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Author Topic: Dr. House  (Read 2241 times)


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Dr. House
« on: August 14, 2011, 10:29:25 PM »
I am sitting in a room of women whose clothing and skin is black, including me.  It feels like a reliqious place.  Sitting adjacent to me on my right is a large, obese woman, head hanging down, fingering what appear to be white rosary beads in her lap.  They are really white pills.  We are waiting to say goodbye to someone.

I am tired of waiting and feeling a little freaked out by the woman next to me, so I get up to find the person I am supposed to say goodbye to.

I see women and children dressed in white crowding around Dr. House and one by one they express their appreciation to him and hug him.  I want to do the same and yet when it is my turn he turns his back to me and begins to walks away.  He is dressed in black.

I feel disappointed that he is walking away, and say to him "you will never know how much you are loved."

Next I am a passenger in a car, a tall man is driving ....I do not look at his face but I think it is David Bowie...he has his right hand on the  polished chrome gear shift, releases it to adjust the radio and says "we are going on the Autobahn."  I feel a little afraid as I am not driving and I say "I do not like the Autobahn."  The road ahead is straight, with a few gentle hills  and I see a blue river on my right.

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Re: Dr. House
« Reply #1 on: August 15, 2011, 09:38:21 AM »
Christine – Your dream starts of in a religious atmosphere and probably community. I feel that a black community are a more honest expression of feelings, more direct. And the obese woman appears to me in your dream to suggest an attitude of being religious as a means of medication, and over doing it. You see that as something that maybe you recognise in yourself and wish to move away from.

Dr. House is someone you see as a great and loved man – so he represents a guiding principle in your life. But his turning away appears to be saying, “You should not follow me/the principle any more. It is time for you to move on.”

An then your dream shows you a big journey in front of you, one that you will not be in control of, a sure sign of giving up your will to something bigger. I am not sure what David Bowie represents for you, but maybe someone who went a different way and succeeded.

We are all on that big journey, even though each person’s journey is different, we can all support each other.