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Author Topic: Buddha Heads  (Read 4587 times)


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Buddha Heads
« on: May 15, 2016, 04:18:30 PM »
I am driving a car, I take a route through mountains, I have two passengers, I'm chatting telling them I know it's very steep but I've come this way once before. Then the car disappears we are walking, I'm leading, along the side of a deep ravine and its night and dark now. The rocks shift suddenly, it's scary, everything becomes steeper, I slip but I'm not afraid as I have control, I slow the movement it's a bit like flying. I call back to the others that I will decend and see if there is another way out as the route over the top is now out of our reach. At the bottom huge stone statue heads of Buddha lie without bodies, sort of scattered, abandoned, but deeply peaceful.. There is a fresh green growth of spring plants on the ground. It's also a little brighter here.

 I exit the ravine at the northerly end, the direction we're going, and pass through a garden with neat pebble paths and exit into a warm bright sunny afternoon. I try to speak to a friendly man on a bike, but it seems I'm in a foreign country as he cant understand me. Then a man approaches and asks me am I Dr. West...(something)? I say yes, he seems to be expecting me, I say we are 36 or there are 36 more behind me.. I think we are scientists, possibly crossing a border. I go back to get my two companions,  I call out the name 'Subha' over and over.. No reply. They have disappeared.

(*remembered more. In brief- then a woman I know drinking gin under lilac laburnum..I try keep a boundary with her as she's pushy, I leave quite quickly. A girl shows me around an apartment she's taking that hasn't been lived in in a long time, it's dark, a strong musty smell, I go into a room, a tatty single bed, I'm told the police are coming soon to collect evidence before the girl can move in. The house was used to abuse women. On the floor in a kitchen, possibly somewhere else, a weird ginger cat with splayed legs, rigid it can't really walk, wearing a pink outfit with a hood, a bit like a babygro/dolls clothes. I pull the hood so it can see out and breathe.)

I spent quite a while googling symbology of stone statue, head etc..
Only by accident did I discover that it was Buddha's Birthday May 14th the day I had the dream!

 I also discovered that Subha is actually a name, and is also the name of an early Buddhist nun who reached enlightenment only eight days after ordination. It also means luminous or bright. I definitely didn't know either connection before.

The dream is one of few where I'm not being bullied or oppressed in some way. Perhaps the empowerment within the dream world is beginning.
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Re: Buddha Heads
« Reply #1 on: May 16, 2016, 10:01:19 AM »
Omega – The car was an easier way, but you have to leave such methods behind when you are going up the mountain. You have been this way before, which from the dream contents I believe was in the long past. So you have to go by your own efforts by walking. You have to go it alone in such endeavours. See http://dreamhawk.com/dream-encyclopedia/mountain-path/

On the way you see Buddha heads, scattered and abandoned. Many of us have achieved Buddhahood in the past, and I believe it was a path leading to peace during a troubled past. But there is fresh green growth of spring plants on the ground. It's also a little brighter here, because there is fresh growth you are facing now, learning new lessons. Of course the old ways are a part of you, but fresh growth presents you with something new.

In the next phase you are scientists, possibly crossing a border. A border is a very important part of growth, and involves meeting a very new experience. It is often a transition into a new way of being. And science is a part of the transition. To quote Alfred Whitehead, “More than anything else, the future of civilization depends on the way the two most powerful forces of history, science and religion, settle into a relationship with each other.”

In fact, can you marry your modern and valuable intellect with the inner world of the cathedral?

The calling Subha is also part of the transition – the emergence of an ancient past.

The last part of the description may be about things that need work on now – more stuff from the past perhaps. But the empowerment began a long time ago, but work had to be done for foundations. Now you can build – slowly. Remember, it is a new creation done with long memories.