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Author Topic: Greetings from the East :)  (Read 4665 times)


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Greetings from the East :)
« on: March 27, 2017, 09:15:05 PM »
Hello pips! Out-of-body experience anyone? Please share? Thanks!  ;D

Tony Crisp

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Re: Greetings from the East :)
« Reply #1 on: March 29, 2017, 10:29:51 AM »
Here's one of mine.

I had an extraordinary out of body experience. I had gone to bed early and longed to visit my mother in London, I being in Germany. Then I suddenly felt as if I were shooting upwards and experienced a feeling of coming out of pressure and was now free – like a cork out of a bottle.

I was then awake and looking down at my sleeping body and suddenly felt terrified (I realised afterwards it was terror that I was dying). Then I remembered reading about experiences such as this and was laughing uncontrollably because it was such a release from terror.

I was then flying across the German countryside, where I was living, curled up with my knees to my chest. I noticed as I passed over the rural countryside what looked like radiations emerging from several places; they were a bit like ripples on the surface of water when a stone has been thrown into it. But these ripples were three dimensional, and I wondered if they were emerging from people, perhaps praying.

After that I was flying over the Dutch coast, and could clearly see the many ships. But suddenly I found myself standing in our sitting room at home in London. It was such an astonishing experience I stood in shock looking down at my body, feeling it and trying to understand. My body felt solid and real and I was dressed in outdoor clothes not my pyjamas. Then with great enthusiasm I looked up and saw my mother sitting alone knitting, our Alsatian dog, Vince was lying asleep in front of the gas fire.

I felt sure my mother would see me because I felt physically present and absolutely and vitally awake in a way I had never experienced before. So, I called out to her, “Mum, look what has happened.” She stopped knitting for a moment but obviously didn’t see me or hear me. So, I felt if I shouted this would reach her. “Mum” I shouted, “look it’s me Tony”. There was no obvious sign that she had heard me, but two things did happen.

One was that I saw or realised that she had an upstairs side of her and a downstairs side. Her upstairs (conscious) side had no awareness of me, but her downstairs side (unconscious) gave me a wonderful welcome and I had the awareness of us knowing each other in a formless love. It felt like we blended together. Then at the same time my dog Vince must have heard me shout, because he woke, and came rushing to me where I stood behind our settee. He was so full of love for me he rushed around barking and showing his joy. I later heard from my mother that she had had been alone that night as my father was out, and she had seen the dog get up and bark and jump around behind the settee for no apparent reason.

I learned enormous and important lessons from that. I realised that having no physical body the living cannot usually see or hear us. They need physical sound to know we are present, yet another part of my mother knew and responded. So, I saw that if she had thought of me and spoken to me I would know, even though she might not be able to hear my reply – unless she was a medium or learned to be aware of thoughts. The reason being that is because in the body most people cannot communicate via thoughts. I also learnt that I had an inner life as real to me as the ordinary waking life. This inner life was a fusion of the bodiless awareness and the life of form we experience in the body. This was obvious because my sleeping body was dressed in pyjamas, and my body I knew in the experience was dressed in outdoor clothes. Also, it was not limited to space and time as the physical body is – shown by my sudden shift across miles to my home in London. Somehow it stood between two very different worlds of experience. I say that because although I was invisible to my mother, I was visible to my dog who had much finer awareness.

Other great lessons I learned that day was that according to popular teachings about out of the body experiences (OBE), I should have been connected by a ‘silver cord’ to my physical body. Also, it was said that the extended body was a copy of the physical. My projected body was in fact different, with different clothes, and in fact was an extension of how I thought of myself. In other words, I was in a world of thoughts, actually the dream world that we are usually 'asleep' in, and could in fact have been any shape. So, the experience of having a silver cord link is probably also a mental creation through anxiety of not being connected to their body, which most people identify as themselves. Quoted from http://dreamhawk.com/dream-encyclopedia/dimensions-of-human-experience/

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