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Author Topic: Dead Cockroaches  (Read 1728 times)


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Dead Cockroaches
« on: November 07, 2015, 11:04:02 AM »
Dear Tony,

I live in an old apartment building with old drain pipes. So from time to time, I get surprise visits from medium sized red cockroaches, who crawl up the drain. Eeeeeky I know!  :-[

And the dream is:
" I walk into the lounge from a bedroom, and my sister screams, bringing my attention to a small round eyed insect, stuck rather comfortably between my fourth and pinky toe. As she yells, I flail my leg in the air and get rid of the insect.  And at that moment, I observe that there are many, many, dead cockroaches on their back, on the floor between my sister and me."

Awaiting your insight!


Tony Crisp

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Re: Dead Cockroaches
« Reply #1 on: November 09, 2015, 01:02:36 PM »
Romanov – Well, excuse me if I am wrong, but what the dream tells is that your sister has often accused you of not cleaning up enough – obviously it is the sister inside you that is critical, the sister of your accumulated memories.

Your dream of course exaggerates somewhat to get the message over. The cockroach between the toes says that you are not aware of the mess until she screams at you. Then you see the space between you is a real mess.

So it might be saying that you need to be aware of the many old messes that exist between you and it would be wise to see if this can be changed. I am not sure if old messes mean past arguments, difficult feelings, or sibling things.