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Author Topic: A dream that scares me or at least makes me uneasy and seems daunting  (Read 6420 times)


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The dream shows a contrast pictured in scene one by pretty little white maltese-like dogs running around a big expanse of green lawn -- well groomed, happy dogs.  Oh happy life :)  Sunny day, vibrant green grass, white happy dogs (but I do recall they had collars) -- so they were pets.

Scene two shows a group of obviously struggling wolves - a family pack that is suffering bad times but is still together.  One dominant or larger wolf and other family members of various sizes.  The scene is almost in black and white - little moonlight, matted hair on the wolves -- they are tired and run to the ground but they are surviving in the wild against unfavorable odds. 

It felt like this wolves dream was predicting an unavoidable crumbling of my lifestyle - a struggle that I wondered did it mean I would not be able to overcome or outlast the poverty or struggle that it suggested. 

Lately my spirit recognized a strong wolf of protection and overcoming.  A very strong positive image.  It's not part of the same scene -- I can't say for sure if I dreamt it -- but it is too strong an association to ignore as it cowers the negative image and I feel sure I can use the strong wolf to get out of the "darkness" that the circle of downtrodden wolves painted.

I find myself searching for pictures of the protector, healthy and overcoming wolf -- one that doesn't look threatening or threatened -- because that's what he looks like -- and it does look like a he.  I would like to find a picture and keep him by me to remind me .... almost guide me out of the woods. 

Make sense to anyone?

Tony Crisp

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Ilenelittle - You have three powerful scenes on you and in your life that you are trying to find peace or balance with. The first one is the happy socialised dogs that you are fine with.

It helps to realise that in dreams we tend to put pictures or images collected from everyday experiences to put an interpretation on our formless dreams. We do this because we tend to have an experience of the world based on our body senses. So the scene you paint is ether from past experience or from imagination based on your experiences.

It can also help if you realise that just as your eyes do not directly allow you to see, but nerve impulses are sent to the brain where they are translated into living pictures. Nothing we sense in the world is directly known, but it is all impressions that are translated into a sense of smell, sight, hearing, etc. So the eye receives reflected light from an object that is translated into nervous impulses, which is then received by the brain which translates what are formless nerve impulses into what we feel we see.

So your dream is a translation of impressions that arise from deep within you and are translated into images and drama you hold within you. The images are really feelings, fears, intuitions that are put into something you might understand. So it is helpful to be aware of the feelings underlying your dream images. The first feeling is about vibrancy and happiness. So obviously you have that as a possibility, one developed through your good relationship with socialised instincts you have - i.e. sexual instincts, fear, anger, family relationships and being part of society. See http://dreamhawk.com/dream-encyclopedia/brain-levels-and-dreams/

The struggle isn't with the social rule you have inherited or learnt, but with the untamed passions and urges you feel. Remember that in terms of the millions years of change leading up to being human, we have only just arrives on the scene with a personality and a measure of self awareness. Before that we existed as animals without self awareness and language. Animals lived in that state quite capably for much longer than our own short experience - they lived in what we now call the unconscious.

The wolf scene with its underlying feeling of struggling to survive might be a reflection either of the wild aspects of you not finding it easy to adapt to the world we know and often struggle with as human beings. I know I point this out a lot, but look around you at the enormous number of people needing anti-depressant, alcohol as a daily 'medicine', drugs, medical or street, just to survive.

So if you feel the feelings shown in your dream of the wolves, what is it about? Try exploring it by being the wolf or wolf pack by using http://dreamhawk.com/dream-encyclopedia/emotions-and-mood-in-dreams/

The last scene is your attempt to find a solution. Remember that as a human being we have a lot more resources than we usually realise. Read http://dreamhawk.com/dream-encyclopedia/beliefs/ - http://dreamhawk.com/approaches-to-being/martial-art-of-the-mind/

And after that I suggest you might like to use - http://dreamhawk.com/dream-encyclopedia/secrets-power-dreaming/