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Author Topic: Litte Brother  (Read 4883 times)


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Litte Brother
« on: April 25, 2016, 06:43:29 AM »
So, I had an extra vivid dream about my little brother the other morning.  I'll get on with the dream and go from there. 

It starts in a sort of a place for recovering addicts or victims of past traumas.  It's night and inside the building is dim as well.  My brother and I are there as counselors.  Suddenly we are standing outside speaking to one another.  I openly question our intentions there.  As to suggest that what we're doing, though nice enough on the outside looking in, is really more in our interest than the people we're there to help.  Anyways, he seems angered by this and begins to run away.  I chase after him.  I am confident in my ability to catch up to him, but after what seemed to be minutes of sprinting and not gaining any ground he begins to pull away.  Reluctantly, I cease the chase and head up a hill as to be able to see where he may be headed.  It seems he is aware that I am no longer trailing him and he does a 180 and heads toward the base of the hill where he crosses paths with a farmer and a corpse-like boy. I remember the boy being gray/zombie like. I head inside after them.  It seems the farmer and boy have transformed.  One into a black man and the other into the horseman of war  (from a t.v. series I've watched recently "Sleepy Hollow").  A broad axe is thrown at toward my head and I wake up just before impact.  I do not recall my brother's whereabouts while in the barn.  The axe  was thrown by the horseman. 

Much has happened in our respective lives in the past four years and even more so in recent months. He became a father to a little girl in October of last year, a month after I became father to twin boys. Her mother died due to complication from the delivery, a severe blood infection. 

Also, I've been gone from this site for some time.  My fiance, the mother of our boys, is a black woman.  I thought that might have something to do with the black man in the dream.  A month before she delivered I took a new job at a local accounting firm.  I was fired in early February.  I felt it was unjust, but I've been able to move on rather quickly from that.  Now, she is back to working nights at the factory and I take care of the twins and her two other children during the day.  A daughter, 3 and son, 7. 

Tony Crisp

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Re: Litte Brother
« Reply #1 on: April 25, 2016, 10:32:13 AM »
Aristocrates – Good to have you back on the site.

Your dream starts within an environment which you later say it is more in your own interest. I am not sure if you meant that feel you are recovering from past traumas or in some way from addiction. But it sets up a conflict between you and a younger (?) part of you. The conflict ends in you not being able to control the reaction. I know from personal experience that such differences can take time to face. It usually is ended when you face the feelings that was behind the conflict.

You achieved an overall view of the situation on the hill, and your view included a zombie like person. It is a view of the part that ran away – a person moved by urges that control them and they are controlled by. In a sense we are all zombies, or have a part of us that is a zombie. It is because we are all programmed and what we do is not from our real selves. If you find it difficult to believe read http://dreamhawk.com/interesting-people/animal-children/#Program

The transformation occurs when you get near to them, perhaps because the nearer you are to any dream image it becomes more conscious, and awareness transforms. You haven’t said what you felt about the black man (http://dreamhawk.com/dream-dictionary/not-enough-information/ ) but the horseman is definitely an aggressive reaction. You woke, but remember that a dream is nothing like outer life where things could hurt you, but is an image like on a cinema screen that even if a gun is pointed at you and fired it can do no damage – except if you run in fear; so all the things that scare you are simply your own fears projected onto the screen of your sleeping mind. So even if he took your head of you could create a new whole image of yourself – unless you are frightened.