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Author Topic: comforting my childhood  (Read 9026 times)


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comforting my childhood
« on: October 24, 2013, 08:32:27 AM »
So... I have an unusual gift. I can feel people's emotions as if they were my own. Now, I know some of you will think I am crazy or weird.. but I am not posting to be judged or laughed at but to hopefully encourage some of you... and possible gain some more insight from other perspectives.

 Here is my story... I feel emotions. And hurting people receive comfort ad peace. And I am left with all these emotions. When I was little I had swimming to clear myself of the extra baggage . As a teenager I hurt myself physically. As I matured and realized that I am here for all these people. It is my purpose. And I stopped hurting myself and set out on a search to help me with this baggage. I have tried everything.  I started suffering such terrible migraines and anxiety that I hardly left my house. Oved the last year I have been meditating which is like a quick fix just putting a bandaide on the problem. Anyways... so then I recently tried hypnotism which works really well. But I would still like to be able to control my gift. To decide when to shut it off and such. Anyways, I tried this past life regression hypnotism wito see if in stead of seeing past lives I just saw my gifts and perhaps could try to harness them. But when I walked through the light,, instead of being in a dark room with a little light in the center like I did most other times.... I was in front of my house. Which when I was a child was my great grandparents house... I live on 30 acres with 3 houses on it. It belongs to my grandparents and at one point 4 generations lived on this property at one time. But when I was a child my family lived in one house ... my grandparents in anotherhhouse and my great grandparents in the one we live in now.
In my "dream" the house looked just like it did when my great grandparents lived here. I felt a pull to the house I grew up in and I remember thinking "I don't want to go there. No. Please no." But I kept going. All the was up to my room where the little version of me was sitting on the floor in a huge mess. I saw how sad I was and how alone and uncharted for I was. My hair was ratty and my clothes and face were dirty and I smelled a very strong smell of stale urine. Then the voice on my ipod said now you have 3 minutes to learn everything you can about the details of your past life and so I started trying to feel my child self. I could pick up on some emotions but they were so abstract that they were difficult to feel properly. I looked around and noticed details I had forgotten. But I heard myself sigh and I looked down at this ugly, dirty child... and I felt overwhelmed. I tried to touch her cheek but it wasn't possible. I looked at her deep in the eyes and tried my hardest to send comfort. I said to myself "you grow up to be such a beautiful person. So beautiful. This... all Thai will be worth it" then thebvoice said... if there are any entities with you guiding you or protecting you... acknowledge them. And then I remembered the spots on the ceiling that's thought were my guardians and I said thank you. Thank you God. And suddenly I felt like I was in the arms of God. Being held like a wounded child. Like God was suddenly a motherfigure soothing and comforting me. So much tenderness and so much love.... and then I woke up.... well not just woke up... myttime was up.

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Re: comforting my childhood
« Reply #1 on: December 14, 2016, 10:19:15 AM »
You are not crazy, though some people will pass judgements - though none have done so in this long time.

Please read http://dreamhawk.com/dream-encyclopedia/dimensions-of-human-experience/ that hopefully explains such experiences.