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Author Topic: Old dream I wish to share, 16 years ago  (Read 4893 times)


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Old dream I wish to share, 16 years ago
« on: September 26, 2016, 02:10:56 PM »
Good morning to all, I had a wonderful dream when I was just 12 years old.  Approaching 7Th grade, it was the latter end of the Summer when this took place.

I want to share that I have a twin brother who I am very close with.  We did everything together, same sports, same friends, even shared our first apartment together.  We would later wake the same morning to share a similar experience in our dream.

Our good friend had asthma, I knew many people with asthma, so it never crossed my mind how fatal it can be.  That summer my dear friend had a bad asthma attack.  So bad that it ended up taking his life. Word traveled fast and I was stunned and left in disbelief.

That night I had a dream that stuck with me to this day. Very vivid and I would say lucid.  My friend and I was at our middle school during a school dance.  We ended up walking along a dimly lit hallway with no one around.  I continued to think to myself how is this possible? You just passed away last night? I said to him I thought you were dead.  He looked the same, happy with a smile as he said to me I'm OK and still alive.  I gave him a hug and woke up. 

That morning I shared the dream to my twin brother.  He described to me the same dream happened to him.  This dream stuck with me to this day.  I feel my good friend simply reached out to tell me he was OK and happy where he was at.


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Re: Old dream I wish to share, 16 years ago
« Reply #1 on: September 26, 2016, 10:36:19 PM »
Hi Joshua

Your dream really hit home and I would like to share one of mine with you. I also lost one of my closest friends to a fatal asthma attack when we were 17. Our mothers were close and we had been around each other since we were born. After she died I went through a period of recurring nightmares where she would return to me and say 'it's ok, they made a mistake' but I could see she wasn't meant to be in my world - her skin would start to rot and fall from her face. After about a year I had a magnificent dream where we were together as children of about 6yrs old. We were wearing the duffel coats we had at that age - and she pulled a packet of our favourite chewing gum from her pocket and offered me a piece. I felt so joyful at the offering I can't describe it! It was like she offered me a precious jewel. Then she said 'It's ok, you can let go now' and we embraced. I woke from that dream knowing that she is ok, and I would be too.

Tony Crisp

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Re: Old dream I wish to share, 16 years ago
« Reply #2 on: September 27, 2016, 10:56:21 AM »
Dear Both – Thanks for your sharing your wonderful dreams.

I see it said again and again, “There is no proof for life after death because no one has ever come back – so death is the end.”

That is rubbish, because throughout history people have come back and told us joyfully that they have survived. And then people say, but that is hogwash and hallucination. But the poor people have never had any experience of it, and in some cases are scared of it.

“Here are just some of the marvelous discoveries of Dr. Morse and his research team:

They have proven that a person actually needs to be near death to have a near-death experience. This finding silenced many skeptics who had said that these events were just hallucinations that any seriously ill patient could have. By scientifically com¬paring the experiences of seriously ill patients with those who had been on the brink of death, the team was able to determine that one does need to cross that threshold before glimpsing the other side.
.   They have been able to isolate the area in the brain where near-death experiences occur. This area, close to the right temporal lobe, is genetically coded for near-death experiences. Dr. Morse and his research¬ers explored whether this could be the “seat of the soul,” the area that holds the vital essence that makes us what we are.

Dr. Morse has also drawn on the works of the world’s great neuroscientists to support his belief that the same “something” that makes us live (many of us call it the “soul”) survives bodily death. As you’ll see in reading this book, even such hard-core scientists as brain surgeons have grappled with that amorphous issue of the human soul.

Dr. Morse’s book is filled with the courage it takes to act with compassion. For instance, where other doctors reject pre-death visions as being caused by fever or fear, Dr. Morse accepts them as help for the dying and uses them to create a soothing environment for patients. . From this compassion has risen some intriguing psychic phenomena. As you’ll see, there are many cases in which children who are near death have been able to summon distant relatives to their bedside. Some of these children have even been able to communicate with dead friends and relatives, reporting things that they could never have known without actual contact with the dead.” Quoted form Closer to the Light by Dr. Melvin Morse. (https://www.amazon.com/Closer-Light-Paul-Perry-ebook/dp/0394579445/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1474969965&sr=1-1&keywords=Closer+to+the+Light+-+Morse)