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Author Topic: High School (WARNING: Gory)  (Read 4235 times)


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High School (WARNING: Gory)
« on: November 22, 2016, 11:37:36 AM »
Hi Tony-

In a recent dream I was back in High School (I've been out for 25 years).  The Chemistry Lab was filled with people but I recognized just one girl.  We'd been in school together since Kindergarten and she was the HS Valedictorian.  I pushed up against the window overlooking a field filled with antique cars.  Some of the students were polishing the black tabletops and passing out clear goggles.  Teachers wheeled in gurneys with cadavers covered in sheets. Panicked, I moved into the next room; only to find that room filled with dead people.  I was terrified if I walked past the bodies they would come alive.  My HS friend said something like, "now's your second chance.  It's easy.  Just remove a few things and you'll go to medical school." It smelled terrible and was getting worse.  Sheets were removed revealing not only full corpses (all bald), but some bodies cut in half.  I ran through the teachers office to a large elevator.  Someone yelled "hop on".  Once on, I noticed doors on all four sides and someone said it led to the morgue.  I was nauseous and scared. 

The dream switched and I was facing my ex-husband.  He was in a beautiful tuxedo - much nicer than the rented tux for our wedding.  He seemed more mature. He carried himself differently.  I didn't realize we were separated by glass.  He said, "something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue"  3 black bugs and one blue one landed on the window.  He smiled and swung a giant sledgehammer, smashing all of the bugs but not the glass. (We've been mostly friendly over the years.  Recently he chose the first anniversary of my brothers death to share that he was planning on proposing to his girlfriend and telling me all about her great qualities.  He initiated the contact and then blocked me on Facebook.  I've never wanted to get back together
 but his timing was painful). 

Insights are much appreciated. Thanks Tony

Tony Crisp

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Re: High School (WARNING: Gory)
« Reply #1 on: November 23, 2016, 11:53:39 AM »
DreamWeaver123 – Well, you start of in a learning situation, the school, accompanied by a person who represents a leader, someone who is an example of how to do things.

Looking out of the window you see examples of old ways of getting somewhere – old ways but still treasured, the cars.

Then the real learning takes place, a full confrontation with the present view of death. This is the view of death we have when seen through the glasses that a cut up body means the person is dead, gone forever. A messy and sickening end.

Yet we do not know what Life is – a textbook on biology states boldly that with all our knowledge of how the body functions, Life is still a mystery. Yet few of us dare to explore that mystery. They read about it, watch films about it, go to talks by experts about, but how many dare to take off their clothes covering their ignorance and dive into the great sea within them. There is no alternative to personal experience. Yet we are, you are, Life itself, so explore yourself.

I suggest you meet death face to face and find what hides behind the mask of skeleton. I quote a man exploring meeting death.

Example: I entered the sewer. There I remembered two things from my past. The first was a feeling from yesterday. I had a distinct feeling that Mr M, a beautiful Greek man I knew who had died, had been watching over me and had taken an interest in my life and spiritual progress. I felt that I was entering into the domain of death and was exploring it further.

I felt quite strong feeling of the river being the Styx, and there was a boat coming for me. It was propelled by a cloaked figure. When I asked to see him he was a skeleton. I recognised this was the image of what most people felt was death. So, I said to the figure, “I recognise this is not really who you are, so please show me your face.”

The figure turned to me and the cloak fell away. The head was a whole world, shining and beautiful, and the body was light and wonder. Then I could feel myself lifted up, like in a massive lift, and I felt an inner uplift in myself. I came face to face with a wonderful effulgent light. But then I knew that the light was the real me and it blended into me. I was aware of a great blessing, and that this light would shine through me. I also felt as if I had work to do, and it was to keep on with what I was doing. This would lead to something wonderful.

Your dream is an open invitation to explore and find transformation. See http://dreamhawk.com/approaches-to-being/opening-to-life/