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Author Topic: Futuristic Lab  (Read 3710 times)


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Futuristic Lab
« on: November 06, 2015, 02:51:16 PM »
Hello Everyone :),

Today I woke up in a lab. Everything was futuristic, there was a lot of artificial white light and machines, no windows. There was a male and female working on the machines (my colleagues but we were all friends there). I was armed with a shotgun and had some sort of suit on. I saw a device on the table and wanted to carry that so I left the shotgun behind and went exploring the area (alone).

I went up through a very broad circular area and was in a lab. The ceiling was very high and there was no visible end to this space. There was walls to the left and right, but they were far apart. All the walls and ceiling (also in the previous space) were made of metal.

I saw tables with chemistry objects on it but no people. It looked like this area was a working ground for scientists. When I walked quite a bit in, I saw something running toward me at high speed. It was a light brown being, ran on arms and legs. Half beast / half animal. I thought it would attack me and I shot it down with the device I picked up earlier. It shot an energetic projectile (light blue) which on impact expanded and damaged biological beings (as it had no effect on the surrounding objects whatsoever). I started walking again and another of those beings came toward me from the distance, I shot again and then I saw three. Then I felt the ground shaking, I heard rumbling and the light in the distance started to dim. It looked like a huge shadow was coming toward me but I saw it was an incredible horde of these beings. I felt like I wouldn't stand a chance and so I ran.. (Yet again I keep running away)

They were trying to grapple me to make me fall but I kept rolling away when they leaped at me. I went back to the broad circular space and ran for my life. I was severely wounded and one more hit would kill me. I ran to opening in the ground and jumped. It it was either die from them or die trying to get away with the fall[/i]. One of these being was on my back, as it wanted to strike me I turned it around and it broke my fall. None of the others followed me (it was a huge jump). I was safe for now.

I explained what happened to my colleagues/friends and they said they would be coming with me. They patched me up with some sort of drink and I was fully healed from all wounds. We went into the same area together and saw no signs of the previous beings whatsoever. We walked around and saw everything was still intact as it was (the tables and the flasks/devices on it). When we walked to those tables we heard a lot of noise (from a running being). It was a huge bull and it looked angry. It didn't look like a 'normal' bull, more like some kind of altered bull as it was a lot bigger as well. I was the furthest away but it was focused on me and started to uproot the tables that were in between me and it. My colleagues/friends and I started using our weaponry to incapacitate the bull. After some struggle it went down..

Before I could move on I saw them both and felt liked I would have died if it wasn't for them. I thought: "I always wanted to".. and then I kissed the guy, twice. First he said: What are you doing? and the second time he pushed me away. For some reason I felt very confident giving those kisses. After being pushed I smiled and said: 'Your lips are very soft'. He didn't respond.

We walked on and were now further in than I could reach alone and we saw a door (metal, big and automatic) which we went through. The door led to another lab. My friends/colleagues started to use the machinery there immediately. I went on to explore the space we were in and I saw something in a cage in the middle of the room (the room again was huge, like everything else in this dream). There was no path to reach this cage as it was confined by an open space where one could fall in. This looked like outer space. It shot a blob of something towards me and I dodged it. I walked to the side and saw it was an octopus. It hit me with a blob and I bled, the wound was severe. When I felt all the life fading, I grabbed one of those drinks and the wound healed again..

My friends/colleagues said to be careful as this beast was responsible for many deaths. I tried killing it with harpoons while dodging its blobs and believe I succeeded. I couldn't know for sure as I couldn't reach the cage..

My friends/colleagues called me over and they pointed towards the screen. I saw how people were hit by this beast before and how they died, they all (three persons) bled out because of the substance.

After this I woke up.

Lots of aggression.. I know there is aggression within myself that I don't understand yet. Usually when I think about it all I feel that I've only just begun (and I'm pretty sure it's true) to explore the depth there really is. I have much to learn. If you have any insights on this I would truly appreciate hearing it! Thank you in advance :)


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Re: Futuristic Lab
« Reply #1 on: November 09, 2015, 10:28:15 AM »
Rico – The images of your dream of being futuristic and enormous spaces are an attempt using images to give you a sense of your future and the enormous opportunity – space – to create beyond your present view and abilities you have of yourself.

You are obviously explorative and not scared of looking around in the inner space – but it is still tightly controlled by having a roof and walls of steel. I suggest try using http://dreamhawk.com/dream-encyclopedia/secrets-power-dreaming/ and imagine being outside the steel walls, or even in space. The idea is to get used to different feeling states within you. Often we avoid and are scared of images alone. Could you imagine having sex with your mother and father? In imagination we are simply playing with images – but we are often incredibly imprisoned by fear of various kinds. Of course the waking world is a different matter because we should have reasonable fears about a lot of things – but our inner world is a different matter. Perhaps see http://dreamhawk.com/dream-encyclopedia/dream-yoga/

So you are attacked several times in the dream and being aggressive is often a natural response when we feel threatened – natural that is in the waking world. But in the inner world of dreams it usually means we are attaching aspects of yourself – the half beast half human, the bull and octopus. In dreams these are all massive powers within you that you paint in awful images through fear.

Of course if there were in the waking world you should be scared, and the trick is to slowly recognise that no dream image can hurt you – but it can scare you silly if you let it.

So experiment with the images, until you realise they are just images. Here is an example.

Example: I was at a very large school. Looking around I came to a large gymnasium. Near the end where I stood was a diving board, about 20ft. off the ground. Girls were learning to dive off the board and land flat on their back on the floor on the hard floor. If they landed flat they didn’t hurt themselves – like falling backwards standing up. I was sure they would hurt themselves and it was difficult to watch. 
The girls are in fact taking a risk, but learning to do so in a way that does not damage them. This becomes clearer when we realise that Des had recently changed from being an employee to becoming self-employed. He was feeling a lot of anxiety about where his next week’s income was coming from, and how long he could last living in this new way.

He felt that the diving board was the big jump he was taking into the unknown. He was afraid he was going to land ‘flat on his back’. In English this suggest loss of control, and being ‘on ones back’ links with illness or defeat. The girls, he felt, represented his daring, in taking his new step in career, and also his vulnerability. All this was easy for him to realise, but it didn’t take away his anxiety. 

Des sat and relaxed, imagining himself back in his dream, feeling anxious the girls might damage themselves. He changed the scene slightly by turning the gymnasium floor into a swimming pool. This shifted the mood from one of possible danger to one of fun or play. Then he had an urge to climb up on the board as one of the girls and dive off. As he did this he felt the full flow of his anxiety. Even so he managed to land on his back on the bare floor. So, like the girls in the dream, he climbed up again and repeated the dive. After running through this a number of times Des opened his eyes and smiled. He said, ‘It’s just a feeling. Anxiety, I mean. It’s just a feeling. When I dive off that board I feel anxious. But when I repeat it over and over I start to recognise that it is like a tape playing. The feeling doesn’t actually do me any harm, it’s just something that plays in certain situations. What I learn from this is that feelings don’t harm me unless I hold onto them. I can have the feeling of falling flat on my back and get up from it and take another risk. It’s okay. My anxiety isn’t a reflection of reality, only of how I feel. There is a big difference.’ 

Des continued in his self-employment, with gradually lessening anxiety, and is still self-employed years later. 

So take the risk of meeting the creatures full on without killing them.