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Author Topic: raw chicken  (Read 2795 times)


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raw chicken
« on: September 05, 2016, 05:33:24 PM »
I was with a friend and we were selling raw chicken breasts to a man.  As we unwrapped them-he wanted to see the quality of them first-I took one and started eating it.  He began to exclaim to me, "you're not supposed to eat that raw!  It says it on the instructions!"  I pretty much told him I was unconcerned and then he forced my mouth open and pulled what was left out of my mouth.
I then woke to stomach pain-like I had eaten something bad, and slept very restlessly the rest of the night. Now, I have had many dreams that I'm certain were guiding me as far as what to eat-this one seems to be in the same category except that I am a vegetarian, in fact I'm sure I've never eaten raw chicken in my life.  I do eat eggs, occasionally raw, but I have not done that in weeks.
I don't know if this dream is as simple as a manifestation by my subconscious from the fact that I was physically ill.  Wanted to get your thoughts.

One other item that may be of note-I have 3 children, they dubbed me the nickname "chicken" many years ago for no reason whatsoever.

Tony Crisp

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Re: raw chicken
« Reply #1 on: September 06, 2016, 10:37:19 AM »
Mikey – As far as dreams are concerned, eating is not simple vegetables and meat you put into your mouth, but everything you take in. That includes emotions, ideas, sexual and daily life experience; for the process of life in us is an extraordinary hungry beast. It builds your body out of material food, but it builds you, your personality, your soul, out of everyday experience. The soul consists of all the personal thoughts, decisions, likes, dislikes and memories of the person – of this lifetime – stored in the memory of your brain. But while we sleep, the experiences are taken into our core self to be digested. It takes place in what it usually unconsciousness, but it can be accessed by learning Waking Lucid Dreaming as experienced in LifeStream. But unless you are able to access this faculty, you can only know memory from this present brain.

So the question is – what have you taken into yourself causing pain – or at least releasing pain; for what we take in can release experience from a long time ago, resulting in physical pain. You were warned that the ‘food’ you took in was raw – in other words experience without you being prepared for it. I say this because you were not aware of and ordinary food that could have caused the problem. Also the dream was what led to the pain. Obviously it is another explanation.

Remember that your personality is only a small part of you, and your unconsciousness stretches back from today's world to the most primeval.

Example: “I was aware at this point of the pain in the left side of my chest, fairly low down. It seemed to me I was deep in the process of my being and so I started investigating the pain. What immediately arose was a sense of being a fierce and protective beast. I snarled in warning to tell people to stay away from this place. I am guarding it.
But I needed to enter into that place that is guarded. To do this I had to negotiate with the protective beast by telling it that this pain needed to be healed and understood. As this happened I started to say that people might laugh if I revealed this part of myself. When I asked what they would be laughing at it arose that I was guarding the bones of my father, like a small shrine or crypt within my being. I had kept this place almost like a holy temple. I had guarded it as a thing to be honoured and kept sacred. I had done this partly because I kept hoping to call my father back to life to tell me he loved me. I hoped all my life that my father would give me some sign of approval and love. And this has led me into an extraordinary journey. I was kneeling before death, and turning into the dead. I was looking for God only knows what!

Can I stand up in life without needing my father’s love? Can I actually stand up and say, “I am alive! I am my own strength!” I can say, “You are alive in me. I can hand you over to Life. I am not a living grave for you!””

So ask yourself what you have taken into you. Ask it and listen for an answer as if listening intently to sounds difficult to hear. Listen with your body and with your soul. Maybe it was simply food you ate, but listen to anything that arises.