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Author Topic: No Women  (Read 2568 times)


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No Women
« on: August 28, 2011, 06:21:20 AM »
Two parts:

 A woman moons me.  I see myself standing to the left of her buttocks. I see myself look me in the eye and say "no women...too painful."

I see myself walking away from me I have on white clothes and have long straight white hair.  Next to me is a boy with black skin, black hair and next to him a man with black skin, black hair.  The two males are wearing white basketball uniforms.

Tony, I hope you fare well during the storm.  I am not sure if you live in NYC or if I just imagine you there.  Chris 

Tony Crisp

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Re: No Women
« Reply #1 on: August 31, 2011, 11:08:28 AM »
Hi Chris – I am in Portugal at the moment, so no problem with the storm in New York. But usually I live in Wales. If you go to Google maps ad put in SA9, Wales, UK, you will see that I live in a tiny hamlet. Use the satiate view and you can see the houses, and if you go to the street level you will realise the tiny houses miners were put in. My little house has two rooms upstairs and two down, with a tiny shower room and toilet tacked on the back. As I live alone it is fine.

Your dream has a feel about it of you at times not being at ease with being a woman. This is quite common in men and women. Of course it is usually just aspects of ourselves rather than all of the business of our gender. I had years of struggle with being male.

Is there a difficulty in relating to women as well. Tell me if I am way off the mark.

So the second part of the dream is about purity – at least an idea of purity. And there is a comparison with the black skin and hair. I wonder if this is a comparison between the feeling of purity and the more ordinary yet capable side of you. It could also represent your unexpressed or repressed self.

There is always some degree of conflict of having body. A friend, quite a while before he knew he had cancer, told me a dream. In the dream an angel appeared to him and said to him, “Shaun, before you were born you lived a life without limitations. Then you were born in to this life with its difficulties and restrictions, because there were important lessons to learn. But when you die you will return to that world where there are no limitations and no restrictions.”

So I feel that applies to all of us but we may not be conscious of it. Though in the case of your dream I feel it is more of how you would like to live your life that the example I gave.