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Author Topic: aliens  (Read 2399 times)


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« on: August 19, 2011, 07:05:57 PM »
This dream happened to me about 2 years ago and to shorten it, because it is the longest dream I have written down I will only state a small portion of the dream that I need interpreted.

I am immersed by beautiful worlds all connected by this one "room" not so much a room but a place. These worlds do not present them self's as round nor are they in space, but rather terrains from dessert lands all the way to jungles and oceans. It's as if in this dream I had to go into these different levels and accomplish something in them. I can't remember that well about going into any of them other then the dessert land which I had to travel across the lands and find something.

Every now and then when I would complete a level I would be slung back into the "room" or I would go into another dream. In the middle of one of these intervals I was walking with my mom in a forest that was very foggy and I asked her something, something that would give me and her the answers to all the problems we had. The problem is before she got the time to answer I was slung into another dream.

In this dream I was at a familiar place my house. I was being chased by two people who needed information from me I had to hide it from them at all costs. I hid the small like Cd in my game cube. ( A gaming device ). In my basement, once I hid it I knew they were comming for it or me, so I quickly looked behind me and saw a coffin that was a dark red color that I hid in.

Somehow I ended back in this dream again after going through the "room" possibly. I had to do something I made sure that the disc was still there and  I don't remember if I took it with me or not. I went out side from my basement door and noticed a very strange thing. There was a space shit, light blue I new at once it was an alien device. I don't know if the people chasing me were aliens, but I suspect they took on a different form. I hopped into the device and tried to turn it on. It turned on, but as soon as I could do anything with it my dream ended.

This strange blue device is very important, because I had a dream in that same year about a strange blue spaceship in the sky at night. This one was the mother of them much larger then the one I saw. That dream was very sketchy in my mind all I can remember is seeing this great big spaceship in the air. It was the same exact color as the smaller one I saw so I made a connection. I remember it had a spike going down from the bottom, I found a picture online of an alien spaceship that has the exact same spike, figure is off from what I remember in my experiences, but close enough. I remember being inside this spaceship, because I was abducted and was hooked up to stuff. I woke up and started to freak out and tried to get out of the spaceship the aliens didn't seem like they wanted to harm me they would run weird up to me but I smacked them away. The aliens didn't want to harm me which I realize now, but I think they want me to come back to them for them to show me something. I think I went to the aliens for something, something that i forgot on the way that I need to reclaim. As I slapped the aliens away there were 3, but only two tried to jog towards me I quickly started typing into a keyboard with a square almost looked like a particle device that would distribute your body in small sizes to almost teleport. As soon as that happened I was back to earth I don't remember how I got down here. Most of my dreams happen before I wake up that I remember, but this one I knew happened at night.

The first dream was the first dream I have ever written down. It was the start of my subconscious really showing me the greater side of the mind. The day after I had a dream where the whole world was destroyed and I went to heaven, but for now I'll leave you with the dreams I presented.

Thanks a lot for reading If you read it all.


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Re: aliens
« Reply #1 on: August 21, 2011, 09:55:58 PM »
Wow! Have you come across 'Star Pilgrim' by Simon Small by any chance? Well worth a read if you haven't!!

Tony Crisp

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Re: aliens
« Reply #2 on: August 24, 2011, 01:27:58 PM »
Luke – That is quite some dream(s) to get myself around.

They all seem to use different symbols to represent the same or similar themes. The room and the spaceship are ways of communicating to you that you are more than you suspect – and that you are afraid of a ‘higher self’ because it seems alien to you and unknown. This is a common first reaction to going beyond the usual boundaries of your awareness.

The desert zone is probably your experience of life at that time – nothing growing in it. And your mother – at a guess – is probably all of your stored resources to survive. We all pick these up non-vocally from parents – as do mammals who teach their children how to hunt or find food. Unfortunately some of what is passed on is not really good advice. But at that level we know that our parents are alive and that is enough.

The information is what you need to realise for yourself. And hiding the information could be that you hide things from yourself. You would be amazed how much we hide. We do so well at it that we are not even aware of doing it. And you are probably hiding the best in yourself from yourself.

Why don’t you explore some of your dream to really touch what is hidden under the dream images. Try http://dreamhawk.com/dream-encyclopedia/acting-in-your-dream/ 

Sorry if I have already recommended it.