).  A few of the shapes, flowers maybe, are colored in...but most of it is blank.  In the middle of the design is a white rectangle...almost like a label...and the word written "SOLDIER"  all capital letters.  I have read the description of soldier on the site...still mulling this one over.

There is a young woman I am in a talk therapy group with.  She recently survived a sexual assault and her birthday is coming up.  I was thinking of buying her an adult coloring book and a set of gel pens, but it seems too extravagant and/or childish to buy for myself.  I think of someone giving them to me, as a gift, and I feel like I want to cry.

I am also struck by how similar the sound of shoulder is similar to soldier.  My father was also a soldier.  At 18 he was a Lieutenant Commander in the Air Force.  In WWII he was shot down, injured in the fire in the plane and taken POW in Germany.  He always said that he and the German were walking toward the concentration camp when word that the war had ended somehow reached them.  He said the German shook his hand and pointed him in the direction they had come from.  I am not so sure if that story was completely true.  It might have been worse.  I am sure he had PTSD when he came home from the war.  It seemed like every conflict was a black or white decision for him and yes that is how he judged himself.
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Re: Soldier
« Reply #1 on: June 16, 2015, 10:12:50 AM »
Chris - This is a difficult dream to see clearly because there are so many things that need personal associations. The dark room probably indicates an area of yourself you are only dimly aware of. It links with what you feel about your shoulders and the colours you wear.

There is something you need to learn or take in, and the key word is SOLDIER. This might link with a previous dream where I said, "Fight the good fight." But it is certainly a link with battle and your father.

That leads on to the part of you that is willing to talk and work on sexual abuse or feelings about it.